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Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

For those who don't know, I have an older brother, he is one year older than me. He actually was the one who introduce me to wrestling when I was a kid, but he stopped watching wrestling a long time ago, since the Attitude Era ended. In my house I am the only one who watches wrestling, and while I sometimes comment with him what happens in the shows, he really doesn't know much about current wrestling.

This week was his birthday, and he had the day off from work and, for some strange reason he ended up watching most of this week's Smackdown with me, and his opinions as an unbiased wrestling fan were interesting to hear:

* The show started with the Becky/Charlotte segment and then the Battle Royal announcement. My brother asked me about that "orange hair woman" and I told her that she is the most popular person in the company atm. He said "Really? Why? She is not even that hot and she sounds weird, why is she talking like that? Does she talks like that all the time or is her gimmick (he didn't said gimmick, but he implied that)?" I told him she is irish and that's why she sounds like that. Then about Charlotte he said "That's Ric Flair's daughter right? She looks like a man and she is trying to be her dad". The about the rest of the women he didn't have much of an opinion, he knew Peyton because of my fandom, although he only knows her as "that girl you like", then he was wondering why people were chanting for Asuka and I told him that it is because she is really good at wrestling, he only said "she looks ridiculous". Finally he asked me "So, who are the women who wrestle the best there?" I told him "Asuka, Charlotte and Becky". He finish up by saying "no wonder wrestling is not popular anymore, they don't seem special"

* About the Bar/Usos match he didn't say much, he liked the Usos new look (he knew about the Usos for being the sons of Rikishi) and told me Sheamus look ridiculous

* Then the AJ promo. He knows about AJ and said he is the wrestler he hears the most in the streets (him and Roman Reigns) and said "he is cool". Then I told him that he is feuding with Bryan and he said "Isn't Brayn a good guy like AJ?" I told him not anymore, he became a bad guy recently. He said "But why? Isn't he one of the most popular guys in WWE?" I told him that yes, but that's what they decided. He ended by saying "That's dumb"

* Then about the Miz/New Day/Shane stuff he said that the Miz face makes him laugh, that the New Day act like idiots and Shane (who was one of his favourites growing up) look "old af"

* About the Jeff Hardy segment he said "What? He still wrestles? I thought he was retired" Also said that Joe looked fat and not intimidating at all.

* Finally, he didn't watched much of the battle royal (we were having his birthday dinner by that point), he said that the IIconics acted funny, but they seem dumb, he liked what he saw of Asuka and about the rest he said no one stood out.

Last tuesday was the first time wrestling with someone in almost 20 years and I must say it was interesting to hear what he had to say about the current product.
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Well if you want my opinion then he sounds like what most casuals would tend to say at first glance until they decide to really invest in the product.
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I have no idea what to say here next.
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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

Always interesting to know someones perspective on wrestling from the side, especially if it's an old fan that got to watch the current stuff.

Asuka not being special but yeah, I knew that fucking clown attire is what holds her down in the eyes of casuals. That attire is pure shit, I hate it. I know she has a lot of talent, but they always try to make her act goofy and make some ridiculous comedic cartoon faces. The fact that your brother confirmed my fears just pissed me off

Also, Joe not looking intimidating damn, I thought that promo on Hardy was fantastic. They want to bury Joe all the time, but his acting is like always top notch. Great performer, shame Vince probably thinks the same as your brother (that he's fat and all). Well, to be fair, your brother probably should've seen Joe wrestle, maybe he'd make a different opinion.

As for Charlotte and Becky, yeah, that's what everybody around me says about them too. I don't think that they're special either. I kinda like Becky, because she plays her role well and I can see that she's trying a lot, but your brother said everything on point - she talks strange, she sounds weird, and her attires (minus the cool jacket) are shit. Charlotte's character is nothing but a Ric Flairs ripoff, and that's a shame, she is actually more than that. Shame that the only thing they know is a legacy gimmick, they can't have other ideas for her. She's like branded with that shit.
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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

well they didn't call it fake , stupid, or gay so that's a start
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Lol his thoughts on Becky are ones I had as well. It took me months to get over her voice.

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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

American, obviously.

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Cutthroat Era
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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

AJ is known on the streets? Surprising, thought Roman was the last guy to somewhat break through there.

Originally Posted by Hillhank View Post
well they didn't call it fake , stupid, or gay so that's a start
lol everyone calls it fake and stupid whenever it's brought up these days.

Breathe with The Switchblade

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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

I've never met a single person who is not a wrestling fan who knows who Roman reigns is. Weakest drawing fotc of all time.
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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

Funny how the non smark favorites appeals more to casual fans and are biggest names outside wrestling bubble.
Says a lot about current fanbase.
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Re: Watching wrestling with company for the first time in almost 20 years

What stands out about it is how it looks stupid and I have to agree. In my opinion, you have too many wrestlers acting like childs or just being too bland. It's a cartoon without the interesting and funny storylines and gimmicks and this is not appealing.

I don't think it's a surprise that AJ and The Usos were the favorites, they are some of the few on the roster who actually acts like adults

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