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Re: Why Big Men Should Get Pass For Sub-Par In Ring Work

In the very first few months of Khali's run, I thought they booked him well. He was limited, very much so, but they booked to his strengths. He was a colossus, so make him feel like he's hitting people like a colossus. One punch from Khali would be enough to feel like twenty from one man, a clothesline from Khali would make you feel like you just got smashed with a tree trunk, that sort of thing.

It's like The Mountain in Game of Thrones. He's a physical marvel that is powered purely by brute strength and the capability to crush people like grapes. You don't see him doing impressive swordplay or evasive maneuvers or clever tactics. He's a big fucker with a big fucking sword that can cut through a torso like it's butter. One wrong mistake against him and you're not wounded, you're dead.

That's how you book giants like Khali. Sometimes you get guys like Undertaker who are both size, power, speed and agility, but I regard him as a genetic masterwork that you long for all other big men to be as opposed to being the usual giant you get.

If every big man in wrestling was like Undertaker or Kane then you'd see a lot less small wrestlers around because a huge dude doing things a small dude can do is twenty times more impressive and engaging to the general audience.

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The Great Khali is an amazing talent for his size. It is no surprise that he is a former world champion and movie star.
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Re: Why Big Men Should Get Pass For Sub-Par In Ring Work

Thanks to everyone who read the column and responded.

It was fun to watch Vader beat the shit out of his opponents, but it sure wasn't fun for the guys he worked with.
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