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Trailers ruining movies

More and more trailers are having spoilers in them. I was gonna watch Jessabelle. The trailer for it had one of the major movie changing twists in it that ruined it all for me. Now I don't even want to watch the movie anymore

imo it's better off if we just pick movies to watch by reading their ratings alone instead of watching their trailers or reading their full reviews. Because every trailer is guaranteed to have some spoilers in them. Some like Jessabelle's are downright moronic.

What do you think?

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Re: Trailers ruining movies

Every comedy movie is ruined by the trailer bc all the best jokes are given away.

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Zobrior Haedar
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Re: Trailers ruining movies

Agreed Dib. If there is a movie I know I'm going to watch then I try to avoid any and all trailers because they do ruing the movie. Trailers actually follow the rule of the movie. The trailer will cover the first, second and third act and in that order in the trailer. Not sure what they are thinking with that.


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Re: Trailers ruining movies

I love the idea of trailers, but holy shit I hate it when they show WAY to much of the movie in the trailers before it's released in cinemas.

TASM2 just recently suffered from this problem, I saw the whole bloody movie by watching the 3-4 trailers it put out during the months leading up the release.

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Re: Trailers ruining movies

Good trailers just don't get made much anymore.
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Re: Trailers ruining movies

As with most things, the French do it better.

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Re: Trailers ruining movies

I wish they would only show trailers in the theaters before movies. That is the only time I really want to see them anyway. Get me hyped for the next movie I will want to see while watching a current one.

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Re: Trailers ruining movies

It's getting out of control now. There should be a maximum of 2 maybe 3 trailers at most and they should only be about 2 minutes long.

Legendary so far have done a good job of promoting Godzilla, they've shown just enough to get us excited but nothing spoiler'ish.

I am going to try my best to avoid everything to do with Interstellar, I want to approach that movie with a blank canvas.
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Re: Trailers ruining movies

Trailers essentially have always been this way. Its either spoilers or they completely mislead the viewer. The only difference is that you're older and pick up on these things the more times you go out to watch movies.
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Re: Trailers ruining movies

The Place Between The Pines has the best trailer because you think it is giving a lot away, but its setting you up to be shocked and surprised.

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