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Re: Seth Rollins has 6 Clean Victories In Singles Competition As WWE Champion (minor "spoilers")

Originally Posted by Rick_James View Post
The whole idea behind a heel is that they cheat or use tactics that the crowd disapproves of to win, rarely winning matches clean. The only type of heel that can justifiably win clean are the monster types like a Lesnar or Rusev..... Rollins isn't in that category. If he was winning matches as a heel clean on a regular basis, he wouldn't really be a heel, now would he?
Kurt Angle won matches clean a lot. Sure, he cheated to win most of the time, but there's a long string of matches (and I'm talking PPV matches here, not just throwaway ones on TV) where he won clean and yet still managed to maintain his heel heat throughout. HHH won his fair share of clean victories, too.

Being a heel means having an unlikeable personality, committing dastardly actions (which are in no way limited to only dirty victories), and/or being associated with people whom the audience can't stand (i..e The Authority.) It doesn't necessaite having to always cheat to win. At the very least, Rollins should almost never need to cheat to defeat the likes of people lower on the totem pole like Cesaro, Neville, Ryback, etc.
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Originally Posted by ShowStopper View Post
Originally Posted by Legit BOSS View Post
I stand firm in saying Rollins should be winning by himself, whether it's clean or dirty. Yeah, it's way too late to make much of a difference, but it's better than jobbing to mid carders on free television. I'm certainly not complaining.
I just want to know which it is with people. Do they want clean wins or dirty wins? I've seen people say he needs clean wins for credibility standpoint. Okay, cool. I agree. He gets three clean win this week and now people are complaining that he shouldn't be winning clean. People need to stick with their story. Flip-flopping every week or two won't be accepted. And this is one of a few reasons why I don't take most criticisms seriously around here.
It's a forum with thousands of members with thousands of different opinions. Not everyone will think the same.
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Re: Seth Rollins has 6 Clean Victories In Singles Competition As WWE Champion

He just shouldn't be eating a pin at all. So when he does get pinned it means hes dropping the belt and it actually means something.

He could have a hundred losses as long as they were count outs and DQs but being Champion should offer some protection.

It's a shining example of why people complain about WWE. They take conventions and traditions that are there for a reason and piss all over them because the kiddies want to see the baddie lose.

Someone should ask HHH if he would have allowed himself to be booked the way Rollins has been.
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