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MacBook Pro 2017.

Sorry if there is a thread on this already, the search function on this forum kinda sucks.

Picked one of these up the other day, my early 2015 model started crapping out a few months ago after having a great three year run and so I upgraded myself to the newest model of MacBook Pro.

My Early 2015 MacBook Pro had multiple USB ports, a memory card slot, a HDMI slot and also Thunderbolt ports. The choice of changing it to just two Thunderbolt ports, one of which needs to be used by the charger is a bit of a middle finger. Apple has forced you to buy extra attachments to get the same level of functionality and that is a fucking rip off. Especially as even with these attachments, some stuff still doesn't work. Like for example I like to plug my controller into my MacBook Pro to play games but if you feed a USB cable into the controller and then through the connector and into the Thunderbolt port the two won't speak to each other which means you have to connect the controller via Bluetooth but for whatever reason if you do that it overrides everything else so if you want to then use your controller with your console you need to disable bluetooth on the MacBook Pro and resync it to the console. What a load of balls. I appreciate this MacBook Pro is much sleeker, lighter and just generally better designed visually than my 2015 model but the sacrifice seems too high for me.

The new USB-C Charger is a fucking abomination, too. Why have the power adapter slot into the plug? Who designed this shit? It just takes up so much space. They have for whatever reason made the length of the charging cable a fraction of the length of the old one, which also fucking sucks. I can't find a spot in my house both where I can fit that giant fucking plug in and also have enough cable to reach me where I am sitting. It is also annoying as well as my Dad and Step Mum both use MacBook Airs which use the old style charger and before we could just share chargers but now I need to find a plug, sit next to it and plug myself in.

On the positives though, I am glad they chose to remove those unnecessarily massive bezels from around the screen and while both devices use a Retina Display at the same resolution my new MacBook Pro seems to be in a much higher resolution which may be something to do with the in built separate graphics card this thing uses.

Also as someone who loves to write, I write all day long, the new keyboard is an absolute dream. I didn't think it could get better than my old MacBook Pro but something about the way this keyboard feels is just so damn satisfying. Likewise I like how they've now hid the backlight behind the keys so you haven't got dazzling light bleeding around the edges of all the keys like on my old one.

So yeah, I am definitely happy with my upgrade but I just wanted somewhere I could vent my frustration at the really shitty backwards steps they took when it comes to the charger and ports on the device.


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Re: MacBook Pro 2017.

Not sure why this is posted in the Entertainment section. Could have vented in Rants or something, but ok.

*remembers when Technology section existed*

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