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NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
NXT Tag Team Champions: Lucha Dragons
NXT Woman's Champion: Charlotte

NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution
December 11th, 2014
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Cory Graves joins Alex Riley and Rich Brennan on commentary.

Kevin Owens vs. CJ Parker
This is the best squash/showcase in NXT to date, everything is literally perfect. From Owen's music and the crowd is completely silent cause they have no idea who it is, then the monster pop when KO's name is on the tron to the even bigger ovation when they see him walk out. Kev comes out hot, as he's waited 14 years for this so he immediately hits the running cannonball, and senton over the top. Parker looks more legit than ever before with his only bit of offense being a spin kick and a palm strike which breaks Owens' nose, Kevin sells it like it's nothing, which makes him look super badass. He comes back and fucks up CJ with moves before ending it with the pop-up powerbomb for the win. **1/2

Graves announces his retirement from wrestling due to concussions and is a part of the commentary booth full time now.

Lucha Dragons vs. The Vaudevillains
Only 6 minutes long, that seems to be NXT's thing they don't really care about tag teams but have to give the champs something to do on these TakeOvers so here it is. I'm gonna guess this gets a rematch on TV in the coming weeks and will get 10 minutes or so. As for this, it's fairly basic, Cara busts out all 3 of his lucha springboard moves in the first 10 seconds and the champs control early until Cara doesn't see the blind tag and English hard pulls him to the floor which hurts his back giving VV control. Control doesn't touch the one they have on TV a week ago, it's like this match it's fine nothing great, everything is solid and clean they wear Cara down and stuff. Kalisto's hot tag rules and outclasses everyone, the match breaks down and the cool double plancha onto Aiden on the floor. Back in, Kalisto drops Gotch with SDS for the win. **1/4

Backstage: Becky is getting Sasha warmed up for her match.

Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin
40 second Corbin squash, End of dayz for the win.

Bull Dempsey comes out to the front row and slowly applauds. Corbin goes out and they again stare each other down.

In the locker room, Sami is talking with Enzo and Cass, but the leave and it pans over to Kevin Owens staring at Sami. Sami notices and looks back before getting up and leaving. DAT TEASE~!

Finn debuts Demon Finn, as much as I don't like him, the Demon entrance has such a cool allure to it.

The Ascension vs. Hideo Itami & Finn Balor
Before the bell even rings, team Finndeo take the fight to the Ascension and do their running dropkick deal, and clear the ring of them. The bell rings and Finndeo continues to control, mostly Finn cause DAT PUSH is coming. Hideo tags in and runs right into a Connor flapjack allowing them to take over. A lot of the usual clubbing blows, powerslams and holds. This moron Alex Riley tries to say he doesn't think Hideo or Finn even speak English, so I take it doesn't watch the show as he's commentating cause on TV last week when Finn spoke perfectly good English. And 3 weeks ago when Hideo cut a broken English promo calling them out? IDIOT! Oh, but he wants to stay on ASScensions dick, of course. Fuck this guy. They do a terrific job building the hot tag, with the Ascension cutting it of 3 or 4 times to when Finn finally gets the tag the place explodes, and it's really good. He hits the flipping senton dive and takes out both men before rolling Victor back in, Hideo teases GTS! MOTHERFUCKERS! But Connor breaks it up, they go for Fall of man but that gets broken up and both men hit double foot stomps, but Finn covers for the win. Best Ascension match to ever. **3/4

NXT Woman's Championship: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte
Total Sasha breakthrough match, she chops Charlotte early and tries to get in her head early to throw her off but it doesn't work and Charlotte uses the size to control. So Sasha goes to plan b, and uses her smarts, she lures Charlotte to the floor before whipping her into the steps. These two have so much chemistry, it's just under Sasha/Bayley but it's such a good pairing at this point that will only get better. They have no problems just hitting one another as hard as possible. Sasha is so good in these with her swagger and cockiness, from throwing chops, to doing the Flair strut, trash talking all of it is good. She also uses her craftiness to counter and be one step ahead of Charlotte. Sasha also again uses Charlotte own figure-four headlock and face fuck to continue to get into the mind of Charlotte but, the Charlotte counters into the electric chair to break it, that leads to Charlotte making a brief comeback. But Sasha avoids a charge and sends Charlotte to the floor, she follows up with a Tope Suicida, but Charlotte is too far out to hit looks more like a flying crossbody. Back in, both ladies exchange moves and counters out of one another big stuff e.g. Charlotte shoving Sahsa off when she tries the bank statement, and Sasha rolling up Charlotte as she goes for the figure four. Charlotte lands on her feet when going for the moonsault, when Sasha rolls forward and Charlotte thinks on her feet and hits a rolling senton for two. She then tries a Razors Edge but Sasha counters and sends Charlotte into the middle turnbuckle, they fight over a superplex but she gets dumps to the mat and Charlotte hits the Natural Selection off the top for the win. Awesome freaking match, best one of the year. Total breakout match for Sasha and to some degree Charlotte. This will only get better in 2015/2016. Shit, this whole division gonna become a thing next year. ***1/4

Video Package for the main event airs.


NXT Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Adrian Neville [Title vs. Career]
The crowd is super jacked for Sami, it's like 99% on Sami's side, and that calms him down as Neville doesn't pay it any mind as he has 1 goal. They start off with some really awesome mat wrestling, everything smooth and precise both men win exchanges but Neville keeps popping up first and getting right in Sami's face, like yeah, I'm here and you can't beat me. It's a great intimidation tactic. Neville uses his speed to frustrate Sami, but it doesn't work as he uses the hight and power to hit a backbreaker, but unlike their title match a few weeks ago when Neville bails to the floor Sami doesn' gloat or take too long to follow up, he immediately hits the moonsault to the floor. I love Neville's demeanor here, he teases taking a countout and dragging it to 8 before going back in. He manages to gain the advantage with a flying back elbow and tries to wear Sami down with a chinlock, working the head but more importantly the jaw, which he first hit the back elbow on. fuck yeah. Graves is already the best NXT commentator as he brings insight as he's been around both men not only in the ring but at the performance center and in the back so he tells us that these two don't even talk anymore and have changed Performance Center schedules so they don't have to be in the same rooms as one another. Neville gets more and more frustrated that he can't seem to put Sami away, so in turn that makes him get more aggressive. Sami uses that and makes a comeback, they cleanly do the flip into the electric chair counter into the blue thunder bomb spot, but Neville kicks out. Both men go back and forth with the pressure mounting, and they do some awesome counter spots with both guys knowing each other so well that they have to bust out new stuff to transition into the move they want. Sami refuses to DIE! And gets the knee up on Red Arrow and locks in the Koji Clutch, but Neville gets his foot on the ropes to break it. Neville counters the corner exploder, into a rollup but when Sami kicks out Neville lands on the ref. Awesome ref-bump, OH SHIT! Sami stops to check on him and it ALMOST costs him, when Neville drills him with a superkick and follows with a sick standing back 'rana spiking Sami on his head for two. BRUH! THAT WHOLE SET UP AND FALSE FINISH! WOW! Both men start trading forearms, and Sami busts outs the 2 Germen's into the half and half Dragon suplex, he goes for the Helluva kick, but Neville falls to the floor so Sami hits the running between the turnbuckles tornado DDT. Back in, Neville is in the corner and Sami finally hits the helluva kick, but as he hits Neville pulls the ref in so he again gets bumped. Neville then grabs the title, FUCK YEAH DESPERATION! But Sami kicks it away, he then picks it up, he struggles with using it. BUT HE THROWS THE BELT DOWN. NEVILLE ROLLS HIM UP BUT SAMI KICKS OUT THIS TIME! HE HITS THE CORNER EXPLODER AND HITS THE HELLUVA KICK AND COVERS FOR THE WIN. YES! UNBELIEVABLE MATCH! STILL HOLDS UP! THAT' MY BABYFACE GOAT! ****1/2


After the Match; Sami celebrates with the belt, all the weight lifted off his shoulders, the monkey off his back all the emotions come flowing out. The locker room comes out, cause Sami is the man of the people and the first man in the ring is KEVIN OWENS!

Jordan and others hoist Sami up and he celebrates with gold confetti. I should point out as this whole thing is happening Neville is sitting in the corner, and he has the heartbroken facial expression.

Sami finally notices him, they have stare at one another and this time Sami extends the hand, but Neville kicks it away and embraces him with a hug. Neville raises his hand but leaves as this loss hurts. The roster all start departing until it's just Sami and Kevin left.


Kevin leaves as refs and GM Regal runs out to check on Sami.

this wasn't on the show, but remember watching it after. Good shit.

What a story, what a final hour and change. I just watched the Kevin Owen's doc and it tells this perfectly, these two are best friends. And this was supposed to be Kevin's big night, his debut but what happen he gets overshadowed again by his best friend, the best friend that got signed before him and what made it worse sign his deal in front of him. So fuck him, this is my NXT now. It was like the ROH version of "I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS"

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Rest Easy Mac

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Re: NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

great show and THB was my favorite time in NXT for the main event scene.

Neville's title run was probably my favorite NXT title run. His title defenses with Kidd, Sami, Brodus Clay, and the Fatal-4-Way were so great. It is a shame that his title reign came before NXT Takeovers were made a bigger deal and put in front of bigger audiences.
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Re: NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

In my opinion, still the best TakeOver to date. And just now is NXT starting to get back to the overall quality it had back during 2014. Good matches and stacked roster aside, having an incredible overarching story (like Sami Zayn's rise was back in 2013-2014) in Gargano v Ciampa, I'd say NXT is officially back to what made me become a fan of it in the first place.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

Ah yes, peak NXT. 2014, the time of the NXT 5, The Four Horsewomen coming into their own, Tyler Breeze, etc.

I'll have t wait and see how Gargano and Ciampa ends, but I can't remember a better done story arc and payoff then there was with Sami Zayn, having to defeat everyone who's beaten him in the past. At the same time, Neville morphed into this character who would do anything to retain his title. Oh, and Zayn's NXT career was on the line. And oh yeah, it was a great match too.

Mix that with Balor's 1st Demon match and the 1st ever big Charlotte vs. Sasha match, you see why this is remember as one of NXT's best shows they've ever done.

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Re: NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

The thing I remember most about this was turning the show off early and completely missing the Owens turn.

I then filmed my review for my Youtube channel and didn't bring it up at all...lol. I felt dumb.


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Re: NXT TakeOver: R-Evolution

R-Evolution was the first Takeover event that I watched, and probably still remains as my favorite Takeover today. I had been hearing so many great things about NXT, so I decided to start watching in the weeks leading up to R-Evolution, and I was not disappointed. I felt like a kid again watching great wrestling with storylines and characters that made me keep wanting to watch more.

The Kevin Owens match was a perfect debut match. He got to hit all of his stuff, and look amazing while still not making CJ Parker look like a loser.

It would take tag team wrestling a while to get better in NXT, but it was moving in the right direction here.

These Corbin squashes ended up going on for way too long, but they were still fine here. The Corbin/Dempsey feud that they were building to ended up being pretty disappointing.

The Balor/Itami match was fun, and it was cool to see wrestlers who were so well known outside of WWE actually compete on a WWE show. This was my first time ever seeing the Demon Balor entrance, which was super cool. It was all downhill for the Ascension after this!

Charlotte vs. Sasha Banks was my first look into how great NXT women's wrestling was. Even though the main roster had Paige and AJ Lee, women's wrestling was still pretty awful. I loved everything about this match, and it really makes me miss Sasha's "Boss" character. It's sad that she hasn't been able to really be this version of herself on the main roster.

The Sami Zayn/Adrian Neville storyline is one of my all time favorite storylines, and their feud is really what compelled me to watch more than anything. You could see how a good story could capture the crowd, and I love how Adrian Neville plays the heel even though he was a face at this time. The match felt like a huge deal, and came up perfectly. I think that this is one of NXT's most underrated matches, and I would put it in my top 5 best. The Kevin Owens turn was of course brilliant. I also miss when his powerbomb onto the apron was a devastating move that would keep wrestlers out for months.
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