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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Larry DiTillio, writer of the Transformers: Beast Wars TV Series.

A brief Tweet from J. Michael Straczynski brought the sad news about Mr. Larry DiTillio who passed away after a long illness. He and Bob Forward were the story editors of the Beast Wars show which brought a complete new generation of fans, and made Transformers shine on pop culture once again. His work made Beast Wars one of the best (if not the best for many fans) written Transformers shows. The great story-telling and character development was one of the keys of Beast Wars success.

His contribution to our franchise will never be forgotten, together with the great writing talent he showed working on the original Masters Of The Universe cartoon and its updated 2002 version.

TFW2005 sends our condolences in this sad moment.

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Scott Walker...

the most pristine vocals in all of music

Spoiler for a great cover:

Spoiler for one of his best original songs of the late '60s:

His more difficult stuff is especially interesting...

Spoiler for tribute to Pasolini:

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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Losing Larry Ditillio is a sad one for me.

He was a big part of my childhood and the name is well known for me.

He wrote for He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, both the 80s version and the 2002 version, writing my favorite episodes of both series: The Dragon's Gift for the 1980s version (which gave me my favorite guest chararacter in the series: Granamyr, the oldest and wisest of dragons), and Price of Deceit for the 2002 series (which provided gaps in Skeletor's origin).

Other classics he wrote included House of Shokoti (MOTU's only 2 parter), The Cat and the Spider (debut of Webstor), and most episodes involving Granamyr, his creation. And in the 2002 series, it was clear to me that he already understood the world and universe better than anybody as with episodes like "Lessons", "The Monster Within", and "Separation", it was clear he had a handle on the characters and the world they inhabited.

Larry also helped to basically create the lore for She-Ra: Princess of Power, and helped to make it more action oriented than the cutesy nature of the toys might suggest.

And of course, he wrote for Beast Wars, the show that got me back into Transformer nearly a decade after the original series concluded. The work that went into that show helped to keep the brand alive and helped it to evolve for future generations, and still remains one of the best versions of Transformers out there.

RIP for all the great memories man!


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Re: The RIP Celebrities Thread

Rest in Peace, Bibi Andersson.
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