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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

He's atrocious in the ring and on the mic, he doesn't have much charisma and even if he dress a different attire and different name he still scream Skip Sheffield.

But i think he can be a nice comedy jobber.

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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

They're trying to make him the 2015 version of the Ultimate Warrior, he's nowhere neat that level in terms of charisma, agility, speed and strength, Warrior's look was even far superior but that's definitely the road they've went down with him, he does his best but I just don't get him, I don't get like his attitude, as a face he doesn't come across as remotely likable, he comes across as up his own backside which is the complete opposite of what a big face should be
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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

I like him.
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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

I think he has his place.

Ryback is a decent lower midcard face. He's obviously in great shape, is over with the crowd and has some cool power moves.

Ryback got a big opportunity when he won the IC Championship and he totally dropped the ball with it. It was such a disappointing reign. The Miz and Kevin Owens are two really good midcard heels to work with because both are great on the mic. But Ryback just flopped, his promo with Owens last week on Raw was horrendously bad. He looked so out of his depth.
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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

Ryback got legit injured during his reign. It was unfortunate, but it wasn't his fault, nor the WWE's (in this instance) for the shitty reign.

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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

He needs to be booked better.
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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

I've been a fan of the Big Guy from jump, but his IC run was lackluster. Would love to see him go back heel or to his "bully" gimmick.

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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

Naw your not, there's plenty of people on the forum to like just about everyone and he's got some diehard fans around here, I've had run-ins with some of them because I can't stand him. But you aren't alone.

Originally Posted by reilly View Post
No I don't like him - never have and never will.

Don't like the way he looks, don't like his character, hate his music, hate his catchphrase, hate his robotic movement, hate that he tried to get more people liking him with a sob story, hate his ring gear - it's far too much and hate the stupid look on his face like he is always chewing a wasp!

But each to thier own - I mean I love Kane and bar the big show he gets more hate here than anyone.
That's pretty much covers it.

Originally Posted by downnice View Post
He is boring as dirt

Originally Posted by Bavles View Post
He is below average both on the mic and in the ring. I don't exactly see what there is to like about him. In all the years he's been there, the only thing he's added to his character in that he likes "The Secret". Also, I hate when guys are so muscular that it makes them unable to move properly. Everything about him comes off as clumsy. He has a terrible finisher, and I hate his "Feed Me More" sctick. So no, it's pretty obvious I'm not a fan in any way shape or form. The only person on the roster that does less for me is Sheamus.
I second this opinion.

Personally I quit liking him when he got such a big head before they stopped his push and turned him heel. He was being a dick to fans and interviewers and even then just as now he loved to toot his own horn. He acts like he's the only one who works hard, has had setbacks, had to overcome obstacles and love what he does. Don't stand in the ring and tell me how great you are and how bad you've had it. Show me and I'll judge whether I choose to think you're great and I don't care about your hardships, we've all got them buddy.
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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

I like the guy. I'm not sure what it is...but I do enjoy watching him. Is he the best? No. Is he great on the Mic? He's okay. Just entertaining for the mid-card.

Excuse Me!!!

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Re: Am I The Only One Who Likes Ryback?

It doesn't really matter because the guy is over. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not. All he has to do is move his arm and he gets a reaction. Hell, even last night when he was in a rest hold the crowd chanted "Feed me More" to motivate him. He gets a great reaction, he pushes merchandise, he has good matches.

I give the guy a lot of credit. His career was almost over with that stupid gimmick he had. He reinvented himself and got over. And he got over without much help from the internet. He didn't have a following and a group of fans pushing for his success like others had.

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