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NXT Champion: Kevin Owens
NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake & Murphy
NXT Woman's Champion: Sasha Banks

May 20th, 2015
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Commentary: Rich Brennen, Cory Graves & Byron Saxton

Sadly, it was announced that Hideo suffered a torn rotator cup. We all know Finn did it though.

BRUH! Breeze gets a catwalk entrance, and models modeling the Spring 2015 collection of his fuzzy hoodie vests and fuzzy boots

Finn busts out the Demon, cause he's taking this dead serious.

#1 Contenders Match for the NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze vs. "The Demon" Finn Bálor
Granted I'm watching this in 2018, but this has to be the most predictable "big matches" in NXT history, and it kinda hurts it. Breeze isn't afraid of the demon, but he immediately goes to the side headlock to stop Finn from getting any momentum. They have a super dope feeling out process, where it's super fast paced full of counters and reversals with it being a big match neither wants to be the first to make a mistake, but they're not tentative at all. Breeze works the head, it kinda feels like he's coasting here and lost all his edge. He's now just another wrestler, that puts over the guy next in line. Granted he was never gonna be the guy, but it seems like everyone passed him by and the head people lost faith in him being a main eventer. Plus their's only so much you can do with his gimmick. Finn's comeback is fine, but it's JUST Finn. Like the only problem, I have with him being the Demon is he doesn't switch up stuff or even come out more aggressive. They fight up to the stage and Balor climbs the first level of the stage and hits a crossbody off of it. It's a little bit higher than the top turnbuckle to the floor, but people chant "PLEASE DON'T DIE" because the Florida fans are the dirt worse. Finn brings him back and hits the Coup de Grace for the win. **3/4

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is sitting in the front row.

Dana Brook & Emma vs. Charlotte & Bayley
Emma has new attire, she also helps Dana pose so I'm fully calling them the BFF's 3.0. So, this is a thing, it's okay but nothing groundbreaking. The faces control in the early going, but Dana distracts Bayley allowing Emma to puller leg off the ropes allowing the heels to take over. They work the neck, and thankfully Emma works the majority of this. Charlotte has a fine hot tag, he chops are still HBK level of terrible, the match breaks down and stuff happens. Charlotte locks in the figure eight but as Dana goes to break it up, Bayley slides under and under Dana's legs but she also breaks the hold doing so. She takes Dana out with the Bayley-to-belly, allowing Charlotte to finish Emma off with the Natural Selection for the win. **

The class of 2015 tryouts are sitting in the front row.

Rhyno vs. Baron Corbin
My guess is Rhyno is what tripsgod thought Bull would be, this gets 7 minutes and it's way too long. It starts off well with Rhyno using his experience and counters Corbin's power with his own. But once Corbin takes over, as he's not used to going longer than a minute, Corbin has a couple of nice dickish heel stuff and in a huge shocker, Rhyno is awesome in his bumping. He's really going above to make Corbin look violent, mean and, badder. They bump heads leading to a Rhyno comeback, but Corbin cuts off the Gore with a clothesline and follows up with the End of Dayz to win. **

Video airs of Kevin Owen's debut on RAW, two weeks after Sami.

Backstage: Kevin Owens says he showed up on RAW, not for Cena's little open challenge but he dropped him where he stood. He says while he was on RAW he showed everything that this title is the real prize by stepping on the US Title, so it was a big week. Tonight is the culmination of that, and if he or anyone thinks Sami Zayn is taking this away from he or his family, then he has a little "veteran advice" for Sami. He shouldn't show up tonight. If he does, he promises, it's the last time anyone will ever see Sami Zayn.

NXT Tag Team Championships: Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady (w/Carmella) vs. Blake & Murphy
Rather good stuff here, same formula of all Enzo and Cass matches. Enzo is the weak link so they have no problems beating him up, but Cass is 7 foot so they can't do the things they do to Enzo on him. Enzo's bumping is great, say what you want about him being terrible but the guy is a damn good bumper. Heels do basic heat work, they're worse is still a million times better than the Ascension's. Cass has a fun hot tag as he does his best offense which is running big boots, the match breaks down he tags Enzo's dead body to the corner for the Rocket Launcher, BUT ALEXA BLISS COMES OUT AND SLAMS CARMELLA ON THE FLOOR! Cass goes to check on his hoe, and that distraction allows Bliss to shove Enzo off the top. Murphy covers for the win. **


FUCK YEAH! The woman now gets the main event backstage walk.

NXT Woman's Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks
Becky now has the super bleached Orange hair, goggles, and punk rock jacket/attire so she's finally found herself. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! start with them going super fast with counters, flashy pins and some solid mat wrestling that Becky gets the edge over Sasha on. Both girls are super on and they do this awesome spot, with Sasha blocking a boot on the apron and pulls her shoulder to the apron with the Divorce Court like Nigel use to do. Sasha's arm work is borderline amazing, as she shows that she's arguably the 2nd or 3rd best wrestler on this roster. But that's because she keeps using a lot of Nigel's arm holds that he use to do. Including standing on one arm, and bending the other back with the other foot. Beckys' selling is good, but it needed to be more consistent. And she totally forgets once she makes a comeback. There are some great transition spots with both ladies getting near falls, they end up fighting on the floor and Becky now goes after Sasha's arm but pulling it into the ringpost. Becky stuff is also really good as she mixes up going after the arm, with t-bone throws. Becky applies the disarmer, but Sasha gets to the ropes to break. She suckers Becky in to throw her to the floor, but as she goes for the suicide dive Becky catches her and rams the arm into the steps. Sadly this abruptly ends when Sasha runs up the ropes for a super double knees Divorce Court and locks in the Bank Statement to win. HOLY SHIT! HOW DID I FORGET HOW AWESOME THIS WAS? CURRENT MOTY. ***1/2

After the match; Becky breaks down as the fans give her a standing ovation.

NXT Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens
Amazing Angle match. Owen's is wearing Cena US title shirt, cause he's just a giant dick. This gets 13 minutes because of Sami's injury, but it still rules, they have a wonderful brawl around the building, it's the most pissed Sami has been as he knows he's hurt so not only is he trying to win but he's just kicking Kev's ass. They also playoff with Owen's maybe overlooking Sami, with his RAW debut, and the Cena feud. Owen's puts on his best bumping display here, as he just gets his ass kicked for the first entire match. It's such a great cover-up and a way to protect Sami. Sami goes to end it with the Helluvva kick, but Owens rolls out he then tries it on the floor. BUT OWENS CATCHES HIM RUNNING IN AND POPUP POWERBOMBS HIM ON THE APRON! FUCK! Kevin keeps stomping on him as referees, and EMT's come out to stop him but he punches at him more. There's no bell, but the match is basically over. Good shit. ***

Owens brings Sami back in, he goes to powerbomb Sami but Regal tries to pull him off but Owens decks him. Kev brings a chair in, but some EVIL BOSS DRUMS MUSIC HITS FOLLOWED BY SOME TERRIBLE FUNKY MUSIC.................................................................................IT'S SAMOA FUCKING JOE! Joe comes down to the ring, with Owens in shock. They stare one another down, but Kevin gets out of there with his title.


Kev comes back out, but decides better and leaves again. OWEN'S DA MVP!

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: NXT TakeOver: UNSTOPPABLE Review

Ahhh mannn! Good times!!!
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