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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Koses is seen crouching behind a vending machine with a pained and scared expression on his face. The interviewer comes up to him and asks him what he is doing. Koses doesn't answer so the interviewer asks what is wrong. Koses looks around warily before opening his mouth and just as it looks like he was about to speak thumping footsteps are heard as Koses scrambles to his feet and bolts down the corridor, tripping and stumbling along the way. A visibly outraged Mo' Nique then appears in the picture and yells at Koses to get his skinny white ass back there right now before chasing after Koses.

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Outback Jack in lockerroom...

Tonight, I'm gonna win me my match, and advance in the tournament to wear me some gold here in the F...C...Dubya!
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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

[The interviewer comes into Mo'Nique`s room]

Interviewer: Hey Mo'Nique I have a question, can I talk to you?

Mo'Nique: Yeah why not! Take a seat. Ya want some sugar?

Interviewer: Errm thanks but no thanks Mo'Nique.

Mo'Nique: Okay if you want no sugar then there´s more sugar for Mo'Nique.

Interviewer: Okay now the question 'What do you think of your opponent'?

Mo'Nique: That sun of a vegetarian stole Mo'Nique`s money today and now he made Mo'Nique really, really angry but Mo'Nique will not lose to such a little skinny Egyptian `cause he forget to steal Mo'Nique`s sugar. I will squash him, remember me words and now get the fuck out of my room. You detained Mo'Nique too long now from eating sugar!

[Interviewer gets out of Mo'Nique`s room as we see her eating her sugar]

"... and all the pieces matter."

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

The Grim Reaper is seen in a graveyard. There's nothing there but one tombstone. The camera pans in on the reaper.

GR: This right here will soon be filled with tombstone's and body's. Right here next to be is the the beginning this is my first victim. You see my destiny my life dream and goal is to see every person that steps in my way rest in peace and maybe some I just that piss me off or hell just for the fun of it.

Reaper looks at the tomestone and a sick twisted smile come over his face.

GR: You may be asking why start with this guy. Well I have no problem with him but he got in my way and he will rest in this very spot that I had picked out for him my self. See this hole this is your destiny this will be the spot that you remain in. While I go on to become champion you will rot here. While I become a superstar you will be forgotten only a memory.


The camera zooms in on the tombstone.

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Mike Harwood: Welcome to FCW, and tonight, we will be hearing from the newest addition to the FCW roster. I don't know much about him, but he's been telling me that the women are going to love him. Welcome to FCW Hitch.
*camera moves to Hitch*
Hitch: You see these abs? I bet none of you have ever seen a body like his. Well get used to it, because Hitch the diamond man *points to his chains*, is going to be around for a very long time. I'm ready to kick some ass because i've seen the competition and they're not going to be a challenge. I mean, the head of this company begged me to join this company, and I can see why now. He wants the most charismatic wrestler ever to set foot in the wrestling business and i'm here now. Now get out of the way, i'm gonna smoke me a cuban. *pushes Mike out of the way*
Mike Harwood: Well there you have it. Hitch, the self-proclaimed Diamond man is ready to be challenged.

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Interview with FWA newst Diva

Interviewer- Hi Jennifier, how do you feel that you are now a Wrestler on FCW

Jennifier- II didn't ever except to be something like these before but i am very glad to do so

Inteviewer- So why did you wanted to join FCW?

Jennifier- There are many reason but manily it soemthing that i always wanted to do.

Inteviewer- Would you except to have an use time in FCW as because you like gorgous and the wrestlers will give you an easy time of that?

Hennifier- Bliss you and to answer your question i hope not as from the bell ring they will get 100&#37; of a beat down from me and i don't care if they male aor female i goal is beat them all and to be the main attraction of FCW.

Interviwer- thank you Jennfier for this short interview and good luck on your debut match.

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Mike Harwood: Ladies and gentleman I’m standing here with Big Daddy.

*Big Daddy waves to the camera*

Mike Harwood: Now Big Daddy you are seemingly up against it in FCW despite your vast knowledge of the ring from watching wrestling since you were a child you have no experience of being in the big time. My question is how are you preparing yourself for your upcoming match with the highly experienced Clash?

Big Daddy: Well Mr. Harwood, the plan is to beat him.

Mike Harwood: That’s sounds all well and good but it seems you are in for an up hill struggle against the man that has wrestled all over the world.

Big Daddy: Well Mr. Harwood I am looking to go into the match as a winner and leaving the match as a winner.

*Big Daddy gives a thumbs up to the camera*

Mike Harwood: Well folks it looks as if Big Daddy is extremely confident for his upcoming match against Clash in the Tournament for Vacant FCW World Championship.
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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Tyson Matthews and Mike Harwood are standing backstage at the FCW interview stage

Mike Harwood: Good evening, Mr. Matthews. How are y-...

Tyson Matthews: Just fine Mike.

Mike Harwood:
So there's a burning question going around. Why did y-...

Tyson Matthews:
*Yelling* Because i'm the best Mike! *Talking in a normal, but intense tone* I came to FCW to dominate. JUST like I did when I went 27-0 over my boxing career with 21 knockouts. JUST like I did when I only suffered one loss over my MMA career - a loss that still keeps me up at night. I was the best boxer and MMA fighter the world has seen. Now i'm here to become the best wrestler there ever was in FCW and professional wrestling.

Mike Harwood: Wha-...

Tyson Matthews: It all begins Monday night! FCW will never be the same. The bright lights, the grand stage... I was born for this. I've fought through blood and sweat for this. And I will get it, I will get the FCW World Championship. I'm the franchise. The cornerstone. The dynasty. And above all I'm the Triple Threat and there's not a damn thing you can do Mikey-boy. There's not a damn thing the FCW fan cesspool can do about it. And there is no way that fat bastard Father John White can do anything about it either!

Mike Harwood: *Speaking quickly* So what's your message to Father Jo-...

Tyson Matthews: My message to Father White? He better say his prayers. He better hug that cross. *Progressively talking louder* He better be able to separate a river. Turn water into wine! Cre-ATE the human RACE! *Back to normal* IF... He plans on beating me, Tyson Matthews. Because I'm the Triple Threat. I can talk the talk, walk the walk and you're for damn sure I can back it up and come Monday, I will show that to the world. That belt is mine Mikey-boy. And like I said before, there isn't a damn thing *yelling* ANYONE *back to normal* can do about it.

Tyson Matthews walks off-camera, leaving a dumbfounded Mike Harwood standing there with his microphone

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Re: FCW Debut Show Promos

Mike Harwood:Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time the self proclaimed "Messenger of the Lord" Fr. John White. Fr John what are your tho-

Fr. John What you do you mean self proclaimed Mike? I am the lord's messenger. Do you doubt me?

Mike Harwood Well ya see I j-j-just thought-

Fr John That's what causes all the worlds problems..all these people thinking for themselves. All you need to do my children is follow the Lord's word. And Tyson..I'm a man of few words but come our match..well the Lord's work will be done..I'll make sure of that when you tap out to me. Now you can TESTIFY to that my diciples*laughs maniacally and walks off stroking his bible*

Mike Harwood *looks a bit shaken as he walks off*That guy's insane!!

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