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Rambo III

What do you think of this classic Sly Stallone pic?

I recently just watched it for the first time on my portable DVD player, and found it to be quite entertaining. I loved the stick fighting scene, and loved him going into the fort as a one man army basically.

Anyways, when did you first see this film? In the theatre? On VHS, or DVD?

How would you have made it better? It wasn't considered to be a huge hit after the mega success of Rambo First Blood Part II, which made about $300 million worldwide in 1985.

Rambo III would have made the least amount of money out of the original trilogy if adjusted for inflation.

Why do you think it wasn't as big as a hit as it could have been?

But I loved it!

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Re: Rambo III

It was good for what it was, a typical 80's action movie where the Soviets are the bad guys. Sticking with that theme, I much prefer Rocky 4 over this lol. That being said, this was a decent action flick, but probably the worst of the Rambo series in my Opinion.

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Re: Rambo III

It amuses me that it was dedicated to the brave fighters of the Taliban.
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Re: Rambo III

not sure I ever watched rambo 3 tbh.

I was never much into the rambo movies as a whole. Rambo 1 was good but I never liked rambo 2.

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From parts unknown
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Re: Rambo III

Rambo was a huge cultural phenomena in Pakistan growing up for some reason.

I didn't really get into it but it was big enough to spawn an entire culture of over the top action sequences in Lollywood (Pakistani movies), Bollywood and Tollywood for a long long time.

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The Doomslayer
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Re: Rambo III

The main takeaway was the stick fighting scene, because the dude Rambo fought looked a lot like Sabu from what I remember.

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Re: Rambo III

Worst movie of the franchise (so far).

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Re: Rambo III

It’s an entertaining entry in the franchise. I mean what makes it bad compared to the 2nd film. He came, he saw, he blew shit up. What more is to be expected from Rambo.
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Re: Rambo III

I have it on DVD. It is my least favorite of the Rambo films, but has its cool bad ass moments.

I think my biggest issue is that John Rambo the character was portrayed as a broken and tortured soul trying to find his place in the world. In Rambo III, he's basically just Stallone doing his normal Stallone bit with one liners galore and emphasizing more on the spectacle rather than the tragedy of the character.


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Re: Rambo III

The worst Rambo movie by far and one of the worst movies I've ever watched. The ending is full on retarded.

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