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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Am the only one who is more excited about Danielle Panabaker being Caitlin Snow???

I think she'll be the best part about this show...

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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Why will she be the best part?
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I wonder what Aeris felt...When she was up on that altar...
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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Spoiler for Pilot thoughts:
I liked it. It was pretty great overall. Barry, Joe, Iris, Eddie, and Wells were all great. Good origin episode but a little too showy with Barry's childhood. The show was the bad kind of technobabbly and cheesy at times, but it's a CW show so I consider it a win that the episode was great. I'll be watching the series unless it just becomes terrible.

Spoiler for First villain/"metahuman of the week":
Disappointed they wasted Weather Wizard (I hope he isn't dead) but the actor was meh and his powers were not showcased well.

Spoiler for Iris West:
Is black. That means they are either following New 52 where Wally is black or DC knew the show was going to do this and followed suit. Either way.... Can I please just live in a world where Wally West is played by Ryan Gosling in a movie? The actress is pretty hott tho. Her dad is a good character on the show too tho except for the argument after Barry encountered Mardon for the first time.

Spoiler for Major villains with the wrong backstory:
Eobard Thawne as a cop? Wells (who is definitely going to be a Hunter Zolomon character) from the future or has knowledge of the future? Why reverse the backstories?! No no no. The reason Hunter Zolomon was such an interesting and amazing character is because of the close relationship he had with Flash and the reason why he became the archenemy of Wally West. It seems the Eddie character is basically Zolomon except in name.

It seemed obvious from the getgo that Wells was going to be Zolomon or similar since he was in a wheelchair (something they should have given to Eddie Thawne after being injured in the season 1 finale or something and becomes paralyzed), but to have him not be really paralyzed kind of ruins any impact the Hunter Zolomon story has (and means they probably won't do it for Eddie).

Spoiler for Other hinted villains:

Too bad they are probably going to have his backstory be "he became a metahuman gorilla because of the explosion". Lame.

Spoiler for Sidekick characters:
The Taylor Lautner stunt double is fucking terrible. Danielle Panabaker tho . Hope she doesn't become a villain like her New 52 counterpart. Did they watch an episode of SHIELD and think "we need two nerdy scientists as sidekicks...can we get Taylor Lautner for the show?"

Spoiler for Major spoiler for the "Who killed his mom?" storyline:
They better have some amazing payoff to basically spoiling or ruining the impact of finding out Barry and Thawne (or Wells in this case? Fuck if I know how they are going to play this out with Zoom) were involved or the storyline of Thawne (fuck, or Wells?) killing Nora. Too bad they went with that storyline because it was a stupid arc from a not so great run from Johns. Oh well, maybe they'll get around not having Batman on Arrow or Flash by having Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint crossover into Barry's universe when Thawne (oh for fucks sake...or Wells) kills Nora.

Spoiler for Potential for a bigger TV-Verse?:
I hope Arrow makes more appearances. I liked that scene with Amell. They already have most of Batman's rogue gallery on Arrow so who knows what else Flash will be getting besides his own. If they have Flash and Arrow already, I wouldn't mind seeing a Kyle Rayner Green Lantern series or some of the JSA from Smallville showing up.

Spoiler for Super mega spoiler for twist ending:
I've already mentioned how stupid it was for Wells to be walking and possibly an Eobard Thawne character (not to be confused with the actual Eddie Thawne on the show...who is really Hunter Zolomon....sigh), but the "Crisis" tease was either terrible long planning or they have an ace up their sleeves. Sadly, I bet one of the season arcs will be Barry trying to prevent it and succeeding (only to bring on something worse) or failing and bringing on the "Crisis" but it not being as bad as it was hinted to be. The only way fans will be happy with them doing a "Crisis" is if they have Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, whoever else to stop a major threat like the Anti-Monitor or Darkseid. But WB said they won't mix their movie-verse with the TV-verse so none of the major actors and they probably wouldn't have the Flash showrunners have Batman or Superman on the show. Even if they could get Tom Welling (god I hope not, cast a new Clark) to appear, it's not going to live up to expectations since they probably won't even try and use Supes, Bats, or much more.

Not a spoiler, but I fucking hope they don't screw up The Rogues. I liked the pilot, but I'm not getting my hopes up they won't fuck up or properly adapt Captain Cold (Snart), Mirror Master (hope it is McCulloch), and Captain Boomerang (Digger). They've already kind of ruined
Spoiler for :
Hunter Zolomon (...I mean Eddie Thawne...fml).

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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

New 52 Wally West

Carlton Blues - Chicago Bulls - Manchester City FC
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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

I need to get my hands on this
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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Spoiler for Pilot Actor:
Anyone else notice it was John Wesley Shipp playing his father?

I quite enjoyed this pilot but it felt rushed in places overall I'm going to give it chance like I did with Arrow, Arrow became one my favorite shows half way through season 1 so hopefully The Flash will too.

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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Saw it. Was okay.

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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series the hell have some of you already watched the pilot?

Check out the pilot for my webshow WISHFUL THINKING. It is a show about a college student who fucks up his day and a Genie grants him the opportunity to do it all over again and he finds new and creative ways to fuck it up even more.

Watch Episode 2 of WISHFUL THINKING
The Test: Rob gets caught cheating on a test and has a chance to go back and do it again

Watch Episode 3 of WISHFUL THINKING.
The Date: Rob tries not to fuck up a hot date and does it anyways.

Watch Episode 4 of WISHFUL THINKING.
The Poker Game: Rob tries to win some money at Poker and is terrible at it.
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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

It leaked online.

You can probably find it anywhere.
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Re: Warner Bros. Announces 'The Flash' TV Series

Spoiler for question about possible future Villain:
So they hinted at Grodd. How the hell can they do that well given a CW budget?

Spoiler for Easter Egg:
So the 2024 newspaper with the Wayne Tech name drop. Interesting to say the least. I guess we'll get a TV Bats at some point? I know a lot of people want a shared universe with films, but that'd never work in a million years. I'm sure I'll love this Flash TV show going forward, but I don't want Gustin or anyone else I've seen on the show anywhere near a Flash film
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