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NXT TakeOver Respect Review

NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Vaudevillians
NXT Woman's Champion: Bayley

October 7th, 2015
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Semi-Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs. Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder
This starts out great with Joe bull rushing a poor unexpected Dash and beats the tar out of him, before allowing Finn to come in and it's arguably the best Finn has looked in months all his high spots look clean, his striking and being the sparkplug for his team all ruled. But he starts getting too flashy and cocky trying to take out both of my kids, that the numbers catch up to him and Dawson clips the knee. Awesome legwork by the Dash and Dawson as it's what they excel at as we're gonna find out in the next couple of months/a year. Super brutal stomps and twisting of the knee, along with holds and the occasional using the ring ropes/post to further hurt the knee. And again to Finn's credit, his selling during the work ruled, he hobbles around and grabs it the whole time and the simple things like yelling in pain sounded realistic. They do this awesome tease spot, where Finn is just about to tag out but Dash goes under the ring so Joe doesn't see him coming and pops out of the other side pulling him off the apron before Finn can make the tag, they have a couple more false hope tag spots but nothing compares to that. Joe eventually makes the hot tag and cleans house, he has Dash up for the Muscle Buster, but Finn begs for the hot tag and eventually tags himself back in for the glory. So Joe hits the Buster and Finn follows with Coup de Grace with the bad leg for the win. Without question this is the best tag match to date in NXT which is sad, it took 9 months for NXT to produce one MOTYC tag match. The crowd being hot for this helped out a bunch too. ***1/4

Backstage: Sasha Banks is getting ready for her match.

Semi-Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Jason Jordan & Chad Gable vs. Rhyno & Baron Corbin
Jordan/Gable now have matching attire, it's ugly af fuck like top 5 cheapest attires i've ever seen but still, it means they're fully committed. I think in that breaking ground doc they said they ordered the sweat suits or proper attire for this but it didn't arrive on time. This is supposedly two heel teams but the hot crowd is behind Jordan and Gable, so then end up playing the faces by default and in the long run, it ends up benefitting them. Jordan and Gable try their formula of outwrestling you which took them this far, but now there in against two vicious animals that put a stop to all that stuff with a punch to the face or a power move. Awesome heat segment on Gable, out he busts out this awesome sympathetic babyface selling as he just gets his ass beat for like 3 minutes, JORDAN ALSO DEBUTS HIS HOT TAG STUFF WHICH FUCKIN RULED AND ONLY GETS BETTER IN TIME! He does those "freaky strong moves" which is only a shock to commentary as their retards cause he's not a small man. But fuckit. The match breaks down, and Gable hits the Doug Williams rolling German on Corbin for two, Rhyno then hits a Gore on Jordan BUT CORBIN COUNTERS A TORNADO DDT INTO THE END OF DAYS FOR THE WIN. Tag Wrestling is almost here ***

It's now Finn/Joe vs. Corbin/Rhyno in the finals, which is such a Dusty thing to have two super teams meet in the finals of a tag team tournament. But I will say this, Alpha and Revival came out of this tournament way better than they did coming in, so their's that.

Dana Brooke (w/Emma) vs. Asuka
Auska's theme now has the lyrics, I still have no idea what is being said, but god damn that shit still goes hard af. Real good debut for Auska here, she pretty much puts on a striking display early on and even does Dana's taunts better than she does, but Emma traps her ankle in the ring apron which allows Dana to snap her neck in between the ropes. Dana's offense isn't really much outside a body scissors and her shitting handstand boot choke which is on the same level of her CUNT KICK of stupid. Auska's comeback ruled as she beats the shit out of Dana before locking in a crossface chicken wing aka the Auska lock for the win. **1/2

After the match; Dana tries to argue with the ref so Auska kicks her head in.

Nia Jax's NEXT WEEK!

Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews
I have no idea why this is here outside, Breeze is still on his goodbye tour by putting over the new guys and giving them the rub to become the "future" of NXT. Another awesome showing by Tyler. Crews continue to be this flashy cocky heel doing delayed vertical suplexes and just bull rushing Tyler over on the floor. Tyler bumps off everything and he tries to go into his bag that's kept him relevant in NXT for about 2 years now, but nothing works against this physical specimen so he ends up throwing him hard into the LED board on the apron to take over, Crews takes a pretty gross bump off that, Breeze works the back but Crews selling is pretty meh and inconsistent. They finish hot tho, with Breeze having a counter to the standing moonsault so Crews busts out the new finish of a running blue thunder bomb for the win, Sami gotta feel some type of way. He's spent the past year and a half getting that over as a false finish now to have some big black man just take it and use it as his finish. **1/2

Hideo and Funaki are sitting in the front row.

Backstage: Bayley is looking nervous as she prepares for her match.

Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament: Baron Corbin & Rhyno vs. Samoa Joe & Finn Balor
Kinda weird opening between Finn and Rhyno, Rhyno plays it like a face where he doesn't go after the knee and he breaks clean a bunch like he and Finn didn't have a feud over the summer smh. Corbin goes right at the knee, so Finn tags out and we get more Joe/Corbin goodness. Team Animal isolate Joe for a bit, its solid lots of striking and holds as they target his lower back and kidneys. Finn makes the hot tag, he goes some flying around but jams it on a landing but fights through it until Rhyno clips it on the apron and the Animals target it now. It's not as good as my kids, but it's passable. Joe's hot tag is fun as he cleans house but Rhyno drills him with a gore for two. Finn then takes out Corbin allowing Joe to hit Rhyno with a muscle buster, Joe finally TAGS Finn in who follows up with Coup de Grace for the win. ***

After the match; the Rhodes family present Finn and Joe the Dusty trophy and flowers.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Lita are all in the front row to watch the main event.


UGH! The crowd who have pretty much been awesome all night, and been the best crowd of any show i've watched all year try to ruin it with the pre-match "MAIN EVENT", "WOMAN'S WRESTLING" & "YOU DESERVE IT" chants, then as soon as the bell rings they chant "THIS IS AWESOME" c'mon.

30 Minute Ironman Match for the NXT Woman's Championship: Sasha Banks vs. Bayley
After about 3 years Saxton finally says something useful on commentary, he says Bayley is wearing the Ironman colors for inspiration for this match, while Sasha is wearing the pink/yellow it's the colors she wore when she first broke into NXT. First 5 minutes of so is a really good feeling out process, they take it to the mat before logically trying quick pins and roll-ups, it's not the smoothest of transitions but it really puts over their desperation of wanting that first fall and to work ahead. Sasha takes a nasty bump on her head/neck/shoulder during one of the exchanges, thankfully it doesn't seem to affect her after. Bayley falls for the playing nice stuff, so she kicks it into a new gear and takes over with some fast-paced but big moves stuff and it throws Sasha off. So, she has to get desperate and poke Bayley in the eyes behind the refs back and rolling her up for the first fall. 1-0, Sasha. They continue to go back and forth with Bayley having an answer for everything Sasha throws at her and ends up hitting a Bayley-to-belly for the three. 1-1.

Bayley follows up and again tries to do the baseball slide through the ropes, but Sasha has it scouted this time and swings her into the steel steps to finally take control of the match after 13 minutes. Sasha is amazing during this, as she has finally stopped the tweener/respect stuff and gotten back to what got her to the top. She keeps throwing Bayley in the steps right in front of Izzy and even trash talks the kid She then throws Bayley into the tron and RIPS THE HEADBAND OF IZZY'S HEAD AND SHE STARTS CRYING YEEEEEES! NEW MVP Bayley ends up getting DQ'ed and that puts Sasha up 2-0. She targets the back and again it's really good, but in an amazing bit of storytelling, Sasha is too focused on hurting Bayley instead of trying to get pins, which backfires and Bayley ends up rolling her up to even the falls. 2-2.

Sasha goes for the double knees to the back, but Bayley moves and Sasha hurts her knees on the mat which sparks a Bayley comeback. They end up fighting over the tree of woe position with both hitting a move, Bayley with a springboard elbow and Sasha with the double knee. The lowers begin chanting "BETTER THAN RAW" and just you wait, you idiots. BUT FUCK THEM! Bayley gets revenge by targeting Sasha's hand/arm as Sasha did to her at Takeover, she slams it a bunch on the steel steps before using it to leap off and hit a flying clothesline on the floor, but Sasha kicks her into the steps looking for another countout. BUT THEN SASHA TRIES A SUICIDE DIVE BUT BAYLEY CATCHES HER AND HITS THE BAYLEY-TO-BELLY ON THE FLOOR! HOLY SHIT! She rolls her back in but only gets a two count. 5 minutes left, they again fight up top and BAYLEY HITS A SUPER BAYLEY-TO-BELLY BUT HER MOMENTUM AND BAYLEY TRYING TO COVER ROLLS HER UP TOO FAR THAT SASHA'S FEET TOUCH THE ROPES! Again they fight up top, and Sasha blocks to super back spike 'rana and lands on her feet, she then hits Bayley with her own hugplex but Bayley kicks and out, and Sasha immediately locks in the Bank Statment with a minute and a half left. Sasha can't fully lock it due to the hurt hand which allows Bayley to rip at the fingers to break the hold. Sasha again goes for it but Bayley reverses it into a nasty hold of her own and she begins kicking at Sasha head until she quits with 2 seconds left. 3-2, Bayley the match then ends. WOW! IMO not only did they match the Brooklyn match but they overtook it here. Amazing job by both these ladies. What a way for Sasha to go out and this also confirms Bayley is the face of NXT, not that leather jacket loser. ****1/4

After the match; the entire roster comes out on the stage. Sasha breaks down crying as Steph presents her with flowers. Hunter then gives Bayley flowers in the ring. Totally unneeded. Could have just had Bayley had her moment for 5 minutes and if they wanted to do 1 last goodbye between them that would have been fine this time.

Rest Easy Mac
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