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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania 9
Triple H/Sting - Wrestlemania 31
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

In order to properly explain mine, a little back story is needed:

When Christian won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2011, classes were just ending for me in my sophomore year of college and my three roommates and I planned a vacation to Arizona for the week. My aunt lived down there and was very wealthy and lived in the nicer part of Phoenix, so we stayed there. We had no access to internet (well, okay we did, but we were barely ever at the home unless we were swimming there or using my aunts Netflix to binge watch Southpark). Before we left for vacation, we did watch Extreme Rules and all of us apart from Travis were big Christian fans (he liked him but he wasn't super crazy over him or anything), so we were happy and excited.

We decided to spend our friday night of that week watching Smackdown to see Christian as World Champion for the first time on the show. Because we didn't use the internet all that much, none of us were aware that Christian had already lost the title a few days back to Randy Orton.

So we're sitting in the living room watching Smackdown, incredibly stoked to see Christian in a suit with the title on his shoulder looking like a proud champion. Teddy Long announces that Christian is defending the title against Orton and we're all a little confused and skeptical at this point. But we weren't too worried, as we felt that given the way they did the celebration for Christian at Extreme Rules, there was no way he was losing his title. So the match happens and we were enjoying what was turning into a great match.

Then the fantastic RKO counter happened, and for a second we were amazed at how well they executed it. But then immediately realized "Wait, what?!" and watched as the ref started counting. The ref hits the third count and the match ends and Randy Orton is announced the winner and the new champion.

All four of us are now sitting there with our jaws basically hitting the tables. None of us said a word as Orton was given the title. I am the first the move, and what I do will go down as one of the dumbest things I've ever done in my life. I have the remote in my hand and because I suddenly became incredibly frustrated, my natural instinct and reaction was to throw the remote in any random direction. I chuck the remote, not even looking at where I throw it, and I walk away from the room and go outside. One of my friends, Derrick, comes outside and tells me "Um, dude, you just broke something back there".

Turns out what I broke was a vase that my aunt got from her deceased Husband on their seventeenth anniversary...that he got her when they were vacationing in China.
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Originally Posted by Ace View Post
WWE ending TNA's decade long year of dominance
Never change
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

Well the most recent I can remember is Cena making Owens tap.
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

wwe fastlane 2015...bryan losing and also when he had to leave and is still currently off
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

Every John Cena win ever, Roman Reigns winning the RR15, Kevin Owens jobbing to Super Cena twice, CM Punk beating Jeff Hardy on SD to "retire" Hardy, Charlotte winning the Divas Championship, Nikki Bella winning the Championship, Roman Reigns winning the Fatal Four for the #1 contendership for the WHC. Ceasro losing the IC battle royal at GroundBattle 2014, The Hardys losing TLC 1,2,&3. Brock Lesnar winning KOTR 02. Just a few.

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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

I was really mad when Dreamer was being Taker's bitch with the puke bucket and chew spit.
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

Rock beating Punk.

Super long reign, could really give a major boost to someone when they beat him and they waste it on the returning Rock. All to set up a match that had already been done the year before.

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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

The worst wasn't one, but a series of matches in 2005 when Cena beat Kurt Angle multiple times. Cena was so fucking awful in the ring and his character was garbage and I just couldn't swallow that he was being put over Angle like that.

I quit watching until like 2010. I had zero interest in ever watching Cena ever again. I still don't but I have learned to just let it happen.

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Bryan losing in 18 seconds pissed me off no end.
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Re: The angriest you ever got at a match result

Originally Posted by Jbardo View Post
Bryan losing in 18 seconds pissed me off no end.
Same here, this match dragged as hell.

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