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Re: WWE Contradicting Themselves

I already made my big rant. Miz, JBL, Y2J, HHH etc. cause I've heard what they say, and how they feel, they think what they do is better than everyone else ONLY CAUSE most WWE fans haven't seen what they did meaning it isn't cool enough in their eyes aka big fish small pond bullshit. They can all suck Stephanies Dick. I watched Zack Sabre Jr. vs Pentagon Jr. in front of like 300 people, and that shit was better than anything WWE will put in a main event.

The way I see it, there is McMahon's Universe, then there is reality where all other promotions are (Dixie Carter's Universe is like Green Lantern Planet no one pays any attention to it). WWE glorifies their events just because more people watch it live, as if their sports entertainment is better than everyone else's wrestling. When in fact, people are just buying the image that they market like crazy, cause they know people don't actually like their product, so they target whoever is dumb enough to believe them that they are cool.

WWE in 2015 is WCW of 90's. WWE is where the big boys play, and where you poach talent with big contracts. Then run around acting superior cause you have best talent in world, even though you don't even fucking use them, cause your just gonna throw some douche off the street into the ring and slap a champion on dude with biggest nose. Dbry retiring is really my sending off to WWE, its dead to me now.

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