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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Us (2019)
A movie where the ending and concept left me with some questions about who, what and why? This is mostly a thriller with a tinge of comedy mixed in the dialogue. The acting of the characters is really what drives the movie, especially Lupita Nyongo'o. The shots used are great for creating tension for the thriller and there was an interesting selection and use of score. 7/10

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

keledioscope. need to watch it again though couldn't really understand what was happeing.
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The King of Comedy: my favorite actor and director of all time. A dark yet very funny movie, great character study and doesnt get much better than a prime DeNiro. Very underrated movie!!
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Amazing documentary. Heartwarming story, stunning footage. Overall I had a great and easy time watching this.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

A lot more generic than I previously recalled. A little saccharine here, a little stilted there, bleh. Clooney is Clooney though, all silver tongued & casual, even in its more heavy-handed moments upon the end. Still, I'm longing for Danny Ocean, a Coen's sensibility or THE AMERICAN. Not really all that inspired by (Jason) Reitman's work thus far. Juno was a lot more of a "surprise" as a whole, even with the flaws present there, this one seemed kind of like the run of the mill dark horse awards play; trying to humanize and stay "in tune" to topical American traits a la the dwindling economy & losing jobs. Just not my backpack, baby. Although I do keep it light.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

Watching all of the MCU movies leading up to Avengers Endgame.

Iron Man:

What I Thought Of The Movie Before Rewatching It:
It's the best movie Marvel Studios has ever done (even better than Winter Soldier). The origin story was well done, the action was good, the pacing of the movie was good. Obadiah Stane was an awesome villain and I feel that he's underrated. Top 10 CBMs of all time.

After Watching It Again: I still feel the same way about the movie. Don't know if it's because of Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 being under Disney or what, this movie feels so different from those other two movies.

Rating: 3.5/4

The Incredible Hulk:

What I Thought Of The Movie Before Rewatching It:
This movie is underrated. I remember when this movie was coming out, I thought it was going to suck due to that piece of crap Hulk film from 2003. Watched the movie in the theaters and I had a blast.

After Rewatching It:
This movie is better than I remember it being. It baffles me how anybody could rank this movie so low on their best to worst MCU list. People give Marvel crap about their villains but Iron Monger and Abomination were pretty good. Maybe it's a Disney/Marvel thing, I don't know. One thing that bothers me about this film is that they set up a lot of stuff only for them to never follow up on it, they can't even bother to bring Betty back. Also I'm not sure why it's so hard for some people to admit that this movie is NOT A SEQUEL to the 2003 film (the opening credits was a dead giveaway). Rating: 3/4 for the final Marvel Studios movie before they unfortunately got bought by Disney.

Rating: 3/4

Iron Man 2:

Before Rewatch:
As much as I loved the first movie, I never saw this movie in the theaters. After I read the reviews and how people I know said that the movie wasn't good, I just waited until it came out on Blu Ray. A portion of the movie was good but when the movie goes downhill (after the Iron Man/War Machine battle at the party), it REALLY goes downhill to the point where I don't like the movie at all. This movie (and X-Men Origin Wolverine) damn near turned me off of CBMs (I'm talking about newer CBMs, I could still watch Iron Man 1, Incredible Hulk, Batman Begins, Dark Knight and the Raimi Spider-Man films just fine). I skipped Thor and I skipped Captain America and the only reason I even saw Avengers is because of how much praise the movie got. This movie was trash.

After Rewatch:
This movie is even worse than I remember it being. Vanko was even worse this time around. He was so bland (even Mickey Rourke was pissed off at how Marvel handled his character in the final cut of the movie) and then he gets taken out by Stark/Rhodes in two minutes at the end of the movie. I remember not liking Justin Hammer when I watched the movie last time but he was tolerable this time around. I think this is where Marvel started to slip when it came to their villains. If you haven't seen the post credits scene at the end of Iron Man 1, Nick Fury just comes out of nowhere. The plot wasn't as good as the first movie, the action wasn't as good as the first film, and the pacing was HORRIBLE. The movie should've explored Tony's alcoholism more. I could go on about this movie.

Rating: 1.5/4. This is the MCU version of TASM2 (even though this movie came out before either of TASM films). Not only that, it was so BORING as well.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread


Okay, so this basically just restored my faith in films. I've been getting really burnt out lately, movies not grabbing me enough. I took a few days out, and decided I'd give this a shot because I really like Dev Patel and the plot appealed to me. Within the first 10 minutes, this movie grabbed me and never let go, I've been missing that feeling. I didn't check the runtime for the entire 2 hours, I was totally captivated by this story. The child actors were so convincing, the boy who plays a young Saroo was excellent. I thought he was the best part of the film. The first half is honestly some of the best cinema I've ever seen. The way you follow this little boy as he gets lost, the things he has to overcome, you almost feel like him and like you're personally experiencing these emotions yourself. It really got to me, and choked me up. By the end of the film, I cried. I don't cry at movies very often, but this really did such a great job of making you care about the storyline and the characters, and it's only boosted by the fact it's based on a real story.

Please see this film. Dev Patel is incredible, the child actors are incredible, the movie is beautifully shot, the story is captivating. It's a must see.
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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

So I finally saw Train to Busan (2016)

This Korean Zombie flick came highly recommended to me, but I took my time as I was kind of burnt out on zombies after the massive flux of media featuring them.

Well I watched it and well, yeah, I was left sobbing at the end of the movie. It is one of the best zombie flicks I have ever seen and it really hit me in the gut emotionally. I was NOT expecting that, but it was a beautiful, tense, and dramatic experience.

I hear there is going to be an English language version...yeah, good luck with that. 10/10


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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

The King of Comedy

Heard and read a little of hype of this movie over the years without being spoiled, but finally got around to seeing it today due to the new Joker trailer and the inspiration passed down to it. Was not disappointed at all. Reminded me a lot of Taxi Driver (De Niro, Scorsese, duh) with the whole anti-hero (or in Rupert's case, anti-villain) take of an everyday (but kinda off/eccentric) guy teetering on edge and finally breaking in fantastic fashion. It raises the question internally as the viewer whether or not this ticking time bomb would've went off by itself eventually or did the unforgiving world create him.

Didn't realize it was meant to be a dark comedy until the second half. Story didn't make me uncomfortable but I can definitely see how it can to someone else of higher moral fiber. Was expecting a rape scene in the third act but the way tension was built made me crying tears of joy the potential victim got away. Actually found myself rooting for Mr. Pumpkin near the end after being in awe of how much of a loser schmuck he came off as for most for the film. And also, praise be to Jerry fuckin' Lewis.

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Re: The Last Movie You Watched Thread

SHAZAM! - Saw this yesterday, and I REALLY liked it. It was hilarious, great characters, great build and some emotional stuff too. There are some things I didn't like, there was a huge contrast in character between adult Billy and teenage Billy, they didn't feel like the same person to me. The action and CGI are still very weak in the DC movies, it's laughable when compared to Marvel. They still insist on reminding us that this is part of the DCEU, every time Superman or Batman are mentioned, or whenever I see the Batarang, I remember the huge disaster that was BVS and it always takes me from the movie. It's sad that this movie is part of that colossal failure that is the DCEU, I don't even know how they're still trying. Still the movie was great, that Freddy kid was awesome. 8.5/10

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