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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

He could, but he shouldn't be.
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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

I need Cena like a need a tumor... which is not at all!

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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

Originally Posted by INFERN0 View Post
How serious are his injury issues?

He has made miraculous comebacks before, guy is a genetic beast, not like a daniel bryan or me or someone like that, he recovers at a superhuman rate.

We need Cena now more than ever.

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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

Originally Posted by EyeZac View Post
They have lost Orton and Rollins within weeks of each other. To say they don't need Cena on television is insane.

I expect him back much sooner than was expected.
What would bringing back Cena early to feud with Del Rio under this MexAmerica garbage gimmick they've lumbered him with really achieve?

How about they learn to write a fucking show rather than bringing back Cena to rehash the same old ''USA vs Foreign country'' tripe they already did with Rusev.

Cena adds nothing to WWE Television.

There are no interesting stories for this character anymore.

If they brought him back and he turned heel in the Survivor Series tournament and they were going to use him to try and build up Reigns then I would say finally they got a fucking clue but they won't.

Could Cena go heel and make Reigns a star? He probably could. are WWE even remotely clever enough to pull the trigger and make it work even if they did? No they probably aren't.

Keep him off TV until the rumble. This guy just never fucking goes away.
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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

Of course he could. And I wouldn't even mind just as long as he didn't win. I can do without John Cena, 16 time world champion opening and closing the shows again right now. And Cena as champion again would also mean revisiting Cena vs The Authority once more (zzzzzzzzz), with them trying to find anyone that can beat him and welcome themselves into their good graces as the new golden boy, which I will easily pass on.
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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

No injury, but isn´t he doing some sort of tv-show outside of WWE? He can´t leave those unless he want to breach a contract -which could give him issues in the future with agents and producers (tv/movie agents, not wrestling bookers or agents) not trusting him.
The only way he can be back early is if they wrap up the shooting early.
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Re: Could Cena be rushed back?

WWE would want him back but I'm sure we don't.

Thanks to @CJ for the Becky avatar!

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