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Re: Ambrose fans... let the hate flow through you! lol

It was obvious Dean was going to lose. Looking forward to Dean/Brock at Wrestlemania hopefully. I will probably turn off after that even though I do like HHH, Reign's is going to win!

Thanks to for sig.


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Re: Ambrose fans... let the hate flow through you! lol

Even some of Roman's fans on here now are going down the road of 'Well, this isn't very good...'

It just seems so obvious to me, if a guy is being rejected as much as Roman is, then something needs to change, regardless of WHY people dislike him, he can't go on this same path, what's the real point of giving a guy all of these accomplishments and having him win all these championships if he's being turned down by the masses? The ending was just dull, it was the status quo. People expected it, so the disappointment isn't as big as it could have been, but that's part of the problem, there WAS no surprise, it was just an ending which makes you go 'Oh... so that's it then, they're seriously doing this'.



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Re: Ambrose fans... let the hate flow through you! lol

Originally Posted by Ambrose Girl View Post
I'm a Roman fan as well as a Dean fan. So no bitching or hate from me.

I'm simply disappointed Dean didn't win I'm not unhappy Roman took it, cos I'd MUCH rather him than Lesnar, who I can't stand.

Who's reckoning Dean vs Lesnar at Mania though? Cos there was no Wyatts interference, so I think that's not happening?

Also, very glad no heel turn for Dean, WWE realised that was a dumb idea obviously.
I dont get why people (Ambrose fans in particular) are saying this. I imagine that everyone keeps saying it is a dumb idea to turn Ambrose heel because of the great reaction that he gets from the fans.

Here is the reality of the situation. Ambrose's fan reaction is a big part of why he's in booking purgatory. The WWE realizes that he'll have fan support no matter how he's booked. Here is Dean's problem: while he gets great reactions, nobody is hijacking the show for Dean Ambrose so they literally have zero incentive to push Dean to the top rather than their chosen one. You can keep Dean babyface and use him to occasionally get people to pop or to have Roman leach off of his fan support. That is Dean's role if he remains babyface.

I just dont get why Dean fans do not want him to turn at this point. Because his place as a babyface is clear. If he remains a babyface, he remains Roman's sidekick...its that simple and it doesnt matter how many people cheer for him. Its just the way it is going to be. While the ideal situation is obviously for Roman to turn heel, its not going to happen. That much is clear. The WWE is sticking with the RR babyface run regardless of whether its a sinking ship.

The whole "its dumb to turn ambrose" sentiment from his fans just scream of ignorance to his situation.

Look...Ambrose fans want Dean to get better booking and world title runs. Well, it is clear that is not in the cards if Dean is a babyface. At least if he turns heel, he has a chance at a new run which can truly put him at the top.

Again, I get that Ambrose fans are going to point to his great reactions as to why he shouldnt be turned. I would then say "who cares!" I would counter with a simple question: what has those crowd reactions gotten Ambrose? He's basically been a rare, novelty main-eventer that should be a full time main-eventer.

If you are an Ambrose fan, you should be in favor of an Ambrose heel turn because Roman aint tuning. You should be in favor of it because it is clear that that is the only way Ambrose's position in the company will improve to where his fans thinks he belong. If you are an Ambrose fan who thinks he needs to remain a babyface because you dont want his fan reactions squandered, thats fine...but you have to accept that his place is a once-in-a-while main event third (or possibly fourth) weel that gets to put over Roman Reigns, because thats where face Ambrose will stay.

I know that this seems like a bummer, but its just the reality of his situation. You cant say that you want Ambrose's booking to improve and at the same time advocate he stay babyface. You can have babyface Ambrose who gets great reactions, or you can get main event Ambrose who has a legit shot at winning the WWEWHC. But believe will not be both. At least not for a long time...

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