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Re: What are peoples opinions on Braun Strowman?

He's good for what he's doing right now, doubt he will last if he leaves the wyatts... Luke Harper should take more of a lead when Bray isn't around, but I think it's easy to see who is second in command.

I think people jump to conclusions about the big guys too soon, its nice to see some huge characters around even if it's just for entertainment. If WWE was real the wyatts would have killed everyone by now and currently be locked away in a prison for the criminally insane.... probably along with the New Day
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Re: What are peoples opinions on Braun Strowman?

Originally Posted by SlowmanBrains View Post
He's a young Big Show. That shit is played out. Hell, Big Show at least has some mic skills compared to that doofus.
Big Show was actually a great wrestler in his younger days. Not just for a man of his size, but in general.
Allegedly he could do a moonsault when he was at the powerplant as The Giant (but i haven´t found any videos to back up that claim). He also did missile drop kicks, kip ups etc. Hell, as recent as 2014 he did a sunset flip on Rowan.

Anyway, Strowman needs to go to the performance center and learn the moves, and then have a good solid run in NXT, if WWE has any plans of giving him a successful singles career. As he is now, he can´t be anymore than the muscle of a group.
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Re: What are peoples opinions on Braun Strowman?

Green as grass very clumsy and awkward to watch but in terms of look he fits in the Wyatt family.

http://www.google.co.za/imgres?imgurl=http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9eschoBt71qi98gto1_r1_500.gif&imgrefurl=http://www.taringa.net/comunidades/breakingbadoficial/5968497/Debate-Capitulo-7-Say-My-Name.html&h=250&w=500&tbnid=I5YdtjzOM3wwkM:&zoom=1&docid=Vrn3cPwpkqLOQM&ei=nB7NVPr3KorLaKzhgtgL&tbm=  isch&ved=0CCYQMygGMAY


•Destroy Cm Punks momentum (check)
•Almost Kills off Lesnars momentum (thank you taker)
•Politician Bastard (check)
•Going Over Sting on his Debut (Fucking Check)
•BURIED RVD (check)
•Slept with the bosses daughter like a whore to keep his spot(son of a bitch)
•An icon in his own mind big nose motherphucker The King of egomaniacs
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Re: What are peoples opinions on Braun Strowman?

I saw a young Big Show comparison... Big Show in his youth was an outstanding athlete. He played center in college and dude was agile in the ring. People forget how good Big Show was in WCW and early WWF career. Strowman is just a very very large intimidating figure that would smash half the roster to a pulp if he actually put that sleeper lock in real life. Just let the guy grow and see what happens. He's just a year in with no training background.
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Re: What are peoples opinions on Braun Strowman?

He is green as fuck and I don't care about The Wyatt Family at all currently.

Still: Give him a chance against Taker, even tho I don't care about that match lol. Maybe he suprises a lot of people, maybe he just plain sucks. Wait an see.
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