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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

What Men Want

A gender-swap AND race-swap reboot of a naff 90s comedy? Must get some people's froth up By-the-numbers rom-com, but it did get a few chuckles, and Tracy Morgan is his lovely random self.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The art of the feminine, the TRUE mother of tears. Completely bonkers at how singular this is next to Argento's original, that I'll only put the two side by side just for the fun of the difference. Won't hold anything bad against this for what it becomes and how it executes itself in a bleak, pointy/blocky aesthetic gaze of Motherhood's bond with witchcraft. The fact it doesn't try to hide its idea of witches living off the form of the dance/youth, because it kind of ends up going deeper with the mystery behind that. Like it's not about THOSE witches, but it's about how matriarchy will breed a different form of power/messianic takeover. It's Horror in the elements & spirit, coupled with Horror of the body & mind. The ripping of the chest forms a wound that's purely vaginal. Open it up, birth your power, and take it back. The twenty minute climax is gorgeous as it is supremely demented, exactly what a geometrically defined piece of terror needed to escalate towards.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread


Semi-decent with some nice action sequences

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Saw the live action Aladdin today.

Basically, it is a lesser version of the animated movie I saw over 25 years ago. Almost everything about it is a downgrade from the original while offering very little to help it stand on its own.

If the early version didn't exist, this movie might be okay as there are some decent things here and there, but as is, this film will live in the shadow of what came before it.

If you like a nostalgia trip and enjoy the music and imagery of the original being presented again, then you'll probably like it. If you're like me and can't stand the live action Disney reboots, then your best bet is to skip this one.



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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Movie delivered as advertised. Awesome kaiju action. That first scene where Godzilla was underwater and staring everyone down was bad ass. Just fantastic. The creature designs,special effects and sound were great.

Too bad the rest of the film outside of any scenes Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins appeared in,were uninspired and boring. You could tell Ken and Sally really tried to add dignity to this but they could only do so much. The script was thinner than rice paper.

The first Godzilla in 1954 and Hideaki Anno's Shin Godzilla were far superior. Especially the way Godzilla looked in Anno's vision.

Saw King of the Monsters yesterday on an early Saturday to pay homage to the times I watched the older Godzilla films as a kid on Saturday mornings. During a slow sequence,a guy in the theatre suddenly yelled "GET YOUR CELL PHONE OUT OF THE THEATRE!" Holy shit,I hate people on their phones too but this guy screamed as if he was watching high art from Kubrick or Malick.

Also the audience applauded at the end. Good for them,but it was sad that far superior films don't get that reaction.

*** out of **** stars (Roger Ebert scale)

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

One of our movie channels really loves to play Mox's movie

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

pineapple express

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

I read comics and watch movies. I like DC movies, especially Batman.
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

"Touch of Evil" was on TV. Good shit.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Rocketman (2019)
The costumes, scene transitions and the dance numbers are insane. There is a great display of excellent storytelling and visuals in this movie. The starting dance number had a great use of colour and saturation for a flashback. The movie is filled with radiance and energy mixed with deep dark and depressing emotions. This would be great for a character study of Elton John. One of my favourite scenes involved Elton John turning into a rocket, flying into the sky and exploding in a grand array of blue fireworks. 8/10

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