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Godway 11-23-2015 06:26 PM

WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
The next installment of the FAQ series is based on Survivor Series, post-Survivor Series. Mostly because I don't agree with many of you, and don't feel like wading through 200 different threads on the subject(s) I feel like addressing right now. If you don't know what these are, it's just my take on the popular satirical Transformers FAQs, where I use a combination of the worst posters on this forum to make their moron statements, while I address them.

Dumb IWC member: So, did you watch Survivor Series?

Godway: Unfortunately, I did.

Dumb IWC member: LOL WWE's booking is so terrible, Vince is so out of touch, the creative team all needs fired, it was so bad!!!

Godway: Well, yes and no.

Dumb IWC member: WHA

Godway: I don't disagree about the matches. How you have so many anti-climactic finishes is beyond me, those matches were terrible, worked piss poor, like nobody at all gave a shit. But as far as "Decisions" go, what do you really expect from them at this point?

Dumb IWC member: But...but...Roman is so over and they can't figure out how to book him!!!

Godway: Roman's so NOT over because Roman fucking sucks. Enough of this pussyfooting around and humoring butthurt people, Roman Reigns is a fucking pitiful excuse for a top guy. He's terrible. He's not an awful talent, he's just an awful top guy. Stop fucking making excuses for the fact that he can't connect with anybody, and his "moments" have been getting booed out of the building for a year straight now.

Dumb IWC member: No no no, Roman was getting teh biggest pops after the Shield! Roman was the most over guy in Shield!!

Godway: SHIELD was over. Because Shield was cool. It was different, it was three new faces being booked strong, it worked. Unfortunately for Roman, you can't be the top guy when your talents consist of standing there and looking, or being Mr Hot Tag. What did Roman Reigns the character do post-Shield to be interesting? What has he done in the last month to be interesting? What has he done in the last three months to be interesting? Why should anyone care about Roman Reigns?

Dumb IWC member: No way, they messed him up because he's supposed to be a silent badass!! Like Goldberg!!! Or Batista!!!

Godway: Goldberg was a once in a lifetime kind of thing. And people never give Goldberg the credit he deserves for being HUGELY charismatic. While he wasn't a great worker, his moveset oozed charisma, as did the way he worked. He came across as a guy who was a legit badass, and therefore didn't need to talk. Long-term, he was always going to meet reality, but he was still excellent for what he was. Batista was also a very underrated worker, who was a pretty solid talker, and solid in the ring as well. Not just that, he was hugely over as a FACE and a HEEL. Which is a rare thing nowadays. In both cases, the context is much different to Roman Reigns.

Dumb IWC member: Wha

Godway: Roman Reigns isn't Goldberg or Batista. They TRIED booking him as a silent tough guy, it failed. They TRIED booking him as Cena JR, it failed. Enough of this stupid ass "Roman is held back" shit. Roman Reigns fucking sucks. He can't talk, he doesn't have half the charisma his marks think he does, he's a human action figure. Nothing more. This is two fucking times now the ball has been in his court, and he was rejected in both of them. His reactions for being the "top guy" even when he is getting 90% cheers, are pitiful. If you want to blame WWE for anything creative with Reigns, blame them for thinking he could be the next top guy. Because that is/was their mistake.

Dumb IWC member: Whatever, Roman just needs teh heel turn and then he'll be over!! Booking him is SO EASY, WHY DOESN'T WWE GET IT!!!??

Godway: Yes. The heel turn. Which will just be admitting failure, and trying to book around the fact that Reigns sucks. Did you ever think that booking isn't half as easy as you and your buddies think it is, and trying to figure out a way to book a guy who's getting BOOED no matter what you do with him is tougher than it looks? They had to involve HHH just to try and get cheap heat for Reigns and pad his moment, and it STILL failed. Like...he's that fucking unpopular. Not to mention, they just put the title on their heel champion. How stupid does it look if Roman is a heel now, too?

Dumb IWC member: Whatever. The undercard was so bad too, everyone got buried! The Wyatts are jobbers!!

Godway: Meh. The WWE is running scared. They have NO stars right now. It's not as if Wyatts suddenly beating two 50 year olds is going to catapult them to stardom. Bray didn't eat the pin. This feud was just a band-aid to get Taker TV time, since he wanted to work more this year. I don't necessarily agree with it, but the double situp/Bray walk still generated a more genuine pop than anything on the show did. It doesn't help Bray Wyatt, or anyone in the Wyatts, but what the fuck were they doing anyways?

Dumb IWC member: They keep fucking Dolph Ziggler over too!!!

Godway: Dolph Ziggler is a bleach blonde looking goof, who sucks at everything he does. Tyler Breeze is a bleach blonde looking goof, who may or may not suck as hard as Dolph Ziggler does at everything he does. But the bottom line, is that nobody cares about two bleach blonde looking goofs having a feud. So fuck both of them.

Dumb IWC member: And Charlotte and Paige would have had a much better match in NXT!!!

Godway: You're probably right. And it would have been seen by half the audience, so who cares? This is the main roster. If you can't do it on the main roster, then you can't do it. I don't understand why Paige is a jobber. And I don't understand why you'd run a "personal" feud only to have a standard wrestling match, with standard Charlotte wins booking. But I'm not going to waste my time thinking about it, because it's a women's match. And the women aren't important, nor will they be any time soon.

Dumb IWC member: Plus all of the great workers, like Ambrose, Owens, and Del Rio lost!!!

Godway: Dean at least got to make it to the finals. So he kind of sort of looked special. Not really, but like more special than he is when he's jobbing in the midcard. I'm pretty sure Alberto Del Rio only resigned with WWE to half ass it while laughing in their face that he beat them. Because all of his post-return matches have been terrible, and he's a fantastic ring worker. Like a total natural in the ring. He's not this bad. I hope he's doing it on purpose because that would be hilarious.

Dumb IWC member: It won't get any better until Vince is dead!!!

Godway: You and your buddies really don't grasp the position Vince (and everyone backstage) are in right now. They just ran a PPV where legitimately NO ONE is over. Nobody is hot. Nobody is a commodity. Much like the Royal Rumble (which was actually the worst booked thing of the year, the match at least) showed us, this roster is trash. They have fucking nobody. It's a bunch of jobbers, comedy characters, and pussies.

Dumb IWC member: Creative is so dumb tho, they need to all be fired! They can't book anybody right!!!

Godway: They booked Roman Reigns out of the face handbook. Most top faces are booked the same way. What more do you want them to do? They need to just accept the reality that Roman isn't the top guy. Much like Lex Luger or Kevin Nash, he has a couple of things in his favor, but he completely and totally lacks the IT factor to make it. Doesn't mean he's useless, or has to have a shit career. It just means he isn't going to make it as the top guy. They pushed him as the top guy for a year, and all they have to show for it are "merchandise sales". You know what his merchandise sales say? They say that he's popular to half of John Cena's fans. While all of the non-John Cena fans, and half of John Cena's fans themselves, think he fucking sucks. It's not so much a creative problem as it is a state of the organization as a whole, they have no top stars. Vince is in a panic to try and make a new assembly-line WWE prototypical star out of Reigns, and that philosophy is blowing up in his face because he no longer has the depth to do it. He could get away with doing it with Orton, despite Orton also being bland and uninteresting, because he still had a roster full of talent back then. Not so much now.

Dumb IWC member: But where are they going to go now? They're going out of business!!!

Godway: No. They have a monopoly. Financially, they're fine. They can afford to put on a bad product. They've been doing it for a long time now. They can't afford to continue trying to force Roman Reigns, though. For everyone (including Roman Reigns) sake. He's gaining nothing by constantly failing over and over again as a top guy. Cut your losses already and de-push him. Don't turn him heel or make some big change to him, just de-push him, let him work midcard feuds for midcard titles, and see if he can find his niche.

Dumb IWC member: But...but...Sheamus is the champion now!

Godway: Yes. There, we actually agree. I think everyone on the internet should unite in the fact that Sheamus winning the title was awful, and Sheamus as champion is also awful. But even so, what else you going to do? Have Roman win to get booed out of the building AGAIN? Have Ambrose win with no momentum? They're in a really terrible spot in terms of talent. There isn't many options. Except.....Brock Lesnar. Pay the man more money, get him to work more dates, and throw that belt on him. Because that is the only interesting person you have under contract right now.

Dumb IWC member: booo no, Brock Lesnar is a part timer. Part timers = evil bro

Godway: I really don't disagree. Part timers being a huge focus fucking sucks. But it's also the reality. Brock Lesnar is better than everyone else. Brock Lesnar draws more than everybody else. Brock Lesnar actually is interesting. You can't say that about most of WWE's roster, sadly.

Dumb IWC member: But...but...

Godway: Stop. Would you rather see Sheamus continue Seth Rollins title reign all the way to Mania? Or would you rather see Brock Lesnar walk out, take that pale bitch to suplex city, and kill everybody? Or wait, would you rather see Roman Reigns Superman Punch his way to the title with a crowd booing him instead? Is that so much better than Brock Lesnar?

Dumb IWC member: Uh....

Godway: Like I said. It sucks, but it's the reality. You're never going to overcome a problem until you acknowledge that you have that problem first. WWE acknowledged it last night. Reigns title "win" was a test, to see what the audience did. Hence why Sheamus cashed in. And fuck, the crowd was so dead/negative to all of Reigns matches last night that I think we got our answer on where he STILL stands. Time to have Dean Ambrose win the Royal Rumble. Or Brock Lesnar. Depending on how quickly you want to get the title off of Sheamus, due to the colossal failure he's going to be. Brock should just squash him at Rumble, while Dean wins the Rumble and heads to Mania for a tough guy showdown with Brock.

Marrakesh 11-23-2015 06:29 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
You just had a conversation with an imaginary poster on the internet.

Where do you get off calling anyone else dumb?

Simpsons Modern Life 11-23-2015 06:33 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
I don't really get what this post is about ... it looks to me like a conversation with yourself and some random IWC person, put into a thread to showcase how your opinions are superior to theirs or something, you being the wise clued up one and them being dumb that think differently.

Not saying it is, I could be completely wrong there, but that's how it came across to me lol :)

Reptilian 11-23-2015 06:34 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ

Vox Machina 11-23-2015 06:39 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
I read about 80% of that. Godway, your opinions are not facts. So please stop treating them as such. You are blaming the roster when time and time again creative has failed them. There is ample amount of evidence that creative (and Vince since he has the last word) are at fault for what's going on. But do go on insulting everybody and thinking you're so superior.

Godway 11-23-2015 06:41 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ

Originally Posted by Marrakesh (Post 54431490)
You just had a conversation with an imaginary poster on the internet.

Where do you get off calling anyone else dumb?

Everything is a post by one person or another on this forum in the last week, month, etc.. Not an "imaginary person". I clearly state in the beginning of this thread, if you read it, that I don't feel like wading through all of these threads. So I made another FAQ, not the first time I've done one. You can leave now, because obviously it's lost on you.

The Doctor Middy Experience 11-23-2015 06:46 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
I do like reading your opinions from time to time because you're insightful and all.

...But MY GOD you're so far up your own ass right now.

tboneangle 11-23-2015 06:47 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
I like it

Simpsons Modern Life 11-23-2015 06:49 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
D'ya know what we should all do ... listen to this right now, relax, chill out and breathe.

Get your favourite drink and just chill out to these nice, funk, soul, vibes .... no vocals, just pure nice music to put on and chill to while you relax.

I think it's needed ....

Undertaker23RKO 11-23-2015 06:50 PM

Re: WWE Post-Survivor Series: FAQ
I understand where you're coming from but I disagree with like half the things you said here. You put Goldberg over though, so that awesome.

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