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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

Ill give it an episode or two before judging, problem is, these Arrowverse shows usually start out strong and then start to peter out in their second season.
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

Unfortunately for me my start with these CW shows began with Supergirl. My interest ended quickly after. That Batwoman trailer is one of the worst trailers Iíve ever seen.
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

This is totally going to be way over the top preachy, I can already tell. That is what ruined the Supergirl show for me. Why can't a woman, or a lesbian for that matter, just be the main character in a show without having to go out of the way to draw attention to it? Instead of just doing the right thing, these writers or producers or directors always seem to want to openly pat themselves on the back so everyone can see how progressive they are. It's just annoying at this point.

I also don't love the casting. I wish she looked a little more intimidating. She is very scrawny, I was hoping she would look badass and look like she is a well trained fighting machine. Instead she looks like a model that cut her hair short and that somehow is supposed to make her look threatening.
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

By contrast, here's Swamp Things final trailer

Let's make some magic.
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

I am going to approach this show like I do when I go surfing, shuffle to avoid the stingrays.
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

Well, at least Supergirl won't be the worst show in the Arrowverse now
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Also supporting

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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

This trailer sucks so hard that I'm in stitches right now.

DC on TV is a complete disaster right now lol and they are not showing any signs of recovering.

I love her rants btw. She's my favorite reviewer these days

Oh and I guess since she's so vehemently opposed to this show, I guess she's suffering from "internalized misogyny"

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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

I will not watch that steaming pile of SJW garbage. Also it’s hilarious that the trailer has more dislikes than likes
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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

The whole line of "I'm not about to let a man take credit for a woman's work". makes no sense, since a man is going to retrofit the suit and all the gear she's using was literally stolen from a man who started the caped justice in Gotham.

Also is the token black guy supposed to be Bat Wing? Guess now he's the token that will be used to make the white female lead look better and worship her awesomeness!

This show looks like a mess, I'm glad I gave up on CW shows. DC really needs to find a way to cancel the CW crap and just do their own stuff because CW has shown it cannot do heroes for the most part, justice.

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Re: Batwoman series on The CW

didn't watch the trailer but Batwoman fucking sucks in general so yeah.

Any version of Batgirl >>>>>>>> Batwoman

Batwoman + CW =

I watched it. Why is it an hour long? Everything about it looks terrible.
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