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View Poll Results: Best Superhero Movie of the Year
Logan 25 40.98%
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 6 9.84%
Wonder Woman 11 18.03%
Spider-Man: Homecoming 3 4.92%
Thor: Ragnarok 14 22.95%
Justice League 2 3.28%
Voters: 61. You may not vote on this poll

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Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Live action
Vote & Discuss.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Of these GOTG 2 is the answer.

But I might add Wonder Woman maybe the most over-rated film of all time in my opinion.

It was not that good.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Logan almost made me cry,so that.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Logan made me cry throughout the film especially towards the end. I think Logan is much more of a Super hero film, it's a Western and usually that old Cowboy protects the people and town so they can have a future, and that's what Wolverine did to his last breathe. Logan still my favorite Movie of 2017.
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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

1. Logan .. Not just the best superhero film, it's the best film of the year imo.
2. Thor: Ragnarok .. Incredibly funny and entertaining.
3. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 .. Same as Thor.
4. Wonder Woman .. The only DC movie that was balanced, Gal Gadot is very likable, the last act is terrible.
5. Justice League .. It was just there.
6. Spider-Man: Homecoming .. Very forgettable and disappointing, Pete Parker was good though.
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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

For me Its Thor. Could have been home coming but the end fight scene was not that great.

Logan IMO is overrated. It was kind of boring at least to me.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Tom Holland surprised me and surpassed Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man. His performance was what Spider-Man is really about. He was hilarious. And I'm glad they didn't waste time with showing how he became Spider-Man as we already saw it twice. They got straight to the point and delivered.

The Punisher Netflix show easily outdoes all of them though and is the best live action comic book hero today.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

I think technically speaking, Logan was the best superhero movie this year.

However I still went with Wonder Woman, because that brought out emotions in me that even suprassed Logan. It's been a long time that a movie made me feel the SUPERHERO in "Superhero movie" and Wonder Woman made me feel that over Logan by far.

Also Spider-man Homecoming and GOTG 2 were just not good to me.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Between Logan and Thor for me, also why is JL on this list? It's a superhero movie sure just like McDonalds burgers are burgers but you'd not list McDonalds in a discussion for best burger discussion.

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Re: Best Superhero Movie (2017)

Haven't seen Thor or Justice League yet but...

Logan's by far the best, one of the best super hero movies period imo.

Second is either Gaurdians or Spiderman tough pick between those two.

And I was NOT impressed by Wonder Woman at all, very formuliac and over rated imo... that being said I could watch ten more if they all star Gal Gadot

On a side note I think there should be a Superman movie in the same vein as Logan. Superman is such an iconic yet tired character than I think a burnt out, basically defeated Superman, would be a good fresh take on the character.
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