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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

It's misleadingly described as a neo-noir w/ a female protagonist. It's masculine-driven w/ gratuitous amounts of violence and sex. It's decidedly better than Diao Yinan's more celebrated debut Black Coal, Thin Ice. While the finale still isn't his strong suit, the adrenaline-fueled shadows + light show of the second half is staggering (the former is reminiscent of The Dark Corner, while the latter is indebted to Dario Argento through Nicholas Winding Refn).

Yinan is a great director of a minimum of actors, it's when he's juggling many characters that the film becomes needlessly complicated. The first hour is a struggle to get through; it should have been winnowed out. It's not quite Pen-Ek Ratanaruang's Last Life in the Universe, nor is it his stupendously underrated follow-up - Invisible Waves. It's probably closer to Wong Kar-wai's debut film (As Tears Go By), w/ the splashes of colour that you'd expect from WKW but find lacking in his primary feature.

Cannes Count...

1. Parasite - 8/10
2. Sorry We Missed You - 8
3. Pain and Glory - 7.3
4. The Wild Goose Lake - 7.3
5. Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood 7.2
6. Portrait of a Lady on Fire - 7.2
7. Les Miserables - 7.2
8. The Whistlers - 6
9. Bacurau - 5.8
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Polar - 6/10

John Wick wannabe, but lacked style of Wick, quite what Matt Lucas was doing in it I have no idea.
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

A couple weeks ago, I watched my favorite Summer movies:

One Crazy Summer (1986)

From the director of Steve Savage Holland, the director of 80s cult classic Better Off Dead, comes this wonderfully off beat and weird teen comedy that captures some of the over the top cartoonyness of Holland's earlier film, and every 80s trope imaginable. I would never call this a great film by any means, but it does serve as this wonderfully weird time capsule of the time period, and has a really fun cast that injects life into every scene. This includes John Cusack (who apparently HATED this film and Better Off Dead), Demi Moore, Bobcat Goldthwait, and Booger himself Curtis Armstrong. I wish Holland had made more movies (IE, I wish the two films he made had been more successful, allowing him to make more movies) as he does have a very unique sense of humor that resonates with me. Its a little darker, but has a foot in the Looney Tunes/Warner animation camp as well. There are a ton of running gags, and most of them have some kind of a payoff by the movie's end, and the jokes that land really do stick with me. It is a fun film for sure, and I make sure to watch it every year. 7/10

National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)

This and the later entry in the series Christmas Vacation are annual viewings for me as they both capture the absolute horribleness of going through vacations with the family. For the first adventure with the Griswold family, we see the road trip from hell as mishap after mishap takes place as everything builds and builds and gets worse and worse, culminating in the ultimate blow up from Chevy Chase. Chase has never been funnier than in the Vacation films, and being the first film in the series, there is a purity to it that helps it to stand out. The kids feel like real kids, the situations, no matter how ridiclous, feel real, and Chase's increased frustration just makes everything funnier. There is some VERY dark stuff in this one too, which only makes it funnier to me, so have at it. Oh and also...I know Christie Brinkley is gorgeous and everything (even to this day), but Beverly D'Angelo as Mrs. Griswold is my cup of tea all the way. 8/10

Jaws (1975)

I mean, this is the mother of all blockbusters, is it not? I don't know if there is anything else I can say that hasn't already been said many times before about this film. The simple premise of this movie allows for fantastic tension, great thrills, and wonderful character interactions between the three leads. Seriously, I am in awe every time I listen to Quint give his speech about his experiences in WWII. It is absolutely mesmerizing. And we all know how great the music is, and how great all the memorable moments are, right? This is a classic. Plain and simple. 10/10


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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

It Chapter 2/


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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The Grandmaster (2013). IP Man and a good watch - a healthy 5/10 being average but still watchable.
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

2001: A Space Odyssey could not be made today. It should not have been able to be made when it was. It's artistic, it's cerebral, it's its own language. The way it morphs through its structure w/o any real core... it's majestic. And nobody tells his own story within someone else's text quite like Kubrick.

Ad Astra is James Gray's shiny new toy, buttressed by a $80+ million budget. It's his 2001... in its development stage when any claim is possible.

The film is formulaic and structured and pulpy. The father/son dynamic has been rendered better, well, everywhere else. Father/son relationships are complex, we get it. Gray plays off the predictable love/hate theme, w/ absolutely nothing to add. There's little meaningful interaction w/ its setting -- did these people forget it's a sci fi? You could transpose the story to any environment and it'd still be shallow. Gray drops a globe-sized ball. But, ultimately, it won't matter. The film will recoup its money. Gray will be given countless more chances, as has been the case to this point (on smaller fare).

My understanding is that the studio had a deleterious effect on The Yards. It became melodramatic because the studio didn't trust Gray's version/vision. My understanding is that Ad Astra was also meddled w/. Gray didn't get his cut. Even if the studio played around w/ the end, you'll know the entire film by the 30 or 40 minute mark. For a space mystery, there's nothing up its sleeve. You'll get the tone, the story, the feel. It stays pretty much this way for its duration, lacking the emotional connection that's the lifeblood of the film it strives to be. Red Planet is considerably better (that's something you'll never read anywhere else). And, if you're desperately in need of some quality space opera, commit to The Expanse.

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