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Re: The Orville

Interesting that the don't seem to have transporter technology.

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Re: The Orville

If I was going to do a Star Trek show Frakes and Brent Spiner would be my go-to guys. They love Star Trek and have a lot of insight, Dorn and Burton would also be great choices for people to do some work too.

I have nothing against dark and gritty, I won't say these have nothing to do with Star Trek as Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country were both fairly dark and gritty at times in tone.

The Klingons in UC actually felt brutal and warrior like. Khan was sadistic.

That being said, even dark and gritty it still felt like Star Trek because those stories were dark. It doesn't need to be the set tone all the time.

I wish the Borg and Dominion were handled more like the Klingons in UC or the Founders felt more threatening like Khan. While they did a good job with those groups they didn't feel as scary as they should. There wasn't a real feeling of danger. Though I did like how the Dominion War turned out.

Sisko did some shady shit to make sure the Federation survived and Kirk was like "Seriously, fuck the Klingons." Yet those characters weren't simply classified by those beliefs and actions. So dark isn't bad, just depends how you use it.

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Re: The Orville

Originally Posted by Mugging of Cena View Post
It moved to Thursdays, FYI.
It was always going to be aired on Thursdays. The reason they did the first two episodes on Sunday night was to try and gain a good rating from the football game lead in and possibility take those ratings to Thursday night. Don't think it work since the ratings have dropped in half since then. As for the show, it's alright. I'll give it a little more time.

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Re: The Orville

Originally Posted by Mister Abigail View Post
Interesting that the don't seem to have transporter technology.
That aspect doesn't bother me. The show is already going to struggle with the obvious comparisons to Star Trek. This gives it one small thing to set itself apart with.

I just hope they have plenty of shuttles on board to make up for it.
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Re: The Orville

I like that there are no transporters.

Beaming is something Gene Roddenberry kind of regretted introducing, or at least introducing early in the series, because to create tension they had to keep coming up with ways to break or neutralize the transporter.

Think about how many times the transporter didn't work correctly in all the series so they couldn't just beam the away party out of danger.
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Re: The Orville

Just watched second one. Interesting transition for me. I liked the social-cultural almost shift the show went into. With Social Inequality. The ending was a bit of a twist too. Their feels like a lot of genius in this show. But ATM it's a bit hit and miss. I think it borrowing from Star Trek we'll continue to be an issue. Like I said I don't mind that, seeing they seem to be Homaging ST. But if it's going to fulfil the potential I think it has. As I'm starting to think Stargate when I watch the show. It's going to have to start departing more.
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Re: The Orville

Man... what a show. I forgot that sci fi could be fun. Weird I'm having to thank McFarlane for the best sci finon TV right now and maybe even since Eureka ended. Hits the right comic moments but still has so much heart that it is shaming all the gritty sci fi out there right now.

And I can't help but loving the set and location work... it is just amazing.
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Re: The Orville

The 4th episode was good. Like, really good. And that was before the Liam Neeson cameo had me ing. If the first 3 episodes simply showed potential, the 4th one is where that potential was realized. If the show can continue to deliver episodes of this magnitude, we might just have a winner on our hands, folks. And holy shit, Charlize Theron in episode 5? Damn son, between her and Neeson they are scoring some A-list movie talent for their TV show. Color me impressed.

Just one small note about ep 4 though. That entire community probably broke out into bloody riots after the Orville left. Religious zealots are not known for handling it very well when their myths are proven wrong by science.
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Re: The Orville

Haven't watched episode four yet. But this show maybe my fav new show of the year. Seth has his post Family Guy show haha.
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Re: The Orville

It's weird how Seth MacFarlane can create gold outside of the Family Guy trash. From American Dad, to Ted, to now The Orville. It's pretty obvious he's stopped caring about giving any creativity to the former opting instead to focus on other projects, can't say I blame him though, Family Guy has gone downhill since 2008. That being said, The Orville is pretty solid, I've seen the first three episodes and I've had fun with it, haven't seen episode four yet, but I will in a few.
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