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The Last Movie You Watched Thread

A thread for your ratings and short reviews of the most recent films you've watched. Remember to be mindful of spoilers as a courtesy to those who haven't seen the movie yet.

Former edition:

Get it.

George Miller topped himself with this post apocalyptic masterpiece. I'd argue it's one of the best action films of the decade. This movie hits all of the notes that make a great action film. There several indelible characters here from Max, Furiosa, Immortan Joe, Nux to the other war boys, the prized breeders, and the dry old ladies in the desert. No one can forget the dude with the flaming guitar. The pulsating musical score pounds to the beats of each adrenaline rush fueled car battle. This film has some of the best practical effects to create real time action, probably, ever.

I was immensely entertained when I saw this film in theaters and again when I saw it on Blu-Ray. Everything I had enjoyed about the film the first time still had the same effect on me and my excitement for the film has not waned. This is an epic film of tremendous quality. Fury Road is a full throttle, action movie executed with noticeable care and meticulous thought at every turn. So much about this movie is elite: the directing, the action, the score, the cinematography, the acting by the three leads (Hardy, Theron, Hoult), the imaginative world that was created, the creativity of the characters. A tour de force in film making.

Movie rating (out of 4 stars): ★★★★

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Power Rangers(2017) 10/10 pure kino

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

New thread smell! Thank you, @Clique!

Saw Excalibur again. An excellent take on the Arthurian legend and a breathlessly comprehensive telling of Thomas Malory's fifteenth century romantic work, Le Morte d'Arthur. A cast stacked with powerful British thespians, including Nigel Terry as King Arthur, Nicol Williamson as Merlin, Helen Mirren as Morgana, Nicholas Clay, Cherie Lunghi, Gabriel Byrne, Paul Geoffrey and Patrick Stewart and especially Liam Neeson and Ciaran Hinds before anyone knew who they were, this cinematographic treasure directed with utmost reverence and dedication from John Boorman is a wonder to behold again and again, in all of its ungainly unwieldiness and overindulgence. Splendid.
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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

I don't read comics but I've seen almost all of DCs animated movies. Personally I really liked it but I'm not sure if it's for everyone.

Deathstroke is an absolute bad ass in this.

It's a good addition to DCAU and definitely worth the watch.

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

KRISHA (2015)

Krisha returns for Thanksgiving dinner after ten years away from her family, but past demons threaten to ruin the festivities.

A real knock out, harrowing, emotional family drama that's made by a debuting young director / writer / actor like he's been doing it 30 years. Amazing.

It's autobiographical and stars the directors Aunt as the title character and some of his family too.

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The Wedding Date (2005)
This is a rom-com. It's not a very good rom-com, but it did try to be light-hearted, however there's a lot of nonsense going on. Amy Adams and Debra Messing were pretty to look at, but other than that, this movie is rubbish. 3/10
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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Thought I'd like it when I saw that Rachel Nichols was in it, but not even she could save this movie from being meh. And that shaky cam bs
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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The Beatles Documentary 8 Days a Week, it was okay kinda boring.

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re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread


Christopher Plummer stars as a man who escapes from a nursing home to hunt down the man who killed his family during the Holocaust.

Many thanks to CJ for the sig!
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