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Who's On Top? (A Game of Psychology and Immaturity)

Who's on top?

Not sure if anyone will find this game funny, offensive, extremely gay or all three ...

But screw it ... It's a hell of a brain teaser.

This is based off the great Saturday Night Live skit of the same name.

When two gay men have sex, often one is the "top" and one is the "bottom." But it can often be hard to guess which one is which.

To do so you'll have to use both knowledge and psychology. I'm going to make a list of ten different pairings from pop culture, cinema and music. I'll check back in twenty four hours. The winner will be the forum user with the most correct answers.

For fun, post your own pairings or explain your answers to mine. Here we go:
  1. They both entertained millions as frontmen for Van Halen. But if Sammy Haggar and David Lee Roth had Gay Sex ... Who's on top?
  2. These two hardcore rappers had unparalleled levels of street cred. However, if Biggie Smalls and 2-Pac had Gay Sex ... Who's on top?
  3. Together, these two muppets have delighted generations, teaching us all valuable lessons about friendship. But if Elmo and Kermit the Frog had Gay Sex ... Who's on top?
  4. People have always wondered, "Who would win in a fight? Superman ... Or Goku?" But if Superman and Goku had Gay Sex? Who's on top?
  5. They should have won the WWF Tag Team Championship but the WWF screwed them out of it ... But if Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels found solace in each other's arms ... Who's on top?
  6. Keanu Reeves played two of the most bad ass roles in the history of cinema. But if Keanu Reeves from "Speed" had Gay Sex with Keanu Reeves from "The Matrix" ... Who's on top?
  7. David Letterman and Jay Leno have been duking it out for years in Late Night Television. But if they duked it out in the bedroom instead ... Who's on top?
  8. In politics ... Barrack Obama and George W. Bush could not be more different. But if they were alike in sexual orientation ... Who's on top?
  9. The show ran for over ten years. And it was so popular it could have ran for ten more. If all three of the male lead roles from the sitcom "Friends" had Gay sex ... Who's on the bottom? Who's in the middle? And ... Who's on top?
  10. If they weren't mortal enemies, and they were able to put their differences aside ... and they got married ... and they settled down in New England somewhere ... And then had Gay Sex ... Would Optimus Prime or Megatron ... Be on top?

Remember guys, in the official "Who's On Top?" rulebook all sex is consensual. I'll be back in twenty four hours to crown a champion unless this post is taken down or I'm banned for life, which could very well happen.

I wanna thank our sponsors, Good Night, Everyone!!!

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