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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Hell no.

There's TONS of good shit out there in music, tv, movies. Probably moreso than any time in history. You just gotta find what you like and what appeals to you. Stop looking for it to be spoon fed to you. It's not that hard to find.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

DC Universe has put out two very good series so far, Titans and Doom Patrol. Hoping that Swamp Thing follows suit later this month..
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You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

As far as pure entertainment, no brand can touch Nintendo. But Marvel's up there too.

Also, the Game of Thrones finale doesn't mean the entertainment business is gonna let us down in the future. Once very decade, a TV show comes along that transcends the medium and becomes a pop culture phenomenon that captures everyone's attention.

Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, Seinfeld, The Cosby Show, M*A*S*H, I Love Lucy, etc. In my opinion, the entertainment business is probably gonna give us another show like that again someday. It's only a matter of time.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Video games have never been better than they are today. You talk about your ponzi schemes and DLC, that's just the games you choose to play. Last year God of War, Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption II were three of the best games I ever played and I never spent anything on DLC.

In terms of film, you're not going to get anything like Marvel, but there's never been anything like Marvel is before. There are still great films being made every year. There's a new Tarantino coming out later this year, the new Godzilla film is meant to be absolutely shit hot.

Music is totally subjective so I won't bore you with listing what my favourites are.

In terms of TV there's nothing as popular as Game of Thrones at the moment, but there will be. There's too much money left on the table for a show with such appeal not to be created sooner or later. There's still great TV being made like Fargo.

The best thing about living in 2019 though, is that you don't just have access to shit from 2019. Even if everything modern was shit, you can watch any TV show, play any video game, watch any movie, listen to any music from 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 etc. You think modern music is shit and 80s music is great? Listen to 80s music. You think modern TV is shit? Watch some late 90s/early 2000s shows. You can't possibly watch everything so go ahead.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Originally Posted by The Hardcore Show View Post
A real question to ask since Game of Thrones is limping to the finish line with nothing on TV to really take its place.

Most music today cannot compete with the greatness of the 1970's-to early 2000's.

Video Games are damn near ponzi schemes with how much money you are asked to dish out if you want to play online with your friends or some of them just eat up space on your hard drive.

Films outside of Marvel struggle to get people to give a shit plus with all four of these entries you have to worry about how the twitter word views what you release if it meets they want and so far Marvel Studios have been the only thing to not fall victim of not meeting expectations and not pissing off social media that much.

So how much truth is in that statement that Marvel Studios is the only thing left in the entertainment business that people can really look forward to without feeling let down or offended?
For music there are a tons of great indie bands out there.

Foster for the people for example have some pretty amazing albums. Of monsters and men is another great band as well. Also check out Royal Concept

As for Video games, GOW, Red Dead 2, Last of Us, spiderman ps4, etc etc are nothing like what you spoke about. As for eating up HD space that is a dumb argument.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

The answer to the question, no. As everyone said there's other forms of entertainment and Marvel isn't the be all end all; the MCU is amazing and has changed the game in terms of movie franchises, but it's posts like this that make me think the MCU gets overrated, even though at the same time it is amazingly consistent. They hit it out the park more often than not (Infinity War was a genre masterpiece, only The Dark Knight competes imo, Endgame was good but not on its level imo), but their "okay to solid" movies get propped up way more than they should be imo (Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Ant Man and the Wasp etc) - hell i bet this post of me saying how great the MCU is will get criticized because I pointed out some movies I felt were okay at best. Lol.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

As a fan of the MCU, I look at it this way. Anytime they put out a movie, I know that I will be entertained when I watch it.
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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

You are living in the second Horror Renaissance.

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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

Marvel may not be the best thing left in entertainment, but Marvel is definitely having a very negative impact on other entertainment - especially those projects that want Marvel kind of money and box office returns.

In their attempts to emulate Marvel, a LOT of movie-makers are fucking up everything so bad that our choices are fewer than ever when it comes to getting good movies coming out regularly.

It's months now before you get a half-decent movie and most movies just want to be marvel so fucking bad that they're only emulating what Marvel does on the surface while ignoring the little details that they get right.

Marvel has its place, but just because Marvel is filling a good niche doesn't mean that people don't want to watch other good movies that are completely different in tone, aesthetic and story structure.

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Re: Is Marvel the only good thing left in entertainment?

I have enough with cheesy story in superhero movie with lack of drama and acting quality, I think Disney kinda ruin all franchise by using their low standard like jokes in the middle of fight, Logan is still one of my best superhero movie because they put a lot effort to build story and gave me the intensity to watch the movie from first minute till end. The other one is Dark Knight.

Tme to go with this one

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