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The WM 10 Ladder Match Did Not Make Shawn Michaels's A Star

The ladder match at WrestleMania 10 is one of the most discussed wrestling matches of all time. Fans watched in awe as they witnessed the first televised WWE match involving a ladder. The match was fast paced, action packed, and both men used the big, red, steel ladder in very innovative ways for the time. It was not only match of the night in most people’s books, but also “Match Of The Year” according to Pro Wrestling Illustrated. And I agree with that distinction. However, I feel many people overrate the importance of this match, specifically when it comes to how it impacted the career of Shawn Michaels. Many years ago, I made a comment on a message board saying that the WrestleMania 10 ladder match did not have any influence besides successfully making a new addition to WWE’s list of possible matches. Someone told me how wrong they thought I was and said the ladder match “made Shawn Michaels”. He was not the only person to argue with me. I disagree with this and still stand by my original comment.

The match failed to elevate either of the two participants or give them extra star power. Let me start with Shawn Michaels. Ever since Shawn won the Intercontinental Title from the British Bulldog on the last Saturday Night’s Main Event in late 1992, he had been a very strong upper mid carder. The IC title was much more credible back then than it is today, as it truly made you king of the midcarders. He earned himself a Survivor Series match against then WWE Champion Bret Hart and lost. He lost and regained the IC Title to and from Marty Jannetty in 1993, with one of the matches being proclaimed “Match of the Year” by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. While Marty wasn’t exactly a star, the matches between the former Rockers was something everyone wanted to see. Around this time Shawn enlisted the services of a 7 foot bodyguard named Diesel, who would become his sidekick and help him win matches. That year Shawn earned himself a Summer Slam match against the strong upper mid carder and WWE legend Mr. Perfect. Basically put, Michaels wasn’t a main eventer but he was on the cusp of the main event scene.

Then a blessing in disguise happened. Michaels was suspended for failing a drug test, leading to the IC title being vacated. Razor Ramon was crowned the new champion in his absence, and when Michaels came back he called himself the “real Intercontinental Champion” as he was never beaten in the ring for the belt. This lead to the famous storyline of Razor and Shawn both having legit claims of being IC Champ and both belts being on the line at WrestleMania 10. As we know, Shawn lost that night but the match stole the show. But I need to point out that the amount of star power Shawn had when he famously walked around the ladder on his way to the ring, not under it, is the same amount of star power he would retain for a few more years afterward. This match did not increase his worth.

In the months afterward, it was time to check into the Heart Break Hotel. As Shawn battled various injuries and mostly stayed away from the ring, he was given his own talk show segment, mostly on Superstars, as something to do. He had a glowing electric sign with the name of the show, and a heart shaped bed with pillows shaped like lips. It was an entertaining segment where Shawn interviewed various people such as Bret Hart and Paul Bearer. And back then, you needed some degree of star power to get your own talk show. Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, and Brutus Beefcake all had these type of segments. However, even though it was something fun for Shawn to do while he wasn’t wrestling, it didn’t give him EXTRA star power that he didn’t already have. These segments usually focused on the guest, and didn’t promote any storylines Shawn was in. In fact, he didn’t have any storylines.

And what was his friend Diesel doing all this time? Holding the Intercontinental Championship. Diesel defeated Razor Ramon to capture the belt, the very same thing Shawn failed to do at WrestleMania that year. By the time Diesel lost the belt back to Razor due to Shawn’s interference backfiring, Shawn and Diesel were the tag team champions. But throughout that summer Diesel had built up a lot of momentum and now Diesel was the one getting the spotlight. The roles were reversed, and it was Shawn, not Diesel, who was the sidekick. If anything, Shawn was in a worse spot then he was in before WrestleMania 10.

When the duo split up and the tag belts were vacated, Diesel, not Shawn, immediately won the WWE World Title. Vince McMahon decided for Shawn to be Diesel’s opponent for WrestleMania, but in my opinion, this was a move similar to how Owen had a Summer Slam program with his brother when he was champion. He had a built in storyline with him that could draw money, and neither Owen nor Shawn was intended to be elevated by the storyline. Michaels’s Royal Rumble win came out of nowhere, as he had no recent victories over main eventers going into the match, nor did he have the same momentum most Royal Rumble winners had when they won it.

Personally, I never expected Michaels to win the title. He never felt like he had the star power to do it. And for what its worth, Diesel and Shawn’s match at WM 11 did NOT go on last. It was said Diesel wasn’t drawing as well as Vince McMahon had hoped, but he was still good enough to main event every other ppv that year, including Summer Slam, when he held the title. If Diesel was wrestling Bret at WM instead of Shawn, I believe it would have gone on last instead of LT/Bam Bam. Shawn carried Diesel to a very good match and even had the match won at one point while the referee was outside the ring, even successfully doing his own three count. But nevertheless, this did not elevate him. Although it did open the door for a huge wave of momentum for him in the mid card.

That year, starting in the month after WrestleMania 11, WWE expanded their pay per views to once a month, with “In Your House” ppvs happening in every month where one of the big 5 wasn’t scheduled. These were 2 hour pay per views with a fun, new theme. Obviously with Diesel being a long term champion he needed credible heel opponents to wrestle in these main events. However, instead of keeping Shawn a heel after WM 11 and letting him have a rematch or two in the first and maybe second In Your House main events, he was turned face the night after WM. I really think if Vince had thought higher of Shawn at the time, he would have delayed his face turn a month or two and let Shawn wrestle Diesel in more ppv main events. If his face turn was delayed a little bit, Shawn still could have had the same amount of momentum afterwards. But as it was, Shawn came back weeks later, as a face, and in short time regained the IC Title in a classic match with Jeff Jarrett. There he was again, in the Intercontinental Title picture, just where he was before WrestleMania 10. Only this time he had more momentum on his side.

Shawn’s face turn made him catch fire in the upper mid card in 1995. He main evented an In Your House ppv in a tag match with Diesel as his partner (Shawn was still the sidekick), he defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder rematch at Summer Slam, and became the focus of the WWE during an angle where he feigned passing out during a match and blurred the lines of wrestling and reality. Shawn’s momentum had caught Vince McMahon’s attention. Vince planned for Michaels to win the Royal Rumble again and win the title at WrestleMania 12 from Bret Hart in an hour-long Iron Man Match. When Michaels won the Royal Rumble for the second time in 1996, he then truly did feel like a main eventer. Everyone knew he was going to win the title at WM and there was never any question as to whether his match would go on last or not. In time, Michaels did eventually become a true main eventer, and a legendary one at that. However, he did not achieve main event status until 1996, two years after his famous ladder match at WrestleMania 10. The ladder match did not elevate him, but rather he remained in the same spot he was in beforehand for about two more years.

As for Razor Ramon, the ladder match at WM 10 did not elevate him either, despite him being the winner. Razor would go on to lose and regain the IC Title a few more times and feud with Diesel when he was a midcarder, and also Jeff Jarrett, Dean Douglass, Goldust and the 123 Kid, among other mid carders. After WM 10 Razor never wrestled in a WWE ppv main event, despite the pay per view schedule being expanded to once a month in 1995. Razor really is one of the best wrestlers never to be World Champion, as he had a great look, gimmick and had tons of charisma. But I guess sometimes it just works out that way.

And while the WM 10 ladder match did not impact the careers of Shawn or Razor, I need to point out it did have impact on WWE booking. It was a fantastic match, as we saw both wrestlers, specifically Shawn, use the ladder in some very creative ways. At least at the time they were considered creative. In addition to this, there was good storytelling and psychology, as you always got from Shawn Michaels even back then. The fact that this was such a phenomenal match made it possible to be used again for future matches. Face it, if the match was boring or full of botches with the ladder, Vince McMahon probably never would’ve booked it ever again. Even if it was just an average, so so match, Vince still probably wouldn’t have booked it again because he wouldn’t see the potential match quality for it. But that was not the case. Shawn and Razor were both at their best on this night and made for another regular addition to WWE’s list of gimmick matches, which back then was much shorter. Before 1999 the ladder match was still used sparingly, but that’s because there just weren’t as many gimmick matches back then.

But I should note that for Shawn, the WM 10 ladder match was the first inclusion on what would become a long list of 5 star matches for him. And, it was his first great WrestleMania match, which would someday add to his resume for being considered “Mr. WrestleMania” Could he still call himself “Mr. WrestleMania” if this match never took place? Absolutely, as he went on to have many spectacular WM matches. Putting on an hour long clinic with Bret Hart, stealing the show with Chris Jericho, the triple threat with Benoit and Triple H, carrying Vince McMahon and John Cena to entertaining matches, and the list goes on and on. But the WM 10 ladder match definitely contributed to that reputation as much as any other match on that list.

Shawn and Razor’s match at WM 10 was excellent and certainly deserves the praise it gets for being a spectacular match. However, I disagree with anyone who says the match “made Shawn Michaels”, It didn’t give Shawn any extra star power or immediately elevate him in any way. Shawn eventually was elevated to main event status, but that happened two years later, long after he did his famous splash off the top of that red, ten foot ladder onto Razor.

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Agreed he did more favors for the match than the match did for him but it doesn't take away the fact it's one of the greatest of all time.
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Re: The WM 10 Ladder Match Did Not Make Shawn Michaels's A Star

It's crazy that the Ladder match from Mania 10, one of the most referenced and highlighted matches in WWF/WWE history, actually did NOTHING for either participant. Razor dropped the belt to Diesel a few weeks later on TV, and I don't even remember Shawn wrestling on TV much at all until that year's Survivor Series, which was eight long months later.

For my money, I think the match that really helped "make" Shawn Michaels was the WWF Title match with Diesel at Mania 11. He outperformed the champ on that night and looked really in-command of the match; everything was crisp and spot-on, and it was clear that Shawn was steering the ship. They can show that splash off the ladder from Mania 10 all they want; I love the shot of Shawn sailing through the air to drop an elbow on Diesel's spine from a year later.

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The Wrestlemania 10 ladder match, as great as it was, just showed him in Vince's eyes to be a good hand (upper mid-card performer you can count on for a good match).

It was the WM 11 match with Diesel that stole the show (which wouldn't be hard to do anyway when your Main Event is a retired football player who never wrestled a match before or after taking on a mid-card big man). Besides one of the worst jackknife powerbombs ever, Shawn put on one of the greatest performances of his career...and with a guy as limited as Diesel/Nash.

That changed Vince's opinion of him and brought on the face turn that led to his winning the title the next year.
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I agree.

Maybe the match helped him to build the reputation as Mr. WrestleMania since it was his first big match... But that's it.

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Re: The WM 10 Ladder Match Did Not Make Shawn Michaels's A Star

I used to watch old videos on YouTube of Shawn winning the royal rumble with the famous one foot on the floor one foot not. I was just a child at the time but watching him come in at the number 1 spot and stay till the end, let alone win back to back royal rumbles really made me become a die hard fan. The ladder match was nice.. but he just showed so much character during those Rumble runs. I feel like the Royal Rumble really became what it is known to be thanks to HBKs performance. The iron man match / boy hood with a dream, his zip line entrance, post win celebration was the cherry on top that solidified Shawn as a main eventer and future legend.
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