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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

everytime nancy was on the screen

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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Originally Posted by DulyNoted View Post
It was worth watching, but my attention did wander in a lot of the relationship scenes.
Spoiler for Apart from:
The 'Never Ending Story' thing.. That was awesome..

I kinda feel they could have condensed it down to a 2hr movie and nothing of importance would have been lost - there seemed a lot of 'in peril' moments that were just there to justify that particular episode.
The show sucks at doing relationships. I noticed this during Season 2, they just telegraph things and make it feel inorganic.

Originally Posted by MrMister View Post
I'm through episode 4. It's ok. Not great so far. Some things really weigh it down. Mike's actor being so bad is very distracting. Some other things have me going wtf.

Steve and Dustin and their new buddy is the best thing about season 3. I don't see them getting upstaged by anyone.
Since Steve and dustin are two of my fave characters will watch for them!

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
Can I ask a couple of stupid questions?

Why was Max completely insufferable and why was Hopper borderline psychopathic? I've heard of Flanderizing, but this felt like they took one character trait of each and cranked it up to 11 (pun fully intended).
Max wasn't even good in season 2. She's an unneeded character. Should have just had billy.
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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

I'm waiting till we don't need to spoiler tag before I start bitching about this show. Don't get me wrong, I still love the show, but I have a lot of complaints.

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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

My overall thoughts on this season. I didn't really include any spoilers but I thought I'd hide it anyways just in case people could come to conclusions based on the information.

Spoiler for Possible Spoilers:
Personally, I loved season 3. It felt like everything was turned up a notch which would normally annoy me but it felt like it fit in with the whole "Fourth of July" Theme. It was like a summer blockbuster type feel and all of the Neon colors and visuals made the whole season feel "louder" if that makes sense. Obviously I could find complaints if I wanted to, but I was entertained throughout the entire season so I'm going to hold on to the good stuff before I start delving into what they could have done better.

Also, David Harbour is an incredibly underrated actor. That guy is phenomenal. Also, Millie just seems to be getting better and better, her emotion in this season was spot on for someone her age. The only actor who seemed off to me this season was they kid who plays Will. His character didn't seem to have much direction and he is clearly going through his voice change and he came off kind of awkward. Mike's acting seemed rough the first couple episodes but improved throughout the season. It was nice to see Luke get a slightly bigger role and Nancy had a good season too. Jonathan didn't really feel like he had a ton going on this season. Him and Will were the two that really felt stuck in the mud but that'll happen when you have so many characters to go with. I love the addition of Robin, I thought she was great. I could have done without Luke's younger sister Erica. I think that character is funny in small doses but after a while gets a little too much. If I was to rate each season I'd go with: Season 1 10/10, Season 2 8/10, Season 3 9/10. Great series overall.
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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Spoiler for Possible spoilers for my random Season 4 speculation:
Honestly think they deliberately telegraphed Hopper being “the American” as a swerve. Think they’ll open the cell in Episode 1 and it’ll be Brenner, while Hopper will be stuck in the Upside Down. Obviously with Eleven still trying to get her powers back, she won’t be able to immediately sense/find him. Did anyone else think the Demogorgon in the post-credits scene had weirdly human like arms? Might have to go back and check that, as that was the initial impression I got.

A problem the show has imo is that none of the main characters can really die. In three seasons, the only characters we’ve lost with any real background are Barb (who let’s face it, didn’t get much), Bob and Billy. No-one seriously believes any of the 4 main kids are in danger, it’s obvious Hopper and Joyce will get together in the end. Jonathan might be a possibility, but I very much doubt it. Doesn’t make it easy to build up the stakes and tension in that situation.

As much as I love the show, I hope the next season is the last one. I really don’t want to see it go downhill, and there’s only so much further you can go with this story. Hopefully Will gets his big moment in S4, he didn’t have much to do in this one. Also hope Brenner gets a suitably gruesome death...

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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Hopper is the only reason I'm hanging onto this show. Feels like I'm in the spin cycle watching each season now.

They should have went Monster Squad-ish and had a new foe each season (werewolves, vampires, etc), instead of 'Oh my, they are back yet again, for the 3rd time!' storyline.
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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Originally Posted by Miss Sally View Post

Max wasn't even good in season 2. She's an unneeded character. Should have just had billy.
I thought her character was completely pointless and took the sting out of the boys chemistry. But they gave her a new lease of life in season 3 by having her being friends with Eleven; thus leaving the boys to do their stuff and for the girls to do their stuff. El and Max had some really nice scenes.

Going by everywhere I must be the only one who just can't take to Hopper.
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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Well aren't my "expectations subverted"

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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

Not sure I like how it ended. What are we supposed to assume about the "American" comment?
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Re: Stranger Things Season 3

This season is a mixed back for me. Liked when it got serious and hated when it was goofy. Liked Steve, Robin, Dustin, Suzie.

Gonna talk in details about the stuff I didn't like. Sorry if it's too harsh.

Spoiler for Kids and their relationships:

I could've done without the El/Mike breaking up drama. That's so stupid. It's fucking teenagers, why in the hell should I care whether they'd be together. Especially considering that Lucas told Mike that he and Max break up all the time. Like, why should I care? This was lame, a big down for me.

Speaking of

Spoiler for Max, Marcus and his sister:

They all suck.

Especially hated Marcus's sister, couldn't even look at her, she's so cringeworthy and unbearable. I don't get it, did they really think she's so cute and smart with this attitude? Kids yelling at adults and continuously shouting "nerd" is not cute nor is it a great character development. it's irritating and has no business wasting TV time.

Max is just annoying. She's pointless, never has anything meaningful to do and always wants to get punched in the face.

Marcus really pissed me off in s01 but then I kinda got used to him. But boy that stupid song in the end... I got all my hatred for that character back.

Spoiler for Robin:

Robin was fine. I liked the actress and her chemistry with Steve. But... they ruined it. They built this romance between the 2 only to reveal she's lesbian? Felt like punch to the gut. Poor Steve. Does every show now has to have gays? Oh, looks like Will is gay too btw. Nothing against gays, but what's the point?

Spoiler for Ending:

Hopper being gone sucks. I didn't like his portrayal at the beginning of the season (seemed too angry and stupid), but by the end he became great again, so seeing him go was sad. I really want him to be back, since we didn't see him actually die. But they did such a long farewell for him that I doubt they'd bring him back. Shame, if so.

Also, did the actor got way fatter or smth? I binged through the first 2 seasons again before watching this one, and in s3 let me tell you he's way more out of shape.

The mid-credit scene had my eyes rolling. Every season they defeat the creatures, close the gate and so on, to then somebody start it all over again. That's basically a formula of the show. They could do seasons like these forever. Great TV no doubt, had some intense moments. But really, Hopper risked his own life only for somebody to do it all over again?
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