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NXT TakeOver I

NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension
NXT Woman's Champion: Vacant

NXT TakeOver
May 29th, 2014
Full Sail University: Orlando, Florida

Adam Rose vs. Camacho
Sadly this doesn't have the hate and awesome brawling as their NXT match last week, it's mostly about Adam Rose being eccentric and having a good time. Camacho doesn't bring the stiffness and throws. Just basic stuff, this is super boring and depression as I was almost looking forward to this based of the tv match from last week. Rose wins with the Party Foul. *

Sami Zayn video package airs.

NXT Tag Team Championships: The Ascension vs. El Local & Kalisto
This is an Ascension match, tons of punches, stomps and holds. Really slow and boring, Kalisto bumps around and tries to make this exciting but it's the same shit I've seen from the Ascension since they first team and I'm not even talking about this pairing, going back to 2012 with the other ineffective fuck. El Local Rodriguez isn't a very good wrestler at all, hints why WWE hired him to mainly be a ring announcer. His hot tag is basic he might be the worse lucha wrestler to ever be a wrestler that made it. Everything flip and spot looks un-athletic and sloppy. The match breaks down and the Ascension quickly drop him with Fall of man for the win. *1/2

Tyler Breeze video package airs.

Sami debuts his "Words Apart" theme, and Breeze also debuts #MMMGORGEOUS theme with lyrics.

Number #1 Contender's Match for the NXT Championship: Sami Zayn vs. Tyler Breeze
This gets 16 minutes, and again they use Sami's bulletproof status to build Tyler up as this more than a pretty boy gimmick. Sami outwrestles him with ease, but when Tyler tries to get dirty Sami goes there too and gets the better. Tyler takes over once he shoves Sami off the top rope to the floor, he works the face and neck. I know the angle is pretty much over as Graves suffered another concussion but Sami was just at an angle where he got concussed so Tyler works the head plus his finishing move is directed to the head. Sami sells it well but he kinda stops which is super unlike him, he starts selling the wear and tear of the match more as he makes a comeback. The match moves on with Sami getting more and more frustrated at not being able to put Tyler away, and shows maybe he didn't take him as serious like he did guys like Cesaro or Graves. It's also part of Tyler game, as he starts busting out all this new shit cause his matches normally don't go over 5 on TV so all this stuff is new to Sami so he doesn't have hit scouted. And when Tyler does hit these new moves, Sami barely kicks out. Tyler uses the Graves approach and starts pummelling away at Sami's head hoping one shot KO's him. But Sami fires up with an exploder suplex, they have this awesome finishing stretch tons of reversals and awesome sequences that Tyler keeps getting the better as SAMI DIDN'T KNOW TYLER HAD THIS IN HIM! Awesome storytelling. The only bad thing was they botched the Generico-style double pumphandle Orange Crush slam, but they recovered fine and Sami powerbombs him for two. Sami recovers and sets him up for the Helluva kick but Tyler rolls to the floor and Sami follows up with a flip senton dive and Tyler takes a nasty bump on the back of his head. Sami rolls him in and sets him up for the Helluva kick, but as Sami goes for the kick Tyler simply falls int he corner and "accidentally" uses his forearms to low blow Sami. Tyler then hits the Beauty Shot for the surprising win. Good shit. Sami is the best and also a career night for Tyler. ***1/2

Backstage: Bret Hart is talking with both Nattie and TJ.

Lana comes out and introduces Rusev, they make their way down to the ring. Lana says much like how Russia has expanded their power across Europe to be the next superpower, so has Rusev expanded his power to Raw and Smackdown. And he's come back to receive adulation from all the peasants whose heads he stepped on to reach the top. They will rise in respect and receive this great man, much like how Russia has received their great leader, Vladimir Putin. RUSEV PUTRA, RUSEV MACHKA! He begins waving the flag around until MOJO RAWLEY RUNS OUT WITH AN USA FLAG! He says he's hearing that HYPE about Russia, but this is the USA. And in the USA, THEY DON'T GET HYPED. THEY STAY HYPED. Mojo runs right into the Bicycle Superkick AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YES! Rusev beats the shit out of him before locking him in the accolade. They celebrate to a "YOSHI TATSU" chant. Naw NXT, you've gotten Trips to change a lot of plans and pushes in NXT but that ain't happening losers.

Backstage: Charlotte is walking the hallways with her dad Ric Flair

Video Package for the Woman's title match airs.

Paige comes out and says a bunch of words.


Charlotte debuts her theme that she has now.

NXT Woman's Championship: Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) vs. Natalya (w/Bret Hart)
I remember when this aired and it was built as the "GREATEST WOMAN'S MATCH OF ALL TIME" which is pretty hilarious, it's not even close. I thought people got caught up with this getting 16 minutes cause woman don't get that in WWE. I'm not gonna totally shit on this, it's really good damn good, they have this really awesome mat wrestling sequence at the start, Nattie is really good at that it's one of her strong suits, she carries Charlotte and covers up some of her flaws, was it wwetna1 that said this was a Charlotte carry job? I should go find the thread cause it's the other way round, it's really the best Nattie has looked ever and outclasses Charlotte in every way. I won't completely shit on Charlotte tho as she shows flashes of what she will turn into, but she doesn't have sequences down. She counters a sleeper into a backpack chin breaker and takes over working the face, she gets into a lot of what she's been doing on TV leading up to this which is figure four headlocks but she makes the rookie mistake of trying to outstretch a hart which allows Nattie to make a comeback. Charlotte busts out her dad's corner bump, but she suckers Nattie into coming after her on the floor which allows Charlotte to leg whip her off the apron. They sort of tease a knee vs. knee thing due to both submissions, but neither sells or does enough to make it an actual thing. And Charlotte randomly busts out a moonsault just to show she can do one, it backfires and allows Nattie to make another comeback, she locks in the sharpshooter but Charlotte rolls through and counters into the figure four, I think it was a redo of the Bret/Ric match from RAW 93 I'm not sure. Anyway Nattie slaps the shit out of her during the hold, which pisses off Charlotte and she drops to the floor with the hold still on further hurting the knee, Charlotte sends her kneecap first into the steps and rolls her back in and locks on a Rock 2012 level of awful Sharpshooter she does it right in front of Bret who gives her the 4/10 facial expression, Bret is the best. Nattie uses her last bit of energy to kick her off but does see the natural selection coming and Charlotte covers for the win. It's good, amazing like WWE wanted you to think it was. Emma/Paige I > This > Emma/Paige II ***

After the match; Nattie and Charlotte Hug. Ric cries, Charlotte cries everyone cries except Bret.

Main Event video package airs.

Christian & Cesaro are sitting in the front row.

Backstage: TJ and Nattie hug.

NXT Championship: Tyson Kidd vs. Adrian Neville
TJ debuts his hilarious awfully really cheap airbrushing attire, it makes Ryback' look professional like RVD's. This starts off with some good ol' fashion chain wrestling, it starts off with two guys with respect so we get clean breaks and stuff, but once TJ gets an up he crockery slaps Neville on the cheek. That leads to the first ever "NATTIE'S HUSBAND" chant. Neville comes back and wins the next couple of exchanges so TJ gets desperate and fucking destroys him with an elbow, he continues his newfound desperation and mean steak hanging up Neville on the tree of woe and takes shots at his back, chest and head. Kidd targets the head with headlocks, sleepers just grinding Neville down. They do a double crossbody spot and both men are KO'd but Neville recovers and makes a comeback, he quickens the pace and gets some payback dishing out punishment in the tree of woe position. I just realized the match is basically whatever you can do I can do better, with the other either having a counter or the guy hits it. They do it with the three of woe, a suicide dive to the floor that Kidd connects, and counters Nevilles then minutes later with TJ going for a sunset flip powerbomb but Neville counters and catches Kid with a powerbomb of his own. IDK if I would have given this 21 minutes as there is some dead air space, but for the most part this is dope, tons of creativity with spots that I've never seen before. It's very Golden age of ROH style-ish. Neville has the Sharpshooter scouted so Kid turns it into a modified dungeon lock but Neville makes it to the ropes, but it's almost as in he's used the last bit of energy to reach the ropes. Kidd hits a senton legdrop for another two, Kidd has to think of plan B which is the blockbuster but Neville plays possum and pops back up he hit a super frankensteiner off the tip and hits Red Arrow for the win. Good shit. ***

After the match; Neville celebrates for a good 5 minutes before going for the handshake what a dick, so Kidd barges past and leaves.

Rest Easy Mac
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Re: NXT TakeOver I

@Clevage good review that dude, even then Nattie wasn't liked, but she's the only woman to beat the heart dungeon b.s.! But according to the ladies she's the best in ring performers in this woman's generation, so that sure HOF , but liked ur review ,

Ur sig is funny as hell , there's two now u v jam with his Paige photo or Ellsworth wink lol

Peace dude

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Re: NXT TakeOver I

Another great review! This is why I've been advocating for Tyler Breeze for years now, he's the biggest wasted talent in WWE today. He had a run of excellent Takeover performances, and it all really started here with Sami Zayn.

I like that you're covering this period of NXT as well. It doesn't really get the acknowledgement it deserves, a lot of people got on the NXT bandwagon when they did the first Brooklyn show and brought in guys like Balor and Joe, but there was a solid year or two where they churned out some fantastic, kinda under the radar stuff. People like Neville and Tyson Kidd really did a ton for the NXT brand before Trips got his hands on every big indy name under the sun.

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Re: NXT TakeOver I

I was hoping you'd continue the Attitude Era reviews by going into 1999, but early NXT specials are cool too.

Damn, you forget how good Tyler Breeze could be in the ring based on creative taking a giant collective dump on him. Breezango has had its moments but they were very few and far between.

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Re: NXT TakeOver I

Great Review.
But this just reminds me again how wasted Tyler Breeze is on the main roster.
A great talent we missed out on many great matches with him.
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Re: NXT TakeOver I

Yeah Tyler Breeze was cool in NXT. Yeah sure he was a male model but he carried himself like someone you don't mess with. Like a male model who would kick your ass if you get on their bad side. Now they just made him a cross dressing wimp.

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