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NXT TakeOver: Rival Review

NXT Champion: Sami Zayn
NXT Tag Team Champions: Blake & Murphy
NXT Woman's Champion: Charlotte

NXT TakeOver: Rival
February 11th, 2015
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze
After NXT ended last week, Hideo had a backstage interview but Tyler attacked him from behind, he beats him up and says he blew it, and he could have beaten Finn. So here we are. BREEZE DEBUTS THE SELFIE STICK! This is good, Hideo comes out pissed and tries to kick the shit out of him, so Breeze goes after the leg. He does some awesome leg holds like the Figure Four around the ringpost, Sharpshooters, and cloverleafs but nothing works. Hideo's selling rules for the most part, but as soon as its time to go home Hideo uses the leg to kick with no issues. They again tease the GTS, but Breeze escapes they do this out of place punch stuff with Hideo not selling it and egging Breeze on to continue to punch him, Hideo hulks up and makes a comeback before hitting the running one-legged dropkick for the win. **1/4

NoDq Match: Bull Dempsey vs. Baron Corbin
This starts off well with both men just punching the shit out of one another before Bull hits him with a suplex onto the stage and this is when the match nosedives, as they just work a regular match. Punches, one or two power moves that look sloppy. Corbin kicks out of Bull's shitty diving headbutt, so Bull grabs a chair but Corbin hits the end of days before he can use it for the win. This shit really needed weapons, especially when it was under 4 minutes. *

NXT Tag Team Championships: Lucha Dragons vs. Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy
The curse of the Sin Cara mask strikes again as he botches a flying head scissors about a minute in and Buddy saves it by putting some boots to him on the mat, before allowing Cara to get back in and do some stuff. THEN KALISTO BOTCHES A DIVE TO THE FLOOR! GOD DAMMIT! CARA HAS NOW GIVEN THE BOTCH BUG TO KALISTO! Back in the ring, Cara hits the corner spinning sit down senton bomb drop move for two. He then allows Buddy to tag out like an idiot, so the champs can iso him. This match is so dumb. Champs get a solid minute and half on offense before Kalisto makes the hot tag, he does some solid stuff but keeps showboating instead of going for pins. We get a shitty Lynn/RVD rolling pin sequence so both partners come in to break it up. The match breaks down, and Blake catches Cara running in and hits a suplex and Murphy comes off the top with a Frog Splash for the win. Bad. We need my kids asap. *


#1 Contenders Match: Adrian Neville vs. "The Demon" Finn Bálor
Neville doesn't sell the Demon paint at all, as he goes right at him. Their mat work is pretty weak, but they do have a nice mix of Neville wanting to slow Finn down but Finn keeps trying to go for Arial moves but Neville has it scouted and keeps cutting him off. He plays the more aggressor so he doesn't do the flippy/spot stuff and keeps it grounded with headlocks, for a good 5-minute stretch before Finn manages to get some separation and find new life. They do this hilarious sequence with Neville crawling away, but then takes a seat on a chair on the floor and pretends he doesn't see Finn coming who hits the running dropkick breaking one of the rails. Neville was looking at him the whole time : Back in Finn hits the double stomp to the back but only gets two, the match picks up now with them having reversals for their big stuff, which causes the other having to come up with something on the fly before connecting with the move they wanted. Awesome spot where Finn gets the knees up while Neville hits the red arrow, and rolls it into a small package for two. He then kills Neville with the running dropkick to the corner followed by Coup De Grace for the win. If only the first half wasn't so meh, this would have been rated so much higher. ***

After the match; Both men shake hands (I think this is Neville's last match, but i'm not 100% sure)

Fatal 4-Way Match for the NXT Woman's Championship: Bayley vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte
This gets 13 minutes and it's the first real great woman's match in NXT history, all 4 immediately fight but Team Bae eventually team up take Charlotte out before isolating Bayley in the ring, that quickly comes to an end when both girls try to pin Bayley but the ref refuses to count so Becky finally had enough of being a sidekick and debuts T-Bone Suplex Becky. FUCK YEAH! She goes after Bayley's knee, but it takes too long which allows Charlotte and Sasha to recover and now all 4 are back in hitting moves. I love that they all keep going for pins right after to end the match as quickly as possible. This is also the first time I'm noticing Sasha's hairline, she has an awesome brief run on offense showing up Charlotte and her once BFF Becky but she forgets about Bayley who takes her out and goes on a run of her own against Charlotte and Becky which ruled. Awesome spot, with Sasha hitting the suicide dive to the floor wiping out both Bayley and Becky, and then their's an awesome shot of Charlotte in the ring angry at Sasha for trying to outshine and outdo her so she follows up with a basic plancha taking all 3 out. Back in, we get some good Charlotte/Becky stuff but BAYLEY COMES IN AND HITS THE BAYLEY TO BELLY SUPLEX OFF THE TOP! BUT SASHA COMES IN AND TOSSES BAYLEY TO THE FLOOR AND COVERS FOR TWO! She then applies the Bank Statement but breaks to kick Becky off the apron onto Bayley taking them both out. She then locks it in again, but Charlotte crawls to the ropes, and just as it looks like she's about to make it to the ropes. SASHA ROLLS IT OVER INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN FOR THE WIN! Awesome shit, woman's wrestling has now arrived. ***1/2

After the match; Sasha mixes between breaking down emotionally and doing the cocky "I TOLD YOU SO" heel taunting. Charlotte is still in the ring and puts out her hand, but Sasha refuses so Charlotte grabs her for a hug. It comes off super weird, Charlotte then pushes her off. BUT THEN SASHA PUSHES HER BACK AND HOLDS UP THE TITLE AS ONE LAST FUCK YOU! IT'S MY TIME NOW! BITCH! act before leaving.

Main Event video package airs.


NXT Championship: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn
Awesome mind games to start, Kevin keeps stalling and uses antics that have pissed of Sami before in trying to sucker him to the floor before but this is a new Sami that Kevin hasn't seen before, so he doesn't let Owen's antics faze him. He waits for his opening before hitting a senton dive to the floor to start the match. Owen's weathers Sami's assault in the corner before hot shotting him facefirst on top of the top turnbuckle. He begins destroying Sami with awesome power moves, and Sami has a Mr. Perfect like corner bump Owen's does an excellent job at being Bully Owens and just being a dick, but again it's Sami who makes this match so much better with his fantastic bumping, selling and facial expressions of getting his ass kicked. He really goes above and beyond to make Owen's look like a monster, it's like what he did against Cesaro at the first takeover. It's crazy how 60% of the fans have turned on Sami, not BOOOOO him or anything but the "FIGHT OWENS FIGHT" chants are now louder than the "OLE" ones. Kevin targets the head for the majority of the beating, he does mix in the combos and random stuff he does but goes back to the head a lot. Sami's comeback is great as usual, but Kevin kills him with a superkick and cannonball for two. Owen's follows up with the sick pump handle neck breaker for another two, Sami fights back and hits the half and half for two. They keep going, it's good but it's the stuff we've all seen in the past and will continue to see once it gets ruined on the main roster. Owens bails when he sees Sami going for the helluva kick, he then follows up with the moonsault move he does but whacks his head hard on the steel of the ramp. Sami then sells the blow like he's been concussed again, so he's wobbly legged and stumbles around before rolling back in. BUT THAT ALLOWS KEVIN TO RECOVER AND HIT THE POPUP POWERBOMB! But Sami kicks out on muscle memory, Kev is shocked and Sami has this awesome deer caught in headlights look. Owens attacks the head with nasty punches and elbows till Sami is pretty much out on his feet. Owens drops him with powerbomb, followed by another, followed by another, followed by another, followed by another and the ref calls for the bell. NEW CHAMPION! Good shit, as usual, love the build for the finish. Man, Sami is the greatest. ***1/4

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