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The Wrestlers You Have Turned Heel On Them?

The question is simple... what are guys or girls that you used to be a fan or like him/her and then you just turned against them?

John Cena - I used to like Cena but wasn't 100% fan. The reason is that he had great matches with anyone and even including today. At first, his superman booking didn't bother a lot back then but as things go along, I started to get really annoyed by at and I turned on him this year. I'm not the one that sides with the "Smarks" but he has come to a point that really getting on my nerves. He always sounds like a jerk on his promos and he, actually, is the heel while trying to disguise himself as the face.

Daniel Bryan: When he first debuted in the WWE, I was excited because of the people have been talking great things about him. The first time I was getting entertained by him was when he joined Kane in the Team Hell No. These two had great chemistry and had a long and fun run as a tag team. Once he broke in the main event at Summerslam 2013, I was rooting for him to beat John Cena and he did... it was fantastic. Then, I was still rooting for him to win it at Wrestlemania 30. But his return in 2015, I started to get really annoyed by him and his fans. The way he was presented was like a whiny bitch about someone else stealing his spot and his delinquent made things worse for me to enjoy him. He became overrated and hype and all he was doing in the ring is just kicks and YES! Even in the live stream chats, people started to dislike him and calling him lame.

Rob Van Dam: I started to turn on him in 2006 and actually, this is one of the few times I was rooting for John Cena to beat him at One Night Stand. He became obnoxious and annoying and his move style looked so awkward. He looks like a pregnant woman with that perky ass of his.

So, how about yours?


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Re: The Wrestlers You Have Turned Heel On Them?

I used to be a huge Orton fan and well nowadays he's just kind of boring although he's been on for so long maybe I'm just bored of him

You know been there done that

Kane used to be good 10 years ago heck even 5 years ago he was alright though at this point when he's wrestling it's a complete snoozefest

AJ Lee I wanted to marry and make babies with her and well ?
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Re: The Wrestlers You Have Turned Heel On Them?

Emma - I liked her when she was with Santino and thought she was adorable in a dorky kind of way. Then she got serious and I gave no fucks about her.
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Re: The Wrestlers You Have Turned Heel On Them?

About the only time I've ever been pissed at a Wrestler is when they brought in a stunt double for Sting for the high spot at GAB in 2000. When he didn't perform his own bloody bump, I lost complete respect for the guy.
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