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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Perhaps no-one else was free? Jokes aside, it was unexpected. I kinda hope it'll lead into an Ambrose/Jericho feud, but even that is a stretch imp.

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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

I thought this as soon as Jericho came out I was literally thought "okaaay... so to fight a 7 Foot Monster you get a midget?". Seriously who the fuck booked this? In what way shape or form would 5ft9" Chris Jericho be a threat to 7 Foot Tall Braun Stowman? I just laughed when Jericho was revealed as the third guy. Were no big men available? Where's Mark Henry? Hell Albert coming back for one night would have been more believable than Jericho!

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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

I thought Rhyno would of been a good choice to return for 1 night
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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Rowan would have been the most interesting, storyline wise, but he lacks the star power to not be a let down.

Jericho is small, but he's won six world championships. In WWE's illogical world where Rey Mysterio can beat Batista, Jericho was a reasonable choice to go against Strowman.

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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Somebody needed to do the job. Call Jericho.
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Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Jericho wasn't a bad choice and he came out to a decent pop. It did make sense for him to be the third partner since he has history against The Wyatt Family. He was targeted by them as soon as he returned to WWE last year and had three matches against Bray including a Steel Cage. Purpose of this match was to have the Wyatt's go over and rightfully so. Reigns obviously wasn't going to take the pin, Ambrose has already taken enough pins, and Jericho is one of the very few veterans in this business that's actually willing to put over young talents. Everybody wins and it opens the door for heel Jericho against either Reigns or Ambrose which would both be beneficial feuds. At least the mystery partner wasn't Rowan as a poor attempt for us to forget that he turned heel and reunited with Harper before getting injured...

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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Because they needed a jobber who people still care about because Roman & Dean (rightfully) weren't taking the pin.

If it had been anybody really exciting like Rock or Bryan, people would've been pissed AF that a guy like that is jobbing on a B PPV. They made the right call.
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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Dean didn't wanna buy beers for Roman if he were to lose the match, better than nothing I suppose.

Thanks to @CJ for the Becky avatar!

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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Originally Posted by Nyall View Post
So the same folks here complaining that Jericho is too small, wanted Bryan to fight Lesnar in the ME at WM...

The hypocrisy is strong here..
the people that are comparing this to the Bryan/Lesnar argument are completely overlooking the context. DB facing Lesnar would've worked because of the underdog dynamic and the obstacle that DB would have to overcome in order to win back his championship. DB was the most universally loved star in the WWE so it was logical to go with him

in THIS case, Reigns/Ambrose picked Jericho to be their partner. the argument is this: why would they pick an underdog when they could try and get the biggest, baddest guy they can possibly find? it was THEIR choice to find someone, Jericho wasn't "forced" into it. it's a different scenario
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Re: Why pick Y2Jobber to be on your team? *facepalm*

Originally Posted by ElTerrible View Post
Samoa Joe. He has enough credibility some fans would have chanted Joe is gonna killl you at Strowman. They could have hyped up the neck-breaking of Tyson Kidd.

The Garden exploded when Taz made his debut against Angle. How did fans know Taz wasn´t a weak midget? Only Vince thinks nobody knows Samoa Joe or Abyss.

Even if they are only known by 30% of the crowd the other 70% will be intrigued by an unknown and figure that he must be respectable to be picked for this spot. Jericho has zero long-term or short-term value. Does a 7 footer really look strong by beating a part-timer that has jobbed to Fandango? Mark Henry or Great Khali would have been better than Jericho.
Samoa Joe makes sense how. Pairing him with Reigns because they're both Samoan is dumb.

Isn't Joe on a NXT exclusive dea anywayl? Makes no sense to bring Joe in to lose.
Strowman needed to go over and do it well. Beating a credible Vet who can recover from a L was more important.

Jericho is a bigger name by far. He's a 6 time World champ. One loss doesn't change that. Only hardcore fans remember that. I mean no one looks at Rock as the guy that lost to Hurticane.

Jericho is known by the entire Audience and has history with Wyatt. Joe is going to be new to a decent portion of the crowd and has no history with Wyatt.

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