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Re: Stephen King's 'It: Chapter Two' (September 6, 2019)

I also found the first movie funnier than this one

Overall I give this a 7/10

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Re: Stephen King's 'It: Chapter Two' (September 6, 2019)

Originally Posted by CenaBoy4Life View Post
The movie excluded stuff from the book. No reason they cant change it. The scene added nothing and was to long.

Honestly I was more disturbed and put off by the beating more than anything else in the movie.
You are entitled to your opinion, I just saw the movie and I thought the scene was good. Is it fun to watch? No it's absolutely not, but it's a horror movie and you're supposed to feel oppressed. I am glad the movie is not playing it safe and actually shows disturbing scenes from the book, like children being killed, gay people being beaten up for no reason, an abusive father etc...

The novel was always about how human beings can be even worse than a child-killing clown, who is pure evil, but you have people like Beverly's father who is an even bigger piece of garbage. Again, you're not supposed to watch those movies easily, if you can't bear those kind of subjects there are tamer movies like Annabelle or Paranormal Activity.

Stephen King's books have always been disturbing (never in gratuitous way though) and that's why they are so memorable. I can't blame someone for being faithful to the original material.

With that said, this was a bad sequel. It dragged and dragged for nothing, it wasn't scary, some scenes were too spectacular and killed the little amount of tension it still had. The cast wasn't as great as I expected, granted no one except Bill Hader had any real chance to shine. That guy who played Ben was the blandest actor I have seen in a while though. Really disappointed overall, I enjoyed Chapter 1 so much.
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Re: Stephen King's 'It: Chapter Two' (September 6, 2019)

movie was a masterpiece. Rumor has it It chapter 3 kind of like a prequel may be in the works.

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Re: Stephen King's 'It: Chapter Two' (September 6, 2019)

Disappointing for me, not what I was looking for and I quite liked the first one.

It became very formulaic and repetitive especially during the artifact finding thing. Person goes here alone, audience knows monster will turn up suddenly, monster does, will the monster look scary or impressive is really the only question.... then repeat.

After about 2 hours I was waiting for it to end I'm sorry to say, for me by the end when they came upon doing the ceremony the story seemed virtually abandoned.

I thought Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy were solid as they always are, I kind of snickered at the casting of adult Ben - an apparent underwear model basically. I didn't really like the constant one liners of Bill Hader. Does he have to crack a joke in every. fucking. line he says?

I give the makers credit for the large scale monster fest they went all out for, but there's only so far you can do with it when the story falls apart.

Also they really should've made the effort to take on the whole cosmic version of IT in deep space and The Turtle etc.

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