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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

The Rock in Toronto in 2003 is probably my favourite promo ever. Had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand.

In more recent times Punk's shoot blew everything out of the water. - The best promo for years.

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

Eddie Guerrero's promo on Rey Mysterio.

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

i dont know, my favourite promos of all time were all in wcw, wwf/wwe promos in general tend to be cartoonish and over the top, even those of the less cartoonish characters
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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

The Rock's Toronto heel promo is probably the best heel promo I've ever seen. Just perfect in every way, you could tell he was having a blast.

Also loved some of Austin's early 'What' promo's.
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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

Well all in all, Id probably go the series of interviews Mick Foley did delving into the Mankind character with JR, but for a one shot? HAS TO BE THIS.

Honestly, in this promo Eddie Guerrero was on a level beyond wrestling. This is seriously imo. some academy consideration character playing. That extremely cold, icey stare to the ring, the sheer passion in his voice inflection is incredible, that evil smile when mentioning Rey's kids and advising against Rey returning at Judgment Day and that dead serious look when delivering "nobody is ever going to take away my Latino Heat ever again"

This script is amazing too (whether Eddie freehanded this or Kevin Greenberg wrote this). "Remember Rey I already have your blood on my hands. At Judgment Day, ILL HAVE YOUR LIFE" What a motherfucking line.

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BLMs5O8buM GOAT right there.

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Re: Favorite WWE promo of all time?

Best I'd probably go Jake the Snake after he slapped Elizabeth in 1992.

Runners up

* Flair 'tear in my eye' after winning the Royal Rumble.
* Rock basically anything
* Austin 3:16 or Survivor Series 96
* Savage post WM8 hobbling around selling the knee - 'Ric Flair, I just took a piece of you! Just a piece! I'm coming back for the whole thing!'

However this one hasn't been mentioned and it's one of the best promos of the AE.

Bret Hart snaps!

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