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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Rock isn't what he used to be due to time going by or simply not to offend sponsors, but he'd mop with floor with the entire roster. Even if he technically gets "owned", the crowd reaction alone would give Rock the nod.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Why the hell do people think getting "owned" is the whole point of a promo? A good promo is when two people work with each other to build each other up.

And why can this place literally never discuss Rock in a logical manner? It's always full on cock on the mouth or extreme hate.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Originally Posted by Pragmatist View Post
Let's be real: no one can hang with the Rock if he doesn't allow them. He held back on Cena. He held back on Punk. He's too big, too handsome, too clever, and too successful in and outside of wrestling for you to even have anything worthwhile to say to him. I guess you could say something about steroids (no one actually cares), the Tooth Fairy (he made more money off of this terrible movie than most of them make in a year), or his divorce (no one actually cares) but that's really a stretch.
Originally Posted by Trublez View Post
No, no and no!

The Rock is 6' 4, 250 pounds, extremely good looking and rich as hell due to being a big time movie star as well as being one of the biggest stars to ever come from the WWE. What could they possibly say to him?

"y-you're an old part time hasbeen tha-" yeah, shut the fuck up with that weak material. :drake1

If anyone hangs with him or even gets the best of him then he's simply holding back in this pathetic and sad PG environment. End of.

I mean, I'm a fan of some of those guys you mentioned but lets stop kidding ourselves.
Hahahahahaha Jesus CHRIST, get your fucking tongues out of his ass. He's just a scripted performer in a show where grown men pretend to fight each other. The sheer over-indulgence, and praise of him as some sort of intellectual, charismatic (in the truest sense of the word) genius figure is absolutely ludicrous.

He's a likeable big muscle man who appeals well to the lowest common denominator, does an acceptable job in dumb action movies targetted at people not looking to use their brains for a while, and when he comes back to the pretend fighting show, it is intensely scripted within an inch of it's life to make him look as good as possible, from the dialogue to the commentator's reaction, everything.

And that is all absolutely fine in certain ways, but Jesus, ENOUGH of this "he would eviscirate everybody and he is so smart and handsome and funny and cool!" DRIVEL, it's like the "my dad is stronger than your dad!" arguments of a 5 year old.
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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Rollins hanging with The Rock

And be real, if Owens would even try and go with Rock he'd get a worse bury than Billy Gunn did. All Owens would respond with is smarky kayfabe breaking remarks and " yes " when Rock mentions his weight which would be a lot. Owens would get murdered on live television.

From that list the only one able to go with the Rock would be Ambrose and you know it. Call him overrated all you want but that won't change the fact that with a click of a button you can see countless of great promos by Ambrose. If he owned Roddy Piper on Raw, he can more than hang with Rocky.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Cena and Punk's promo responses to The Rock are so overrated.

The "Your arms are too short to box with God" line was something that had been said plenty of times before, so I don't see why Punk saying it was anything special. And Cena had to resort to raps and point out the notes on Rock's wrist (not that there was anything wrong with that, it was bullet points for a 20 minute promo) in order to punk out Rock. Rock just calling Cena a "Kung Pow Bitch" was more over than anything Cena said. The only line I liked from Cena was "Strudel or whatever you're calling your penis nowadays".

As for Rollins, Ambrose and Owens, I doubt it. Just their appearances, Owen's weight, and Ambrose's goofiness alone would make easy targets for Rock.
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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Pre-PG level Rock is a legit contender for the best mic worker ever and definately better than all on the current roster.

If anyone was going to hold their own from the present product, it would not be a wrestler at all. It would be Paul Heyman.
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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

There is no one on this roster not named Cena (and it pains me to admit this) that could hang with The Rock on the mic. Maybe Ambrose.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Originally Posted by The.Great......One View Post
No he didn't did u even watch that promo, the rock killed the robot orton he was with in the ring, he KILLED em.

This was so much rape even pornhub wouldn't accept this vid. oh I thought we were talking about if vince just said "go out there and cut a promo" like he use to do with Austin/Rock promos. He would just tell them to go out and talk no script just a few bullet points to cover and the rest is improv
I don't know what video you were watching, but Orton more than held his own in that promo.

I mean, you had Rock insult the Orton family, claim that Orton had a pretty pony (should have been a My Little Pony, but Rock fucked up), stated that Orton was picking his nose, and recounted a made-up story about Orton running into King Kong Bundy's balls.

If you give Rock that much material to work with, the other wrestler will usually look like a punk. Yet Orton came out of the segment with tremendous heat and looking like a bigger star. So how exactly did Rock "kill" him?

As for the OP, Rock would tee off on Rollins looking like a rat and kissing the Authority's ass, Ambrose being unable to win the big one and his creepy way of talking, and Owens' weight and cheap looking clothes. He'd have a huge amount of material to work with.

Of the three of them, I think Rollins would come out looking the best. He's a cowardly heel, so it's natural for him to be the brunt of Rock's verbal barrage. And to be fair, all the trash talking in the world won't matter when Rollins has the Authority beat Rock down and he stands over him with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instant heat, right there.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

I'd think only Ambrose and Owens would survive that ordeal. As for a non wrestler, Heyman could exchange words with Rock and that would be amazing.

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Re: Only Rollns, Ambrose and Owens can survive in a segment with The Rock.

Um New Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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