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NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension
NXT Woman's Champion: Charlotte

NXT TakeOver - Fatal 4-Way
September 11th, 2014
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Commentary: Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Renee Young.

NXT Tag Team Championships: Sin Cara & Kalisto vs. The Ascension
This is day 344 in the Ascensions reign of terror and only their 6th title defense smh. fuckin paper champs. This is what it is, Ascension dominates like 80% of the match against Sin Cara, it's so boring and basic literally they haven't added anything or styled a match different since they've been together. Kalisto has a fun hot tag and the match picks up a bit, but it's still the Ascension and their fat useless asses can barely bump for all of Kalisto's stuff. He ends up hitting Victor with Solina Del Sol and covers for the win. THANK FUCK THAT'S OVER! Both the match and the woat title reign. *1/4

After the match; Renee joins the new champs on the stage, she asks how it feels? Sin Cara says it feels incredible and Kalisto dubs them Lucha Dragons and says the future starts now. LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA!

Adrian Neville video package airs

CJ Parker vs. Baron Corbin
DA LONE WOLF IS HERE! He gets the jobber entrance tho he wins with the End of Days 30 seconds later LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! SWERVE!

Tyson Kidd video package airs.

Hair vs. Hair Match: Sylvester Lefort (w/Marcus Louis) vs. Enzo Amore (w/Colin Cassady)
Enzo is wearing the Ferrari 14's. This isn't good at all, I love Syl's look he looks like such a sleazy dude that would be perfect to be a manager, he's not a good wrestler at all. And he's in against Enzo who's really bad, but he does know how to bump, and as much as we give him shit for being the dirt worse he dies on bumps and it's the best. This goes about 5 minutes it mostly punches, kicks and clubbing blows lots of standing and taunting to fill time. Cass takes out Louis on the floor for trying to get involved which distracts Syl long enough for Enzo to schoolboy him for the win. *

After the match; Syl tries to run but Cass takes him out with a clothesline, they bring him to the barber chair but Marcus attacks Cass from behind allowing Syl to escape he leaves Marcus alone and he ends up getting the bucket dumped on his head.

Tyler Breeze video package airs.

GM William Regal comes down to the ring, he shows a video package on NXT newest signing KENTA! Kenta then comes down to the ring and Regal welcomes him to NXT, Kenta thanks him and says words in Japanese before reveals his new name as Hideo Itami. He says his goal is to NXT Champion, BUT GOD DAMMIT! THE ASCENSION COME OUT. They try to punk him out but he comes back and takes them out single-handedly. FUCK YEAH!

Bull Dempsey vs. MoJo Rawley
Shitty Bull squash

This first hour feels like a standard NXT TV, nothing special about this at all.

In the parking lot, Enzo is frustrated that he didn't get to cut Syl's hair, Cass says they will find them and they do in the parking lot. They see Sylvester LeFort and Louis (with a towel over his head) backstage and Enzo chases Syl and Cass picks up Lous and brings him to the ring. Enzo pulls the towel off his head and Louis is mostly bald with patches of hair. Enzo grabs a mic and says he has a new world for him. B.A.W.L.D. BAWLD!

At the commentary table, Renne announces that not only has NXT signed Kenta, but Kevin Steen and Prince Devitt too.

NXT Woman's Championship: Bayley vs. Charlotte
Charlotte tries mind games early by going for the handshake but Bayley doesn't fall for it and bullrushes her into the corner to start the match. They have this fun brief exchange where Bayley is one step ahead and Charlotte plays the role of her dad bumping around and making the younger challenger look legitimate, before taking over. Charlotte still isn't what she will become in 2016 but she's leaps and bounds above what she once was and is a way better showing that her last takeover match. None of her new heel antics work so she goes back to old reliable the figure-four headlock to control Bayley on the mat. But she's adding stuff to it like the face fuck, rolling around slamming Bayley's back into the mat, and my personal favourite grabbing the legs for a sneak pin attempt. Charlotte continues to not take her seriously and gets way too cocky which allows for some real fun Bayley comebacks and cutoffs. The finish almost comes out of nowhere with Bayley hitting a desperation 'rana off the top, but she's too slow to make the cover and Charlotte kicks out. She goes for hugplex but Charlotte counters and they do this awesome spot with Charlotte going for a schoolboy and the Back of Bayley's head hits the bottom turnbuckle, KO'ing her. Charlotte hits the moonsault but Bayley uses her last bit of energy to kick out. She tries to get back to her feet and Charlotte hits natural selection for the win. Good shit, way better than I remembered it being considering I forget this was even a thing. ***

After the match; Sasha comes out and attacks Bayley, but Charlotte comes back and pulls her off. Sasha leaves and Charlotte holds the belt up.

Sami Zayn video package airs.

NXT Championship: Tyler Breeze vs. Sami Zayn vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Adrain Neville
FUCK YEAH! Kidd debuts his Dre beats entrance blocking the Nattie's husband chants out. This gets a whopping 24 minutes, Tyler/Sami pair off as does Neville/Kidd I like that that they went straight to the shitz and everyone started brawling no filler no wasting just right to fighting for like 5 minutes. The match slows down a tad once Kidd and Breeze team up to isolate Sami, but that breaks down once Breeze tries to steal a pin. It then turns into to Kidd isolating Sami in the ring and knocking the other two off the apron. The match picks up a ton once Neville and Breeze finally get a rhythm going, and Sami can mount a comeback. We get this awesome brief Sami/Nevile exchange I don't wanna say they've been teasing the whole match as they only did it once, but they made sure they didn't then touch until this very moment. The did fuck up the spot where Neville does all his backflips and shit and Sami was supposed to catch him in mid-air and turn it into the blue thunder bomb but Sami doesn't catch is clean and Neville almost take a backdrop on his neck. The final 10 minutes of this is fucking awesome, with everyone getting their chance on offense and almost having it won. They do bust out the tower of doom spot, cause no multi-man match can go without one. There is this phenomenal false finish towards the end with Sami letting all his anger and frustrations out on Kidd, but he loses focus and Neville catches him with a big boot, he hits a SSP but Breeze sneaks in and throws Neville out and covers Sami for the 2 everyone bit on that possibly being the ending. Breeze sells the two in disbelief like he just witnessed someone gets killed in front of him, he loses focus which allows Kidd to lock him in the sharpshooter but NEVILLE GRABS HIS HAND TO STOP THE TAPOUT Sami takes Neville out, and goes on a crazy run on offense he fakes the HELLVA KICK AND HITS A SUICIDE DIVE ON NEVILLE! HE THEN FOLLOWS UP WITH THE THROUGH THE TURNBUCKLE DDT ON BREEZE. BACK IN HE HITS THE HELLUVA KICK ON KIDD AND.................NEVILLE PULLS THE REF OUT! FUCK YEAH! DESPERATE CHAMP! Sami is pissed and goes out after him, but Neville hits him with a superkick taking him out, Neville then hits the red arrow and covers for the win. As enjoyable as this is, you can shave 5-10 minutes and still get the same result if not better. Still really good though. ***1/4

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way Review

I'll always remember the Fatal Four Way match for the image of Neville pulling the referee out of the ring when Zayn was going to win the title.

Zayn was so close to realizing his dream. But Neville went to the dark side and got desperate in order to retain his title. This match, as great as it was, was really just a stepping stone to Neville vs. Zayn at R-Evolution. And there's nothing wrong with that, considering that is the best match in NXT history to me.

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