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NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 2015 Review

NXT World Champion: Finn Bálor
NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake & Murphy
NXT Woman's Champion: Sasha Banks

NXT TakeOver Brooklyn
August 22nd, 2015
Barclays Center: Brooklyn, New York

Triple H is standing in the middle of the ring, the whole arena is pitch black but he has this huge ass spotlight on him. He says it started with a whisper until you screamed it at the top of your lungs. We gained momentum, and you made us unstoppable. We had a vision for change, you made it a revolution. We told you "we are the future" Until you told us the "Future is now" he then does the BOSS TRIPS NXT POSE!


Breeze has models model his Summer 2015 collection, the models are dressed as buildings in NYC e.g. Empire State and the Statue of Liberty.

Tyler Breeze vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger
Good game of cocky 1 upmanship to start, Liger has the experience and shows it as he toys with Breeze. HE EVEN TAKES A SELFIE ON BREEZES PHONE He tries to end it early with the Liger bomb but Breeze pulls at the mask to distract him and he follows up with a supermodel kick to take over. He works the head and it's pretty good, Tyler has completely lost that aggressive edge he used to do in matches and is now just another wrestler sadly, he does bust out new stuff from at times. Liger makes a nice comeback off the running rolling kick in the corner, Breeze gets the knees up off a splash and connects with a crucifix pin for two. Breeze gets pissed at the ref touching him after a corner 5 count which allows Liger to drill him with a palm strike, he follows with a senton to the floor and hits the Running LigerBomb for the win. Solid stuff. **3/4

Kevin Nash, X-Pac & Scott Hall are sitting in the front row.

Backstage: Bayley, Becky, and Charlotte all hug in the back.


Everyone comes out to the ring, Bliss taunts them at not being able to find someone to back them. She goes to slap them, but MOTHERFUCKING BLUE PANTS COMES OUT!

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Vaudevillians (w/Blue Pants) vs. Blake & Murphy (w/Alexa Bliss)
BBM wearing iron man inspired colors ruled on the low, VV are wearing blue which also is kind of cool. This is fine I guess, neither team is amazing, everything is just solid you. It's one of those matches, everything is tight, they all hit their marks but it doesn't grab you. They tell a solid story with the Blue Pants showing threw the champs off guard, to the challenger's control in the early going but Blake pulls English off the apron as he was distracted with Murphy to give the champs an advantage now. They work the head with holds and cut the ring in half basic heel stuff. Match picks up a ton when Gotch gets the hot tag, he has these sweet running forearms and knees as the match breaks down. The champs have some miscommunications and bump for one another, that allows English to her a Swanton for an awesome near fall. Blue Pants stops a Bliss interference allows VV to hit the Whirling Dervish for the win. **1/2

Earlier today Finn, Neville and Xesaro all arrived together in an Escalade Truck

Rick Rubin is sitting in the front row.

Tye Dillinger vs. Apollo Crews
This is bad, it's pretty clear they have no idea what to do with him so they've booked him as a happy to go lucky, just happy to be here babyface. Pretty much the same stuff he's doing on RAW 4 years later. Which is crazy, cause when you look at his vignettes and look at him with that big tooth white smile, crazy in shape smaller Bobby Lashy build and some of the stuff he can do he's obviously a heel. If anyone should be doing a 10 gimmick it's Crews. This gets 4 minutes so it's pretty much the standard NXT TV match, Crews gets too cocky early and Tye catches him with a dropkick as Crews was going for a springboard, he works the head as he did in the Soloman match two weeks ago, but it backfires on him and Crews hits a press slam followed by a standing moonsault for the win. *3/4

Backstage: GM William Regal announces the first ever "Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic" it starts September 2nd, and ends at TakeOver on October 7th.

Mandy Rose and the others from Tough Enough are here.

Baron Corbin vs. Samoa Joe
Awesome struggle to start, Joe being the vet knows all the tricks so he tries to get Corbin to open himself up for the choke and he does but because it's early in the match, Corbin is able to escape. Joe gets a brief control period but Corbin ends it when he catches Joe trying to go for the flying forearm with a forearm of his own. Rich and Graves bring up a wonderful story about how Joe has been doing this for 15 years so, theirs a ton of tape on him. But as for Corbin, he has about 11 months of tape but most of his matches are 1 to 2 minutes so Joe hasn't seen everything Corbin is capable of and with that being said Corbin locks in a heel hook that catches Joe off-guard, he even drills him with a superkick but Joe comes right back with the corner spinkick. And transition into throwing huge bombs, JOE BUSTS OUT A SICK LOOKING SPINNING BACKFIST! He goes for the Muscle Buster but Corbin fights down and hits a modified impaler DDT for two. Good part of the story is Joe not having answers for all of Corbin's move, but he has the End of Days scouted as he knows that's Corbin's big move so he keeps avoiding it. Corbin drops him Tree Spinebuster, but Joe kicks up and switches Corbin's hips spinning him into the choke forcing him to pass out. Awesome shit, they did a good amount for 10 minutes and leaves me wanting more. ***

Ric Flair, SGT Slaughter & KANNA are in the front row.

2/3's of Team B.A.D Are in the crowd.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley comes down to the ring to put herself over as the person who created the Divas' Revolution.

Sasha gets the first real big entrance for someone not named Finn, she comes out in the Escalade that Finn, Neville, and Cesaro all arrived in. So that was nice of her to allow her driver to pick them up like that She also has 4 security with her, they all look like Virgil if he was on roids and was about 2 feet taller. I will say this, this is the peak of Sasha's run as NXT champ, her attitude her presence, attire all of it. I compare it to HBK from WM 14 kinda where you can see someone is at the top of their game.

NXT Woman's Championship Match: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks
Bayley comes out the aggressor as she feels it's her time so she doesn't fall for Sasha's trash talk, and mind games she mixes up brawling and Lucha throws, and it's pretty awesome. They play off the story of them not only being in the ring together so many times, but they joined NXT around the same time so the simple of transitions and moves, don't work or gets counted so they have to bide their time and find an opening. Sashas finds it first but kicking Bayley's knee out sending her to the floor. Sasha is probably the best during control periods in NXT, and it's no different here. Constant taunting, talking shit and trying to fuck with Bayley during a hold. Sasha notices that Bayley has the knees in the corner scouted, so she ends up doing over the top rope. Bayley has these awesome brief comebacks, but the most important one ends when Sasha catches her arm and hangs it up on the ropes, she begins working the hand and it FUCKING RULES! Awesome spot she pins the hand between the steps and ringpost and kicks the steps into it. SASHA DOES A FUCKING FLIP DIVE OVER THE REF! Sasha starts feeling herself some and goes for the Eddie Lucha run up the ropes into an armdrag but Bayley shoves her off the top. That brief moment of separation allows Bayley to recover enough to make a comeback. Sasha counters the Bayley to Belly, but Bayley can't get a lift off due to the hand, so Sasha counters and gets out of a German with a Divorce Court, AND STOMPS ON THE HAND IN THE BANK STATEMENT BUT BAYLEY ROLLS OVER INTO HER OWN OUT OF DESPERATION. BAYLEY TO BELLY FOLLOWS BUT ONLY FOR TWO. FUCKING AMAZING MINUTE OF ACTION! Bayley tries a super Bayley to belly off the top, but Sasha fights it off so Bayley comes back and tries a 'Rana but Sasha shoves her off and Bayley almost spikes herself headfirst. FUCK! They again fight up top, and THIS TIME BAYLEY CONNECTS WITH A REVERSE RANA AND IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS UP WITH THE BAYLEY TO BELLY FOR THE WIN. ****

Amazing match, such a feel-good ending and it's crazy with me doing this review seeing these two from when they first started to being awful jobbers to now being arguably the two best wrestlers in NXT. I have no doubts that this is the best Woman's match in NXT history, I'll prob have to see if Sasha/Charlotte from HIAC '16 still holds up as I have that as my favorite woman's match of all time.

Bayley celebrates with the title, with Becky and Charlotte running out to congratulate her. Sasha comes in for the embrace too. They all start crying and doing their little hand gestures.

Seth Rollins' and his Nazi thot are sitting in the crowd.

I guess before the show started Triple H announced an NXT UK tour, I can't remember why I missed it, but I did.

Ladder Match for the NXT World Championship: Kevin Owens vs. "The Demon" Finn Bálor
This is fine but kinda like whatever, you know. Like they're prob was never gonna top the Woman's match, and Ladder matches have been done to death now so their's nothing we haven't seen before. I also don't want to completely shit on them, cause taking bumps on and off ladders is not an easy thing to do, the crowd is somewhat burnt out of the last match so they lose focus and do the Brooklyn thing and chant for other people, and try to get themselves over. A major flaw is this being 22 minutes. So their's a ton of filler before the ladder is even introduced, and lots of laying after a big spot. But with that being said, Owens shines in this with his past Ladder wars from ROH and PWG so he takes a ton of nasty bumps and is able to guide Finn through this, to my knowledge this is Finn's first ladder match. They do a cool deal with Owens grabbing Finn's leg as he's climbing the ladder and drops him with a pop-up powerbomb, Owens begins to climb but Finn knows him off. They essentially MURDER THE APRON POWERBOMB spot as Finn is able to recover once taking it, and go 5 more minutes. Owens sets one ladder up between the middle turnbuckle and other ladder and drags Finn up to the top for a Ki-Krusher move, but Finn fights him off and dumps him onto the 2nd ladder, Finn follows up with a CDG from the top of the ladder before climbing it again and pulling down the title for the win. **1/2

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