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ESPN losing subscribers

The cable industry at large has suffered a kind of exodus over the past few years, as TV streaming and over-the-top services multiply and consumers find ways to either trim down their cable subscriptions or, in some cases, cut them altogether.


Why does this matter? Shows that the sub TV market is getting crowded. This is worrying news for WWE or atleast it should be.

$9.99 for a wrestling show, something that doesn't have as much variety as Netflix, could be vulnerable in the future if more subs emerge.
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Re: ESPN losing subscribers

Nah the Network still works. This generation by and large rather pay for content they want via streaming service rather than pay a money for cable for the few channels youd want. You could get Netflix, Hulu, and The WWE Network for under $30($35 if you get 4 screens on Netflix and commercial less Hulu).

But if big time channels like ESPN are also losing ratings maybe we should stop stressing weekly ratings.
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Re: ESPN losing subscribers

I don't think they have to worry too much. You have people on this board who post about how they hate WWE and hope the company dies and yet still give them $9.99 a month for the Network.

But you also totally misread the article. It's not talking about a subscription service like WWE Network or Netflix. It's talking about the number of regular cable subscribers. ESPN doesn't have a subscription service. Them losing "subscribers" means people who have cut cable altogether or switched packages to not include sports channels.

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Re: ESPN losing subscribers

Maybe if cable companies didn't spam so many useless channels, and pad their own lineups with exact channel repeats, treated customers reasonably, had reasonable prices, and a few other things, the people would like cable better.

What say you?

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Re: ESPN losing subscribers

WWE Network just got into the top 5 streaming sites so I dunno what OP is trying to get at.

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Re: ESPN losing subscribers

the internet didn't screw tv, tv screwed tv by responding to the rise of reality tv, the threat of the fcc and the fledgling economy the same way all the other cowards did

Despite what you may have heard about so-called "smark marks" and the "IWC" some of us are actually here to help. All you have to do is ask.

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As a kid I wanted to believe it was real but back then we had real fights in school and I went to sling this guy into a pole like wrestlers would do when they threw guys into the ropes and the kid didn’t move and when I tried it again he punched me, I knew then that wrestlers were working together in the ring.
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It's insane that we're going to applaud a wrestling company for doing this.
It should be 100% standard across pro wrestling.
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And the minute you compromise that for a check, I can't feel sorry for you. You got what you wanted, therefore you got what you deserved.
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