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I prefer having a tangible collection 14 60.87%
I prefer the convenience of the digital marketplace 4 17.39%
I'm not particularly bothered/depends on what kind of media 5 21.74%
Never thought about it. 0 0%
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Physical copies of media or digital?

As the title says, I was simply wondering if you guys preferred having an oldschool style movie/music/video game collection, or if you're more of a Over-The-Top digital consumer? Personally I use both, but I like having a physical copy of my movies, games etc. to be able to see, I think they're more of a talking point for company coming over.
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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

Music wise - Depends on price. I don't mind either way but if I can get the physical CD for the same price (or less on some occasions) than the digital I'll always go physical. I like having it as a back up and choosing the import settings. That said, I don't ever play the CD's, just rip them to my laptop and back them up onto Portable HD's.

Have a tonne of Blu Rays and DVD's though. Feel a little differently with films and would prefer the physical copies as a collection. That's changed recently with TV series though. Netflix and UV codes have rendered me lazy in not wanting to change the disk every 4 episodes. I have the Star Trek Next Gen Blu ray set that I've never watched as I got Netflix a week after and it's on there.

Problem with physical copies is space. Can always upgrade external hard drives (Currently have 8TB's in total of space so future proofed for a fair while) but the physical space for media is something I've pretty much run out of.

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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

Video games I prefer the physical copy because in theory I can resale it when I'm done and get something for it. I don't buy many games anymore and usually keep the ones I buy.

For everything else I don't want physical media.

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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

For books, always physical . I just like the actual feeling of a book in my heads as I read and , the less screens I'm forced to stare at for hours the better in my opinion. As far as games goes, it depends on the game but I'm more 50/50 on it. Especially when you realize you don't technically "own" the physical(or digital for that matter) form of video games today
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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

I'm starting a collection of some of my favorite albums on Vinyl. It is nice to have a physical copy that has nice artwork attached, and that when listening to it in full, really feels like an experience and an activity than merely selecting songs on my Iphone.

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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

Its a topic i had to deal with recently,

I got rid of my WWE VHS/DVD collection,
Because everything i owned was on the Network so they where just sitting around gathering dust,

But i did keep all of the sleeves of said DVD's and VHS tapes,
as the artwork,Logos and Graphics are really nostalgic for me,
Especially the older Wrestlemania VHS covers which i played to death during my childhood.

So although digital media has a lot of positives,
it is sometimes nice to have an actual copy of some your more enjoyed pieces of media,
Whether that is CD's,DVD's or any other form.
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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

I still buy lots of physical media, CD's especially. But I can see that finally waining in the coming years. For one CDs are getting harder and harder to come by (especially the obscure stuff I listen) and also real estate is valuable in my house and they take up a lot (I have over a thousand). With everything becoming digital I imagine I'll cross over too just because it's the only option.

I'd honestly go digital a lot sooner with music if iTunes would allow me to merge songs. I hate it when you hear a bit of a song fading out at the beginning of the next song. With CDs I can merge them when I burn them onto my computer. But with digital tracks I'd have to go into Garageband or something and do it myself. Which isn't much work but it's more work than CDs just giving me the option. Maybe if iTunes ever remedies that I'll go digital sooner.

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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

I still prefer to have physical copies.
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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

I don't think I've owned a DVD or a CD in well over a decade. I mean, who the hell needs 100s of cases sitting around when I can fit an infinite amount of entertainment on a tiny little box? All my movies are on an external hard drive that I can plug directly into the back of my TV and all my music is on my computer or phone. It seems kinda stupid to me that people in this day and age of technology that you would do it any other way.

Except for books, that is. Movies and music are one thing but I'd still rather read a physical copy of a book than a digital one.

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Re: Physical copies of media or digital?

Physical. I like to physically own stuff. I do ditch the cases though and got them in DVD binders these days. Just easier and takes up 10℅ of the space.
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