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Re: ADR with new gear

Love it when guys start wearing pants. :buffer
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Re: ADR with new gear

Originally Posted by Raw-Is-Botchamania View Post
So little audience that they have to darken everything but the first three rows?

WWE going to be doing shows in the impact zone at this rate
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Re: ADR with new gear

Seems to be a trend lately. Some guys look good in wrestling tights whereas others should stick with trunks or singlets. Del Rio should stick with trunks.
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Re: ADR with new gear

It'll take more than a change of attire to make him interesting
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Re: ADR with new gear

First picture looked like faded jeans, which I thought was pretty nice. Second picture makes it look like he's auditioning for Magic Mike after the show.

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Re: ADR with new gear

I'm just ready for when WWE decides to make a Mexican heel faction called the "Cartel" and get tons of bad publicity for it.

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Re: ADR with new gear

I like it because it's a change. That's something that so many stars forget to do, or the ones that do completely fuck up their look, Sheamus is a reminder of that.
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Re: ADR with new gear

He's already getting Ziggler hand me downs?

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Re: ADR with new gear

It's cool. like when he was Dos Caras.

he has a huge dick and it was too standout when he wears trunks.
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