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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

Originally Posted by the_quick_silver View Post
They dont have enough talent to pull off a full blown brand split now. Also, that will lead to the reintroduction of 'World' title, which would be a bad idea.

They have approx 50 guys on the main roster, not counting the ladies. Quite literally they have more talent than they know what to do with.

They have plenty of talent for a brand split. They just don't have talent that they have elevated enough.

However, I agree a brand split is a bad idea.

A way to limit overexposure is pretty simple.
  • 1st get rid of the 20min promos by the same people every week.
  • 2nd..Stop reminding us every 2 seconds of what Roman Reigns, the Authority, Cena or whoever is doing at the moment.
  • 3rd - Stop running the same matches over and over and then expecting us to care when the ppv matches are just repeats of Raw.
  • 4th - ok, now this one is really crazy. Cut back on the TV time of the "main guys" (Reigns, Authority, Cena, etc). Then, take all those guys and girls sitting the back doing nothing. Write some storylines, angles and matches for them and use that time put them on TV.

Problem solved without a brand split.
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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

Brand split would be a complete failure. RAW is the only brand that matters. Having second rate champions on a taped show helps nothing.

The only way WWE fixes a number of their problems is by eliminating an hour from RAW.
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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

What we need really is someone doing what Kevin Owens did with the NXT Title, he saw that bigger than the US Title I believe. We need a couple of decent talents doing that with the US and Intercontinental titles giving them more respect.

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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

If NXT 'took over' Smackdown, there would be no shortage of guys to pull off a Brand Split.

However, I think you could cut down on overexposure with a ranking system. The first week or two should be getting contenders named. Then a week of promos/run ins. Then some kind of brawl. Then PPV. Opponents never fought in the ring on free tv.

Expand the titles as mentioned by the original poster, and you could further cut down on overexposure.

You can still have grudge matches too. If you want Owens and Ambrose to have a 3-PPV program, have them fight and scheme to become contender AGAIN. Instead of assumed contendership because they don't like each other. You could put a pause on feuds this way too. Maybe Owens loses his contendership match after Rumble. Now Del Rio is facing Ambrose or whoever. Owens gets contendership between fast lane and Mania and the feud is rekindled. Becomes a bigger feud because it 'keeps' coming back up. Owens wins the title. Ambrose becomes contender AGAIN in a few months. Drive home that they're equals. Rivals.

Enough of big slow guys, 'da look,' and goofy catchphrases. Hated the Rock, Austin, etc... then. Hate Cena now.

Much respect for CM Punk, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Seth Rollins, Eddie Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, John Morrison/Johnny Mundo, Adrian Neville, Antonio Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and all of the other "Vanilla Midgets" who make these shows worth watching.
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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

Originally Posted by Bavak View Post
You make new talent, that's the idea and a world title would be fine as long as it was on a particular show, having a world title now would be a bad idea but if there was a brand split, you'd need it
No a second world title would be a bad idea even with a brand split. The WWE Champion should be the champion of WWE, not just half of it.
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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

Idea not for me, it comes from a good place. But not really for it. Because the set pattern just allows them to fall into a formula. Not to mention ua as hardcore fans would find it even easier to predict and now when we want to watch a particular week.

The best bet is to just cut down match time on Raw and to dedicate that to building the other PPV matches. Other than the main event no match should go past 5 let alone 10-15 unless it's a tournament or title match.

Raw and Smackdown should spend most of its time building the next PPV through dialogue not action.
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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

I'd honestly just get rid of Smackdown and make Raw a 2-hour show again tbh. Main Event can then be the B-show, like how Heat was the B-show back in the day.

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Re: A format to curb overexposure of superstars

OP has nice ideas but Hardcore title ain't coming back in this PG Enviroment. All they require is storylines that continue from feuds into another with IC/US belts. You dont necessarily need to have cruiserweight title either, altough that would make certain high flying matches more interesting.
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