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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Larry DiTillio, writer of the Transformers: Beast Wars TV Series.

A brief Tweet from J. Michael Straczynski brought the sad news about Mr. Larry DiTillio who passed away after a long illness. He and Bob Forward were the story editors of the Beast Wars show which brought a complete new generation of fans, and made Transformers shine on pop culture once again. His work made Beast Wars one of the best (if not the best for many fans) written Transformers shows. The great story-telling and character development was one of the keys of Beast Wars success.

His contribution to our franchise will never be forgotten, together with the great writing talent he showed working on the original Masters Of The Universe cartoon and its updated 2002 version.

TFW2005 sends our condolences in this sad moment.

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Scott Walker...

the most pristine vocals in all of music

Spoiler for a great cover:

Spoiler for one of his best original songs of the late '60s:

His more difficult stuff is especially interesting...

Spoiler for tribute to Pasolini:

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Losing Larry Ditillio is a sad one for me.

He was a big part of my childhood and the name is well known for me.

He wrote for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, both the 80s version and the 2002 version, writing my favorite episodes of both series: The Dragon's Gift for the 1980s version (which gave me my favorite guest chararacter in the series: Granamyr, the oldest and wisest of dragons), and Price of Deceit for the 2002 series (which provided gaps in Skeletor's origin).

Other classics he wrote included House of Shokoti (MOTU's only 2 parter), The Cat and the Spider (debut of Webstor), and most episodes involving Granamyr, his creation. And in the 2002 series, it was clear to me that he already understood the world and universe better than anybody as with episodes like "Lessons", "The Monster Within", and "Separation", it was clear he had a handle on the characters and the world they inhabited.

Larry also helped to basically create the lore for She-Ra: Princess of Power, and helped to make it more action oriented than the cutesy nature of the toys might suggest.

And of course, he wrote for Beast Wars, the show that got me back into Transformer nearly a decade after the original series concluded. The work that went into that show helped to keep the brand alive and helped it to evolve for future generations, and still remains one of the best versions of Transformers out there.

RIP for all the great memories man!


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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Rest in Peace, Bibi Andersson.

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Writer-director John Singleton, a pioneering African-American filmmaker and TV producer, will be taken off of life support today, nearly two weeks after he suffered a debilitating stroke.

Singleton’s family issued a statement Monday citing the “agonizing decision” to remove him from life support at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Singleton turned 51 in January.

“We are grateful to his fans, friends and colleagues for the outpouring of love and prayers during this incredibly difficult time. We want to thank all the doctors at Cedars Sinai for the impeccable care he received,” the family said in a statement.

The statement also cited Singleton’s history of dealing with hypertension, or high blood pressure that places great strain on heart functions.

“Like many African Americans, Singleton quietly struggled with hypertension. More than 40% of African American men and women have high blood pressure, which also develops earlier in life and is usually more severe. His family wants to share the message with all to please recognize the symptoms by going to”

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Damn and now Larry King is expected to die too
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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Rest in Peace, John Singleton.

Not that the Oscars matter but he was the youngest director ever nominated for an Oscar as Best Director. Until recently to be nominated for Best Director was exceedingly difficult as it was a bit more of a protected club by the DGA, et. al. Impressive.

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread


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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Put this in the boxing thread, but thought I should probably put it here too.

Legendary boxing judge, HBO personality Harold Lederman dies at 79 after battle with cancer

Less than six months after working the final card on HBO to cap the premium cable network's 40-year run in boxing, longtime unofficial scorekeeper Harold Lederman lost his lengthy battle with cancer at 79.

Lederman, a respected judge who was inducted to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2016, died on Saturday morning. HBO confirmed Lederman's passing following a tweet from former network executive and veteran promoter Lou DiBella.

Beloved for his honest analysis and jubilant personality, both inside and out of the ring, Lederman worked his first HBO card in 1986 as an analyst and evolved into his longtime role as unofficial scorekeeper long before he retired from judging in 1999.

"Harold Lederman had a lifelong love affair with the sport of boxing," HBO Sports executive vice president Peter Nelson said in a statement. "Over the past 50 years, he was universally respected and celebrated by the many people who make the sport what it is. Harold was happiest when seated ringside, studying the action and scoring the fight.

"When he joined HBO Sports in 1986, he added a new and critical component to live boxing coverage. Viewers embraced his unique style and his command of the rules while his broadcast colleagues relished his enthusiasm and boundless energy."

Lederman's voice became as instantly identifiable as any in all of boxing throughout his career, thanks in part to his unique delivery which typically began with letting out an excited laugh before exclaiming some variation of, "OK Jim! I gotta tell you something," in the direction of blow-by-blow commentator Jim Lampley.

A major reason for Lederman's sustained success as a broadcaster was how genuinely passionate he was for the sport. A native of the Bronx, New York, Lederman settled in nearby Rockland County and could be found most weekends as an approachable diehard fan attending boxing cards big and small all over the northeast.

Lederman earned his judging license from the New York State Athletic Commission to judge title fights in 1967. A graduate of Columbia University, he went on to work over 100 title bouts all over the world while maintaining his full-time day job as a pharmacist in New York.

"He was an historian and walking rulebook," Nelson said. "He always had time for you whether you were a heavyweight champion or just a spectator looking to say hello. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Eileen and daughters Julie and Iris. There isn't a person in the sport who won't miss our Harold Lederman."

From the standpoint of bringing personality and charisma to the job of scorekeeper and rules official, Lederman may end up going down as the very best to do it in boxing. He played a big role during HBO's glory years in the 1990s working on legendary broadcast teams alongside the likes of Lampley, Jones, Larry Merchant George Foreman and Emanuel Steward. He also stayed working with the network until the very end as HBO made a shocking decision late last year to cease coverage of the sport.

Lederman, who was awarded the "Good Guy Award" by the Boxing Writers Association of America in 2006, passed on his love of boxing to his daughter Julie who remains active today as one of the top judges in the sport.
Jim Lampley's reaction.

It was one of the greatest privileges of my broadcasting career to work with Harold Lederman, whose unique humanity and lifelong love of boxing brought joy to the hearts of millions of fans, show after show after show. They waited for his moments, they were thrilled by his insights, they gloried in imitating his voice. No one in the sport had more friends, because no one in the sport was more deserving of friends. As deeply saddened as I am by his passing, I am equally deeply joyful that he made it to the final bell on December 8. Nothing was more important to the legacy of HBO Boxing, so in that we can all take solace. Now his scorecard is complete.

Really sorry to hear this. Always liked hearing Harold on broadcasts. His love for the sport was always evident on the broadcasts.

RIP Harold

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