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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Originally Posted by Tater View Post
John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.
Perfect response.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

I personally find today’s games nowhere near as fun as past ones, as technically impressive as they undoubtedly are. Think the OP is being a tad over-pessimistic on the whole though...

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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

The Horror Genre has kind of made a comeback in the last few years with some very good films. Get Out, Oculus, The Babadook, The Conjuring 1 and 2, Lights Out, Don't Breath, and A Quiet Place just to name a few. Even remakes and sequels like It and Halloween turned out fairly well. It seems like we've finally moved beyond the found footage craze which was just killing the genre for a while.

And as far as cinematic universes goes, The Monster Verse is the only other one that has turned out okay. Not Marvel levels of epic, but we got a good Godzilla movie, and a good Kong movie where I didn't have to see the poor guy get shot off a building for once. And Godzilla: King of the Monsters seems poised to be one of the best Summer blockbusters this year.

Personally my favorite modern day franchise has been the Planet of the Apes Caesar Trilogy. It put those up on a very high pedestal, but they don't always get the love. Also John Wick is really good, and the Creed Movies hit me right in the feels.

For TV shows, right now, nothing beats Better Call Saul for me. Love it! And while not all the episodes are hits, I do enjoy Black Mirror, which to me, is the real spiritual successor to Twilight Zone.

But yeah, a lot of pieces of entertainment are falling apart. In movies, you have reboots and remakes galore, almost all of which are terrible. The Disney Live action remakes do nothing for me, and even a lot of animated films have become loud and annoying.

One unfortunate trend I've noticed with TV shows lately is that the 1st season will be very good and then it'll sink like a rock in the 2nd season. I Robot, Jessica Jones, Westworld, True Detective, and so on and so on. And there are other shows that I've loved for years that have fallen by the way side, victims of being around too long. Archer was my favorite show on TV for a while and has fallen hard in the last two seasons. Game of Thrones is limp dicking its way to the finale. The last season of Sherlock was dreadful. And don't even get me started on The Simpsons and Family Guy. And even shows I like, such as Rick and Morty and Venture Bros, have such a long layoff between seasons that I forget they exist sometimes, and in the case of Rick and Morty, I am waiting for the day Dan Harmon causes that thing to fall apart. And unfortunately the world of animation has been plagued by spastic weirdos that are obsessed with shipping, making every thing cute rather than awesome, and having the shows be loud and obnoxious. Ninja Turtles, She-Ra, Thundercats, and Teen Titans all got transformed into this. And the fans of these cartoons are downright terrifying (MLP fans, I'm looking at you).

Its sad because with technology being the way it is, we have more options for entertainment than ever before, but it feels like I am always picking out diamonds within a mountain of shit. BUT there is more good entertainment out there besides Marvel. You just have to look really hard for it sometimes.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

No, Marvel sucks ass now.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Stranger Things and I enjoy the Fast and Furious movies, yeah they can be dumb at times, but the vehicle action is always top notch.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Originally Posted by The Hardcore Show View Post
No one will give a shit even though its a good film franchise.
so you asked if marvel was the last good thing in entertainment then said John Wick is a good franchise but "no one gives a shit". John Wick 2 made 171 million dollars, what's the line of giving a shit? 400 million? 800? Even so, why do people need to "give a shit" for it to matter to you? I'm puzzled
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

I fell off the MCU bandwagon ages ago and with how entertaining the Deadpool movies are and how good Logan as I would say that Fox was doing Marvel better than Marvel does. There's nothing of value there to me anymore from an entertainment standpoint with regards to the MCU. There is always great entertainment out there depending on what your personal taste is. It doesn't have to be a talking point among the masses to be great.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

I swear I saw this same shit from the OP every year. OP is lazy to get out of his comfort zone to find good things and whine about things not being served on a platter to him.

Do you consider pro sports entertainment? Because the the NBA just served us one of the better 2nd rounds ever and the champions league delivered two of the best comeback in its history in the semi finals. I was very entertained and look forward to the next round of both.

The real reason the post was made is because OP still have the mentality of a teenager that what he like has to make lots of money to get validation for the stuff he likes. Sorry BTS fangirls are outspending and outliking things you like in pop culture bro.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

As long Japan continues to pump out lewd Anime I think I'll be good for a while.

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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

i'll say this much, about 4-5 years ago the movie going landscape seemed like it was on the verge of entering a brave new world.

- the marvel universe was in full swing and had announced they were building up to an epic clash with infinity war

- dc announced they would be making the long awaited batman/superman team up movie, culminating with justice league.

- star wars was back and we would finally be getting the sequel trilogy, something fans only dreamed about.

- ghostbusters was being resurrected

all in all it was just a real exciting time to be a fan of geek cinema. the future seemed limitless.

in hindsight though only marvel delivered.
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