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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

I would be satisfied if a fresh comic book with an origin like ''Batman: The Killing Joke'' see publicity and the money from my pocket.

But this I don't think that it will work. DC already has serious projects to focus.

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

since when did bad guys started having their own movies

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

As long as it's not Jared Fucking Pimpeto I'll watch this.

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

DC likes this.

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

zaqw222222 and DC like this.


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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

DC trying to get in on the Rated R superhero market by killing it with a film like this.

Joker doesn't need an origin story, in fact how they did it in the Dark Knight was perfect. Nobody knew who he was and his own telling of how he came to be changed up, it was just so many lies that even the Joker himself had probably forgot.

If they're going to do a Rated R movie then make it a Batman movie featuring that Riddler from the new game that's more like Saw, where his death traps kill people.

Have it be pretty gruesome, psychological and more of Batman being a detective. Show us why he's so brooding etc. Now this would make for a good movie!

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

Guys, why so serious?
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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

Originally Posted by InexorableJourney View Post
I always thought Joker was more of a terrorist.
Some versions is a mobster, some are a serial killer, some are a prankster, and some are a terrorist. Depending on what version you want/talking about.

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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

It needs to be a trippy, psychologically disturbing movie that shows his origins before the acid bath, and his therapy sessions with Harley. I think it should jump around in time too, like Pulp Fiction. And show different people talking about him and the nature of his insanity. I wouldn't have the whole movie be from his perspective

A movie that goes into his mind and is something of a character study. It needs to be something very arty, but violent and disturbing. You would need a very unique director to make a Joker movie work. It can't just be two hours of homicide, laughter, action, and explosions

A Joker movie would have to be more mature than your average comic book fare.
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Re: The Joker getting solo movie

TBH I've grown tired of expecting companies to do this, or companies to do that. I thought a Civil War movie before Infinity War was dumb. I was wrong about that. I also thought a Justice League movie without Green Lantern would not get me excited, but I was wrong about that too.

All I care about at this point is if the movie is entertaining. We all can speculate and talk shit but all of that means crap until we actually watch the movie. If the Joker movie is entertaining and is done well it really then it doesn't matter.

WB just give me another Wonder Woman FFS.
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