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Scott Hall on Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Full interview:

Here are the highlights:

On Working With Shawn Michaels Early in His Career: ”Shawn was calling matches when he was doing jobs for guys in Texas. Shawn always had a clue. The first time anyone broke down to me the way a match should take place was Shawn Michaels on a trip from, like, Kansas City to Des Moines [Iowa]. We were just sitting in a car together talking and he just starts laying it out to me. He was always great. Even when he started, he was great, so he smartened me up and that’s why I’ve been invited to return to the NXT, to the [WWE] Performance Center to work with the young guys.”

On getting a A Raise From WCW For No Reason: “I’m barely paying attention to what’s happening on [WCW Monday] Nitro, so I’m not watching [WWE Monday Night] RAW at all. But Eric Bischoff called Kev and I in and we got a raise and a contract extension because he believed it. And then after that, he went, ‘I thought you guys didn’t care about the lawsuit and you were just going to go back there!'”

On Getting Heat For Putting Over Chris Jericho in WCW: “The storyline then was we were going to bring Larry Zbyszko into the pay-per-view at Halloween Havoc as a special [guest] referee against Lex Luger and I. And so, I was just supposed to keep hitting Chris with the Razor’s Edge, just keep dropping Jericho on his head until Zbyszko came down. And I said, ‘Chris, but that’s not going to get a reaction.’ I said, ‘think of some way to beat me out of my finish and get with me later,’ so he came up with the idea to kick his feet off the turnbuckle and small package me and I said, ‘don’t tell anybody. I’ll take all the heat.’ So when I came back through the curtain [after the match], Arn Anderson’s there at the Gorilla position just shaking his head, going, ‘you’re too much’. So now I’m walking back towards the locker room and I pass Eric Bischoff and he looks at me and he goes, ‘didn’t I tell you to go over?’ and I’m going, ‘you’re telling me you didn’t like my segment?’ and he’s going, ‘no, no, but weren’t you supposed to win?’ and I said, ‘does it really matter?’ and he just throws his hands up in the air.”

Hall on his substance abuse angle in WCW and why it was called off: “Eric came to me and said, ‘now, I’ve got this [idea]’ because he was really big into all the mark stuff, all the dirt sheets that were online now and he’s going, ‘we’ll do this [substance abuse storyline] because the word’s out’ and I said, ‘Eric, I’ll do whatever you want because I still need them big checks rolling in.’ I said, ‘I personally I think it’s in bad taste, but you’re the boss’. I said, ‘I’ll do it and I’ll do it as good as I can even if I think it’s wrong’, so we went that way. They went with it until it came down from the higher ups at Turner, like, ‘hey, that’s not funny’ because everybody, unfortunately, knows someone who suffers from mental illness or addiction, so, obviously, one of those big shots in Turner had somebody in his family [struggling with such issues] and went, ‘that’s not funny. Stop now.'”

Hall on Triple H being told not to call him during his recovery process: “When [Triple H] contacted me about the [WWE] Hall of Fame [induction], he called me and said, ‘hey, how are you doing? I wanted to reach out to you for years,’ he said, ‘but all the experts were saying ‘no. No, let him focus on just him getting himself together, not worrying about wrestling or being somewhere or doing this. Let him focus on getting well.’ So he said, ‘man, I wanted to reach out to you for so long,’ because one time, he did call and apparently, he said, ‘oh, I just talked to Scott’ and they went, ‘oh, don’t do that!’, so then I didn’t hear from him for a long time.”

Hall praising Road Dogg for his work backstage in WWE: “Well, the one thing that I’m happy about is like Road Dogg. And Road Dogg didn’t miss many parties either and now he’s like Hunter’s right-hand man. He’s there. He was running Smackdown when the Tough Enough show was on because Vince [McMahon] and Hunter and Stephanie [McMahon], they would all go to the live Tough Enough broadcast and Road Dogg was basically calling the shots at Smackdown, which they tape on Tuesday and air Thursday, so he’s running the show and he said, the last time I saw him, ‘yeah, and the ratings actually went up a little bit.’ He said, ‘Vince pulled me aside and said, ‘maybe I don’t need to make Tuesdays.’ I’m just saying that Road Dogg, at one time, was right there in the same category maybe as me and now he’s doing great and he has a great mind!”
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