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They've brought this on themselves by not creating stars when they had a chance. Cena didn't need to win against rusev or owens and cesaro not being a main eventer is a mystery to me
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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Sounds like a ridiculous report.
WWE could pay Brock extra to appear. Easy fix. Or they could just have HHH step in the ring again for a limited time. Another easy fix.

Plus I doubt Sting is back to full health. They reported that injury to be pretty bad, and it was apparently a neck/back one, which you don't just recover from instantly, especially at his age.
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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Jericho, RVD, Batista.

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Rey and Bryan please. The big knock on them is that they can't stay healthy. Leave two spots for surprise entrants, former world champions, then all Rey and Bryan have to do is turn up on one night, get to the semis or even one to the finals, as long as they put a full time guy over as champ.

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

I think they will rush the Wyatt/Taker storyline to end at Survivor Series, with a SS match between the Wyatts, and Taker, Kane, Ambrose, and Reigns.

They will have reigns singles title match postponed until TLC.

For the tournament, they will have only former WWE or World Heavyweight champions allowed.

The tournament will be an 12 man tournament with Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, The Miz, Chris Jericho, Batista, Jack Swagger, Big Show, The Rock, HHH

The tournament layout will go 6 singles first round matches, 3 singles second round semi final matches, and a triple threat finals match for the title. Bryan, HHH, and the Rock will be in the finals, with Bryan winning the belt. The Rock and HHH will go after each other during and after the match, setting up for a future match between them (WM32).

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Originally Posted by SHIV View Post
Big Poppa Pump seems like a big name to me.

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Cenas phone is probably ringing non stop. And WWE is probably contacting every Hollywood director to see if they can use The Rock for a bit. And of course Brocks probably grinning as WWE offer even more zero's to his contract. No Cena, no Orton, no Taker, no Kane, Brock scheduled to be away and even the likes of Rusev and Rollins out, WWE need some star power desperately. This is what happens when they just focus on booking Rollins in time filling feuds for 6 months and dont build anyone else up.

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Or what they could do is take this golden opportunity to build up a new crop of top stars. I mean shit, is this gonna be the first era in WWE history, with not one other guy who is able to main event? Even in this last era, yes they had Cena but also Orton and Edge could run at the top if something happened to Cena. If Reigns gets injured (which he already has been seriously injured once) there is literally no one else, they have protected, or given any kind of push to be built up as a main eventer. Now is the perfect time to do this, and actually having some adversity with all the big guys out could be a total blessing in disguise, as they probably wouldn't do it otherwise.

I'm not saying don't bring in a big name part-timer to help steady the ship, over the course of the next few weeks, go out and try to get Angle back for a short run, or Christian, hell Shelton Benjamin would be nice and probably get a good pop at least through SS. However the prime emphasis/directive right now should be building a upper-mid/main event roster for the next 10 years.
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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

Just bring back Angle, Bryan, Rock, Sting, Batista, RVD, Jericho..

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Re: WWE Contacting Big Names Due To Seth Rollins Injury

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