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Re: Comics and Graphic Novels Vol. 3: This issue...EVERYBODY DIES!

Originally Posted by ReekOfAwesomenesss View Post
I heard bad things about the Heroes in Crisis as well, though I have no idea what it is even about it.

Checking top 10 best selling issues from time to time, its baffling how DC gave away the lead in a short few years after the Rebirth craze.
It was suppose to look into the psychological aftereffects of superheroing, which it does a bad job at and instead it turned into a murder mystery were several well known heroes get pointlessly killed and another character is fucked over royally. Also the dialogue is pretty bad.

Think of it as Identity Crisis 2.
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Re: Comics and Graphic Novels Vol. 3: This issue...EVERYBODY DIES!

Originally Posted by Jokerface17 View Post
This is my only wish with the MCU. Do not fuck up the X-men and don’t try and merge universes, just recast EVERYONE and start over. The only exception has to be Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. Keep him and have him just be utterly confused as to what’s going on the whole time
It'd be a waste to scrap McAvoy and Fassbender as Professor X and Magneto. I'm hoping they write a way to include those two without including anybody else. I'm lying, I'd also want the girl who played X-23 and Turner as Jean Grey. Hoult I don't mind as Beast but he would be an infinitely better Cyclops.
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