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Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

Throughout the last few years theirs been a Ladder Match At Wrestlemania ( or last year at takeover) . Who this year do you think should be involved in it and which title.

In my opinion itís down to three titles, U.S. title, I.C. Title or Smackdown Tag Titles. For me personally I think the U.S. title deserves it, for the U.S.title I would do Rusev vs Andrade vs Mustafa Ali vs Shinsuke Nakamaura vs Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio vs Jeff Hardy

Finn Balor vs Dean Ambrose for the I.C. Title and a fatal four way for the Smackdown Tag Titles consisting of Shane/Miz vs Bludgeon Brothers vs Usos vs The Bar

If it were a Ladder match for I.C. Title I would do Lashley vs Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor vs Elias vs Dean Ambrose s Seth Rollins vs Drew McIntyre

Rusev vs Nakamaura vs Andrade vs Rey Mysterio

Bludgeon Brothers vs The Bar on kickoff for the Smackdown Tag Titles

And last but not least a fatal four way between Shane/Miz vs Bludgeon Brothers vs The Bar vs Usos
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Re: Ladder Match @ Wrestlemania

It'll probably be all the SD guys who don't have anything else to do on the show.

So guys like Andrade, Rey, Hardy, Joe, Rusev, Nakamura, Ali, etc.

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Re: Ladder Match @ Wrestlemania

What I remind, last years were for the IC Title. Why don't schedule it for U.S. Champ this year? It would create better storylines on that division.

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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

I miss the years of having MITB at or near the beginning. Was becoming a fun WM tradition. Though I get why they made it into it's own PPV esp now that they added the womens MITB.
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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

I think it should go to the cruiserweights and their title.

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Why not have both the IC and US title's defended in a ladder match, Beats any four way baggage.
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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

The US title match. Could bring some attention to that division.

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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

If we do get one, can it be a one on one Ladder match instead of a multi-man spotfest?


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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

I would love if they gave this to the tag titles, especially say Raw or something. They are the ones hurting most right now, and multi man ladder matches will always get over regardless of who is in them. It would be a great opportunity to give the division the kind of spark it really needs

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Re: Ladder Match @ WrestleMania

Us title as there is already 3 men involved in the title picture and easily another 5 who can be slotted in to make it:

R Truth vs. Nakamura vs. Rusev vs. Samoa Joe vs. Mustafa Ali vs. Jeff hardy vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade

^an excellent combo of 8 guys with Jeff & Ali doing high spots with Rey, Nakamura and Andrade also capable. Rusev and Joe as the powerhouses, with Joe also another darkhorse for high spots. Truth would be the wildcard.

If not, i wouldn't say no to Smackdown tag titles with Shane doing a mad spot. Could be MizMahon vs. Usos vs. New Day vs. Bar (vs. Sanity vs. Good Brothers),

But the US title would be a more fresher match.
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