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Re: To all Triple H haters....

Originally Posted by GeniusSmark View Post
Great thread, very enjoyable read.
Thank you
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: To all Triple H haters....

Originally Posted by venkyrenga View Post
I find that Triple H has some haters in the IWC. Initially I was a little shocked to know that my childhood hero (maybe villain) is hated by some fans. I feel like they extremely downplay HHH which is so unfair. Considering his accomplishments in the last 20 years, how could one argue with the fact that he is one of the all time greats?

Triple H has many accomplishments in his career we will get to it later, but first we will see the possible reasons for fans to hate him.

- He continued to stay on top throughout 2002-03 even though he did not have a good run in that time

- Some fans believe he stayed on top, especially in the RA era, because he was married to the boss’s daughter and he is overrated.

- Some blame him for burying wrestlers like Booker T, RVD, etc.

Now we will look into his accomplishments.

- He was the co-founder of DX, which is an important factor for the success of the attitude era

- HHH is arguably the greatest heel WWE has produced since Roddy piper. His heel run in 2000-01 is definitely one of the best in history. In 2000 he had legendary rivalries with Foley and Rock, and a great feud with Austin. He was named the wrestler of the year by Meltzer's wrestling observer. Do you realize how big that is to be named as the wrestler of the year in the best of the best times of pro-wrestling? As per Meltzer HHH is the 3rd biggest draw of the attitude era. Being the no. 3 guy in an era like that is much bigger than being no.1 in a downtime like the PG era. If cena or bryan existed in AE, with all due respect to them, I do not think they will be any more than mid to upper mid-carders. Almost all the big moments in 2000 involve HHH, without him those days would not have been the same.

- The pop HHH got in MSG, doesn’t that tell everything that needs to be said about how good he was? Easily one of the biggest pops of all time. Based on the numbers of RR 2002 Meltzer called him the biggest draw in the rumble history.

- HHH and Evolution is one of the major factors in the RA era, which gave rise to orton and batista. Had one of the best rivalries of that era with Batista, without HHH there is no Batista that we know today and that is not a question. Also had a very good series of matches with HBK and Flair in that era.

- HHH's match at Wrestlemania 20 is arguably the best triple threat match of all time.

- Lost in three straight wrestlemania (20,21,22) to put over new stars

- Had a great feud with orton in 2009.

- His matches at wrestlemania 20, 27, 28 and 30 are the best on the card

- HHH/The authority’s feud with Daniel Bryan is one of the best in recent times

- Even today WWE is relying on HHH to put new stars like Roman and Rollins over

- Behind the scenes, he was one of the people to push the idea of the attitude era to Vince and he is the primary reason for the success of NXT

Now let us see if the reasons for fans to hate HHH are justified. Triple H reached the peak of his career in 2000 long before he got married or even starting a relationship with Steph. In the RA era he continued to stay on top even though he did not have a good run in 2002-03. If you think about that, you will see that WWE needed some great talent they can trust and invest on. See what happened with Lesnar and Goldberg. They had a lot of investments on them, especially Lesnar. He went over the Rock clean in SS, won the RR 2003, etc. but he just left to work for another company. WWE cannot afford to take that risk. In case of HHH, they can completely trust him and he is a great talent as well. I believe that HHH lost something after his quad injury in 2001 but still he was great. He did go over Booker T, RVD, etc. but he also put over wrestlers in three straight wrestlemania (Benoit, Batista, Cena). It is not possible to become a star who can put over others without defeating some. Think of how many wrestlers the undertaker has buried in his WM streak. He went over HHH at WM 17, when HHH was white hot as a rising star, you can’t blame him for that. He simply cannot lose and be the undertaker at the same time. Let us say Booker or RVD went over HHH, would they be able to create someone like Batista? I don’t think so.

People believe that Triple H placed himself in WM main events with his influence. That is not right, the only time HHH was misplaced in a WM ME was in WM 18. HHH said in one of his interviews that he did not want to be in that ME as he thought the icon vs icon match will overshadow their match but it was Vince who did not agree and insisted that the championship match should be in the ME. In case of WM 25 his match should have been in the ME because going into the event the match had a lot of anticipation owing to the great feud but ended up being an ordinary match especially being overshadowed by arguably the greatest match of all time.

Some people blame HHH for putting himself in Sting’s first match in WWE. Honestly was there another option? The undertaker was half dead at that point after losing the streak and almost dying in the ring. So he needed some rejuvenation and that was not the time for him. Brock or Cena were not good choices to face the sting as they are stars from a whole new generation. HHH was the best choice they had.

When Bret talked trash about Triple H he did not respond to it knowing that he is still fresh from the screwjob but Meltzer responded by saying HHH has drawn more money than Bret.

Also do you guys believe that HHH can persuade someone like Vince to put him over at the cost of WWE? Vince has not even done anything in that regards to his own son. HHH’s inputs might have some effect but Vince was and still is the decision maker. Vince is a man who revolutionized the professional wrestling and created this billion dollar company, there is no way HHH can persuade him to put him over at the cost of the business just because he is his son-in-law.

Triple H might have been a little overrated at times, so are Hulk Hogan, John Cena and Ultimate Warrior.But he is one of the all time greats and most certainly one of the best heels in the history of this business.

If you are still not convinced I will leave you with this bone chilling promo by HHH, which I believe is one of the best heel promos ever.

There have been days in my childhood around 2000 when I wake on a Monday morning thinking what will Triple H do tonight, sometimes I even associate my childhood with Triple H because he is that damn good.

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Re: To all Triple H haters....

Originally Posted by The People's H2O View Post
Supposedly, he was the Ric Flair of the early '00(figuratively and literally) or Hollywood Hogan in WCW. He was the company's number one guy despite the fact that he was a heel, but obviously it didn't work, why? because he's not that talented.

4/10 for this statement.

...he also worked with/put over guys that had no business being in the same ring with him. Bossman, Al Snow, Bob Holly, to name a few.

The wars were pretty much over by then.

...for a couple of months, but as soon as he became Michaels' lackey in 1997 he was pretty involved in every major angle up until Mania 14. Michaels retired and he took over, and from then on DX were pretty much the 2nd hottest thing on WWE TV.

He punished from lat 1996 to mid 1997, so cut the Bullshit.

Was the Montreal screw job Vince's decision? 2

For god sake, the guy was was writing shows in 1997 when he was an absolute nobody...

WM and JD endings two of the worst decisions the company has ever made, and if you think HHH had nothing to do with it then you're obviously a blind mark.

Backlash: Rock needed Austin's help to beat, so it wasn't really a clean win.

KOTR: well...he didn't even pin HHH.

and Rock was not?! smh

He didn't need shit. He already went over Austin in 1999(undeservedly). At that point he was no longer a "rising star".

..that didn't happen Mania 2000...

a win at Wrestlemania or a win at Backlash...? hmm:floyd3

He did sign Sting, and guess who worked with him first...

They needed to save face after the Punk situation. Originally, it was supposed to be HHH's buddies fighting for the title at WM.

Yes, he was. HHH(fresh out of his feuds with Rock and Jericho, the two biggest babyfaces at that time) was pretty much a fan favorite going against angle with the whole love triangle thing. Dude, did you really witnessed the AE or you're just talking out of your ass? Were you even born during that time?!


...still, Steph draw more heat than HHH did.
Triple H was a B+ player in the Attitude Era, was then overshdowed by the vastly superior Kurt Angle and Undertaker, then John Cena for a while, and only grew into an A player as the talent on the roster deteriorated.

Whenever he was the WM main event, he worked with guys that could carry the luster, and it mostly sucked.
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Re: To all Triple H haters....

H is pretty overrated to me. An average wrestler but when I think attitude era, he isn't in the top 5 of that time period let alone an all time great. Hell, he played second fiddle in his stables.

Obviously, DX version 1 it was Shawn Michaels.

DX version 2 the New Age Outlaws and it could be strongly argued that Chyna was more over too.

The Corporate Ministry? Vince and Undertaker.

In Evolution Orton was starting to surpass him so of course H had to halt that momentum quickly.

Even now with the Authority Stephanie is regarded as the better heel.

His mic work was good enough to get by. It wasn't memorable but he didn't stumble during his promos. They just go on and on to the point where I just didn't care what he had to say.

I just never found him entertaining. His character and most of his matches bored me to tears.
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Re: To all Triple H haters....

Originally Posted by Natis Cole View Post
Triple H is the GOAT! Reigns should be honored to get to share the ring with him at mania.
very true...
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